A Beginning - Roleplay

About about winter or at least preparing for it. So we would also coming near to the Time in private life?

And no worried Eagle. Moving last some time :grin:

OOC: In my opinion

I feel like Winter would be too far a jump as its a new roleplay and a lot needs to be worked out. @Eagle started us in a May setting. And only a few weeks have gone by with not too much development.

We don’t have to work with real time in a rpg especially since it’s a fictional setting and place.

However, Summer is a great time to prepare for winter.

But if everyone really does want real time then ok.

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OOC: oh sorry, totally forgot that we started the game in may. ok then winter is a bot to far.

so like you said, sommer is good for preparing for the harvest and so winter

Ooc I agree with Summer :smiley:


OOC: yeah it took us a bit of time to get started so eventhough months in real time has passed it’s still a lot to work out between May and December.

At least we know there’s relationships with the farmer’s. And can we assume most everyone has their “tribe”? Although, I think Genesis is still living alone between her house and the grocery store lol


OOC. i guess forming the tribes still need some time, maybe during the winter… when everyone want to be warm and need wood and an oven :wink: just thinking

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OOC: Sorry I haven’t been around, creativity and muse has just been non-existent for me lately. But yes, time jump to summer sounds good to me. And like @Lottie says, winter or it leading up to winter is a good argument for people to band together and form tribes. I feel like Vern would put off moving out of his house as long as he could, but still doing work for farms or in town or something.

Hope the moving is going well @Eagle!


After putting Eve down, I give her a small smile as she thanks me and step back as the two girls introduce themselves to each other. “And I’m Vern…” I say, feeling a bit awkward. Mostly I want to leave, but I don’t know yet if Eve is safe and know I’d just worry about that if I did go.

“Do you know that guy?” I ask Eve, wanting to know if it was random or if he’s likely to come back.

@Lottie @Flamekeeper



I follow the group as the last person, checking if the asshole might come back. But everything is calm and so we head inside the store.
The guy place Eve down and introduce himself as Vern. " Hy, i am Devon " and reach his hand for greeting. Then i turn to Genesis. " So, what is this place about?


I stare at Vern as he asks me about this guy. Oh no, i can’t tel the truth. What would they all think of me? " Well… ähm… yeah, kind of. he has some kind of food store. No clue about his problem. maybe he was afraid, i would go to the competitor. i don’t know…" i sign


OOC: @Lottie I don’t know why, but it drives me crazy you always seem to forget the other E in my character’s name

Also, if we find a stopping point with the current plot, anyone feel free to jump to a hardworking Summer.



The guy doing the heavy lifting, sets Eve down and introduces himself as Vern. He doesn’t seem all that keen to leave her side, a bit mistrusting, though I’m not sure if that’s because of us or because of the trouble Eve seems to be in.

As he speaks again, I reckon it’s the latter as he questions her about the guy and Devon chimes in too. Being the observer I am, I just stand back and listen.

“ A food store huh?” I find myself interjecting. Well wouldn’t Corin like to know about that? I hate that was my first thought, but he is our ‘leader’ and he was trying to take a tally of all the resources in the town.

I feel like there’s more to the story than she’s letting on, but I keep that opinion to myself. “Hopefully he’s been scared off now and will just let you be.” I comment.

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OOC: oh shit, sorry. i will fix this., today and tomorrow… and so far, i am done with my plot. what about the rest of us ?

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OCC: ugh I’m a dingus. So my original plan was in my head to start the role play close to winter but I forgot I’m Australian so I did a whoopy :joy:.

Anyways what was the jump decided to?

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Morning | Third week of June

It’s been a long, hard Summer and even harder Autumn, a lot of crops had perished from neglect and lack of knowledge on how to care for them while we mourned the adults and tried to forge a new life of togetherness, but not all was lost. With the counts in the town, I was confident we’d survive with proper rationing.

Some of the townspeople found work on the farms for harvest, in trade for a share to secure some food for Winter. Some of the farms had donated to the town store, and a portion of it would be used for the Harvest feast, a reward for everyone in town for working hard as ants in preparation for Winter.

Not everyone was harvesting, per se, the work too hard or intimidating for some so they were helping out in other ways, like canning and drying crops that could be preserved for long periods of time. It seemed like this little town was finally finding its groove thanks to Corin’s leadership and a little input from everyone in town. I’d made sure to pick my battles carefully, only causing a stir when I felt things being heavily one-sided or clouded with personal judgments that would not benefit everyone in whole. Overall, I think the town savior and I are somewhat friends.

I smirk at the thought as I wipe my forehead with a handkerchief before pocketing it again and reaching into the tree once more, feeling the next piece of fruit. Firm. Not too thin. No mold. I smile, satisfied as I pluck the orange and add it to the basketfull at my feet.

“I can’t wait to turn some of these into Orange dream bars for tonight’s feast. They’re like lemon bars, but dreamier.”

Anyone Feel free to have your character be who she’s talking to or find her talking to herself :joy:

Also looks like it’s Winter (since it’s confirmed/set straight Eagle meant to follow Australian seasons)


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ooc - Autralian Seasons confuse me :see_no_evil:

Bic -

I glance at Genesis “I still prefer Lemon, though it’ll be nice to have something new” I said with a smile, I had been helping out as much as I could, I wasn’t one to shy away from hard work and I liked to keep my hands busy as well as my mouth.

Not long after we arrived I tried explaining to everyone what the cities we had seen were like and that we should put barriers up to try and prevent the chaos finding its way to the cumminty though a few still thought I was exstragrating while others believed I could be a spy, I left them to their opinions as I knew once someone had a thought in their head no amount of talk would convince them out of it and they’d need to change their mind over time.

However thankfully a few people who had been in the community since the beginning agreed that as a safety measure there was no reason not to put up barriers to protect their homes.

One of the reasons I liked Genesis was because she was smart and listened to what people said taking it all in rather then just small sections of the conversation and I had the feeling that she got a good understanding of peoples intentions when she spoke to them.

“So how do you make Orange bars?” I asked “Or is it some secret reciepe that you don’t share?”


Summer: Dec-Feb
Winter: Jun-August

So we started off in May making it Autumn at the beginning which makes the urgency for Winter make since lol


I smile at Lily, glad for her company. I was very wary of she and her brother to begin with, but I think they’re mostly harmless. Well, the verdict is still out on the sir, but Lily was cool in my books.

“They’re in close comparison, but I prefer oranges to lemons, unless we’re talking juice. Then I’m lemonade all day.”

I wipe my hands on my handkerchief, the last of the oranges oozing nasty goo onto my hand. I think I’ve found all I can salvage out of this limb and move on to the next.

“Oh it’s no great secret, the ingredients are simple enough. Orange juice, flour, eggs, sugar, butter…ya know? And dash of kindness,” I laugh softly. “Always bake with kindness or the whole dish is ruined.”


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OOC: Thanks for the little info @Flamekeeper , the seasons confuse me as well


I bring the last basket full of kiwis inside the barn. into the place Devon has shown me before. Since he and Vern had an eye on me and helped me to find some work, i feel so much better, because i don’t have to worry about food. There are rations of course, but thats totally fine with me.
I also need to talk to the girls about a new home. I guess Genesis wants her store back soon or later and i can’t take this amiss.

I put the basket down and leave the barn, enjoying the sun for a moment and take a deep breathe, looking down at the city and let my look galnce arround. At one piont i stop and sign… the gas station…the only reason i still don’t believe in the peace here. This asshole there has shown that there are still some bad people too and that we might be carefull. Since his last attack i haven’t come back in this area, and if, then i wasn’t alone. I don’t want to face him again, knows what will happen then.


" Yeah, right there, thanks" i nod at Eve as she brings the next basket. I look at the man beside me and his list. " so this must be 15 for today" i look at him questionly and he nods.
" Ok, so lets check the potatos. Corin wanted the list as soon as possible" i add on and walk to the next corner.

OOC: just trying to find a place in this jump, feel free to join :slight_smile:


OCC: oh no that was my little whoopsie. We don’t have to follow Australian seasons

OOC: I think we should. It works for the timeline and makes losing their parents more dramatic if they’re headed into Winter with it so fresh on their hearts and minds. It drives the harvest importance. Besides, it’s fun research :heart:


OCC: Okie if everyone wants to do that we can :smile:


OOC: I’m good with that at least. Though I’ll have to apologise in advance for any mistakes I make on it haha :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try to get posting next week or something. Vern is probably hanging out at a farm helping with the harvest until then


OOC: How is everyone? Still interested in continuing this, if y’all are.

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