A New Hope

After several hard days on the boat, the Mallrats have reached an island they never saw on any map.
With no more fuel to return, they have to find a way to restart their lives here. They have found their way to an old government facility, but what it was used for, nobody knows just yet.
In fact… they don’t even know if they are alone on this island…

Join the Mallrats as they venture into this new life, not knowing what lies in store for them.

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Our mysterious building…


I’ve been staring at the edge of the water for what felt like an eternity.

Between people getting seasick, hungry and the constant bickering over which way to go, I almost feel tempted to just end it all. Jump overboard and get it all over and done with.

But then I think of my girl, my precious little girl, sleeping in my lap.

Her lips cracked from the salty sea air and lack of decent hydration.

I have to keep it together, for her.

I fall asleep only to awaken by a sudden shock and the sound of metal being shred to pieces.

We’ve run aground!!!

“Is everyone ok?” I shout out as I try to calm an upset Brady in my arms.


“Yes lieutenant” the young man in front of me says as I give him instructions.

“Right away Sir!”

Pesky virts, when will they ever learn. Escape isn’t possible, not here…

Being recaptured is inevitable.

Still, this news is more unsettling then at other times.

This time it’s more personal.

I look at the guard in front of me, waiting for my signal in order to leave.

My arm goes to the zapper around my wrist. No… it’s best not to shoot the messenger…

I dismiss him with a nod and stare at he map in front of me.

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I looked out towards the cages on the beach there is something going on and I don’t dare venture any closer to find out what, I escaped a couple of weeks ago and when I had gotten out I spotted a few of the Mallrats locked inside, I had been so shocked to see them as it was almost like another life time ago that I lived with them, but I didn’t have time to stop and I had no way to get them out.

While inside the cage I had spent a lot of time learning their routines and when they swapped shifts, I learnt which guard was the easiest to flirt with and it didn’t take much to take him out… KC had it right all those years ago, a swift kick in the right place floors any guy.

Whenever I could I would sneak any food I got my hands on to them, mushrooms, berries, nuts, fish… It took them a while to recognise me although I suppose I can’t blame them, I’m not the same fourteen year old with pink and blue hair wearing pretty clothes anymore.

After what happened on Eagle Mountain a tribe called ‘The Circle’ who spent all their time helping those in need and for a long time I was definitely in need of their help. Through, them I learnt survival skills that helped me when I left them and moved on.

Backing away into the trees before I end up getting spotted I decided I should continue searching the Island, I’d not gotten far as I felt guilty leaving the cages for too long but I knew I needed to find somewhere safe, I’d never been much of an explorer even though I can survive out here I didn’t want to, what I wouldn’t do for a bed!

“Thank god we have found land!” I grinned triumphantly, I had never wanted to kiss the ground before but believe me, I was ready for it. I wasn’t used to having people around me 24/7 so I had gotten to the point I was going to start pushing them off one by one… Well I wouldn’t but the temptation was there.

I waste no time jumping off the boat, grabbing the anchor and pulling it out to secure the boat though half of me was ready not to be near it again, at least with them lot still on it.

With the back of my hand I wipe the sweat off my forehead then wipe my hand on my pants before turning to look at the Mallrats who had basically taken over my boat “So what’s the plan?” I asked no one in particular.


KC and I had now been in darkness for around 48 hours. The only way I knew this was by the ray of light that penetrated through the smallest crack in the wall next to where KC was sleeping. A new day was beginning.

The piercing strip of light was the main reason why we chose this room, it was our only indication of knowing when it was day and night. It was also the closest room with beds to the toilet. It was only 13 steps which made it rather easy to navigate to when required in the pitch black. Additionally it was situated between the fire exits of the building which was ideal if we had to escape. Again, KC and I had counted how many steps it was to each one on the night we arrived. We actually came in the fire exit by the toilets. A quick jab with my fist through the glass panel in the door was the only obstacle preventing us in to what we were using as a place to hide until we had to move on.

Whilst I lay looking at the beam of light, I could just make out KC scrunching his face and turning away from it, it would not be long until I could sleep. Due to the lack of light we were enduring, that first blaze bursting through seemed to be the wake up call that prompted KC to stir, which by that look I just saw he doesn’t really appreciate it. But I know there is no doubt in our minds that we are getting the best sleep we have had in a very long time, it has been forever since I have been in a bed.

I felt very comfortable and happy knowing I finally had a friend and a protector beside me. However my strongest feeling was fear. Knowing what I knew I had to get KC and I out of that cage, and of all people I have The Guardian to thank for saving our life’s. I just now worry being found and taken back. KC thought we were only just going to be held there, however we were sent there to be wasted. If it wasn’t for that first Techno I ever spoke to I would not be none the wiser.

Even though I was still in danger of the Techno’s finding us these last couple of days it is the most free I have felt since being taken from the Mall.

I remember it like it was just yesterday, I have been trapped in a living nightmare. It all began when I was in a very sad place after losing Ned, and 2 men in black with silver masks grabbed me from the last bed I was in before this one. I remember seeing Taisan and May also being ripped out from their home, but they were put into different vehicles than I.

Until being reunited with KC, I had not seen a Mallrat since that moment. The vehicle drove many other Tribe members and I to the other side of the city. Each and every one of us was then shoved into a cargo carrying unit, and chained to a bar that ran around the whole unit except on the front. We were then left alone, the screaming and shouting stopped. I was then surrounded by many voices saying “Who are they?”, “Where did they come from?”, “Are they the adults?”. I stayed completely silent in that moment. The first time I spoke in that unit was to the enemy. There were 2 Techno’s who fed and watered us called Wizard and Stats, Stats was the nicer of the two. Everytime they entered they referred to us as ‘The Troubled’.

I wasn’t sure how long we were held in the crate, maybe a week or so and over that period of time the colour returned in my face, and I felt stronger in myself, I had finally finished my grieving. The morning the crate was lifted on to a huge shipping container was when I uttered to Stats “You remind me a little bit of a member of my Tribe, he is geeky too.” He smiled, and replied “You remind me of my ex girlfriend, but you have a bigger heart. The moment I first saw you I looked at you and thought you should not be part of ‘The Troubled’ but it was the sadness in your face that made you look like a raving fruit loop”.

Once we were on the ship we were free to roam the ship, however we were restricted as we were chained in a line to a Techno. Even though he was the enemy, I was glad when I had been assigned to Stat’s line. I was directly chained to him and after me were 4 of The Mosquito’s. The journey on the ship was tough and it wasn’t because of Stats, the Mosquito’s had certainly been categorised correctly as part of ‘The Troubled’. I completely ignored there constant moaning, screaming and crying. Stats kept me amused with some jokes along the way and had told me once we reached our destination which was Labour Island we would then be referred to as ‘The Force’, and we would have to say goodbye as he was heading straight back to the city. In that moment of saying goodbye once we stepped from the ship on to Labour Island he whispered in my ear, “If you are transported from this island to another you have been selected as part of ‘The Unwanted’. If you end up there Alice, your only being held as a deletion until you are selected to actually be wasted for real.”

My time on Labour island was hardworking, and I was determined to not be transported and I still am not sure why I was selected as one of ‘The Unwanted’ on this island I hope to get off from completely one day. I did everything on Labour island, where as there were others who didn’t and they seem to not been transported during the whole time I was in the cage. I get why The Guardian would be selected as part of ‘The Unwanted’, as he is bloody bonkers, but why me? Why KC?

I still cannot believe that The Guardian’s arrival in the cage of outrageous crazy nonsense was how we escaped. That moment of him next to my ear, I froze and fell silent and moved next to KC. He continued to ramble on and on and that’s when the guards had to intervene. The cage door opened and a guard with no mercy threw The Guardian back. I saw a opportunity and I took it. I stood up and pulled KC with me out of the cage. Others fled from the cage, it was chaos. Luckily the strength and power I had within me I let nothing stand in our way. With all my might I walloped 2 guards that came for us. KC and I just kept running.

I remember looking back and seeing all of the other prisoners failing to escape and returning to the dreaded cage. No one was in pursuit of us. But I am not sure how long it will be until someone is? We have been lucky since escaping but who knows what today may bring?

I ate a handful of berries and then took a sip of my coconut water. I could see KC had just sat up.

“Morning sleepyhead …”

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“Take him away,” I knew he recognised me, the way his expression changed as he looked at me, but that doesn’t change my decision. “He broke rule 678, sharing rations.”

Shaking my head I watch as the prisoner is removed from the cage and half dragged down towards the beach. “Few days in solitary will teach him,” I murmur more to myself than anyone else.

The last time I’d seen him had been a moment I would never forget, one he would never know I’d witnessed.

Distracted I turn away from my colleagues and head towards the beach, I hear a few mutters as I pass but don’t pay attention, my rank allowed me the luxury of walking away without my motive being questioned.

I knew the memories wouldn’t let up, but it was easier to just let them play out and then push them back into the recesses of my mind where they wouldn’t hurt me, not like they had before.

’I said arrest them’, her voice rang loud even through the noise of the crowd. I move, attempting to get closer. My view had been obscured by several Mozzies but as the elation of the crowd changes I manage to push forward, ‘these two are banished, they’re not to come back to this city ever, on pain of death.’ The joy I’d experienced at seeing him alive evaporates as I take in the scene before me. His arm moves around the blonde beside him as my stomach drops, I feel the world spinning and stagger slightly scared that I might vomit. She’s pregnant, obviously so, and the way he’s touching her leaves no room for me to question… The person beside me moves and I turn away, disgusted with what I’ve just witnessed. Everything that had kept me going, all the hopes and dreams, have been shattered in an instant. I know who she is, her perky face and perfect blonde hair… There’s no mistaking her. His first love, the dead girl he let me think I could replace. I don’t hear the rest, I turn and walk away before my heart can shatter any more.

Blinking I move further down the dunes, towards the solitary confinement. I’d sworn, in the moment my heart shattered, that if I ever saw him again he would know the pain I’d felt in those moments and now; well, now my promise was going to come true.



I was the next person off the boat, and instead of answering Zak’s question, I grabbed his face and planted a kiss on his lips.

I then quickly turn back around to help Ellie off the boat. I could feel her eyes were beginning to burrow into the back off my head.

“Oh come on Ellie crack a smile, a laugh … anything. I am just so happy and grateful that he got us to safety. Here, grab my hand.”



„ This is impossible“ i stare at the things at the kitchen or at least the little corner we used to called it so. I have no clue what do to… the time on the boat becomes longer then we thought it would and the food becomes more less everyday. Even with the fish the boys have caught. … i have no idea how to do the rations today. I sigh and grab one of the last tins as i feel the boat shaken for a moment. „ What?“ i rush over to the stairs and make it upstairs. „ What happened?“


Oh the sun feels so good. I look at the long beach in front of me and the clear blue water. This must be paradise, i think to myself and walk towards a little house which comes in sights. As i walk closer i spot some girls and drinks. Omg, i have found a bar…
“ Hey sweetie, what do you want?“ the blond girl behind the bar asks me with a grin. I smile back at her and take a seat. But suddenly her hair becomes more red and she starts growing, even her face changes into a familiar one… Alice

I open my eyes a bit shocked, then i see Alice sitting in front of me….“ Oh you know i hate it, when you call me that.“ I mumble and sit up. I glance arround the room and sighs… it was just a dream. The whole nightmare is reality: all the kippnaping, all the hard work in the mines, all the weeks in a boat, living in a cage…… and now we are here. Free but we still need to be careful and need to hide ourselves. It’s like nothing has ever changed since the virus, but this time it’s not the Mall and the Locos, this time we are somewhere far away and are fighting the Technos.
„ So what is the plan today? Checking out this nice of shit?“ i look at Alice


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The boat lurches foreword as it runs aground. I’d gotten in the habit of lurking around on deck, the boat made me claustrophobic and the thought of being lost somewhere in the unknown stressed me out. Yes I wanted off the boat, but I wanted to be off the boat and in my own bed.

As the boat lurches the normal suspects jump to the occasion of being the first off. I hang back biding my time. It gets to the point where I need to do something, I slowly stand grabbing my rucksack and jump off the side of the boat down into the waiting surf below. Cursing under my breath as the cold water fills my boots causing me to need to reshoulder my bag hitting Gel in the process.

My bag wasn’t that heavy, it just must have been just enough to throw off her balance and causes her to fall into the water. Instinctively I hold out my hand to help her back up.



The sound of a child’s cry pulls me out the snooze of boredom I’ve just dosed off on. I leap up from the deck, gauging my surroundings in time to see Jack planting a kiss on Zak. Amused, it dawns on me we’ve run aground someplace as people scramble to get off the boat that’s been our hardship for days.

I turmoil with selfishness and selflessness as I make my way to get off, like the others. I leap down without a thought, splashing in the cool water before turning around to lend a helping hand to those still onboard.

“Need a hand?” I question Trudy still clutching the upset Brady.


Once KC awoke, I took myself and sat in front of him. The sun was certainly scorching outside, as it seemed the room was slightly brighter. Maybe it was the extra glow coming from KC’s face, he seemed pretty chirpy this morning.

I had to look twice when he first arrived back in that dreaded cage, he has grown so much. He know longer looks like a boy, he has now actually grown into a handsome young man. I can imagine Patsy and Cloe would be fighting over him now, instead of the days back in the Mall where they did not even batter a eyelid over him. After listening to KC’s first words of the day I respond;

“Well sleepyhead,” I smirk “today’s plan of action is to eat lots of ice cream and watch chick flicks together.” Again, I smirk.

Before KC can reply, I continue speaking. “If only! I am afraid to say it but today’s plan of action again is you being stuck in here with me having to put up with my snoring, and having to talk to just little old me. I know you are dying to explore this place KC to see what you can sell one day, but we have to stay hidden. We are the island’s most wanted! Plus I think if we were to explore this place doing it in complete darkness with no torch we are more than likely going to cause ourselves a injury. Sorry to disappoint you mr sleepyhead.”


“Come in HQ, I repeat Come in HQ,” I pause, staring at the radio as I wait for a response. “HQ, this is Island, do you read me?” The line crackles but there’s no response. “Bloody thing,” I grumble before reaching out to switch the channel, “this is an all channel call to HQ,” I attempt, hoping that this time I will get a response, “all channel call to HQ over.” There’s another crackle and for a moment I think I’ve successfully reached HQ but my hope fades as the crackle dies.

It’s been several days since out last successful communication but as per my orders I continue to try the line every day. Sighing quietly I readjust the collar of my uniform, it’s warm today which makes the material more uncomfortable but I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else. The uniform kept us apart from the cattle.

Looking back at the radio I frown as I think back to the last communication we’d received from HQ

’Island, this is HQ, over.’ The call had come in as I’d been about to go on break, but I’d stayed to take it as I was the senior radio operator on duty, “go ahead HQ, this is Island speaking, over.” I couldn’t help but smile at the retro feel of the old-style radios. Over on the mainland we’d had more up to date technology but with the distance between here and mainland this radio was more reliable. ‘Island, please be aware there is a code yellow on the mainland at the moment, over.’ The message makes me frown and I glance at the other techno on duty, “go and get lieutenant Luke,” I instruct before returning my attention to the radio, “Please repeat message HQ, it sounded like you said there was a code yellow on the mainland, over?” The radio crackles and I wait for the response, ‘that’s an affirmative island, code yellow on the mainland.” Code yellow wasn’t the worst code they could call but it was pretty bad. “HQ, please advise procedure? Over.” The radio crackles but all that comes through is static. My stomach drops as the door to the radio room opens, “lieutenant, we may have a problem.”

The radio crackles again but nothing comes through. Glancing at the other radio operative I shake my head, “I’m going for a walk, need to clear my head and grab some coffee. Need a bit of a pick me up.”


“Eating sounds good to me.” i jawn at Alice not very serious… I stand up from my “bed” and do a little walk to relax my muscles." yeah i get it." i answer here as she tells me again about our situation. " But i am sick of this. Can’t we just have a little look outside? Seeing whats going on there? Maybe the Technos are done with his area and are searching somewhere else?"



As people scramble to get of the boat, I struggle to think of a way to get off it with Brady.
Luckily Slade offers his help, and for this moment, he’s like a knight in shining armor to me.
“Yes please!” I answer as I carefully hand Brady to him, before climbing off myself.
For just a moment, with the wind blowing through his hair, and the kind look on his face, he reminds me a little bit of Bray.

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Trudy is gracious, handing me her mini-me. I feel out of sorts, holding a child, and I’m sure the child feels the same, but we’re both distracted by what’s happening around us. I smile at the little one, reassuringly as we watch Trudy climb down together. “I bet you’ll have much more fun on land than on a smelly, old, crowded boat,” I tell Brady, trying to make us both more comfortable.

In truth, I was excited for this new adventure. I’d always had a wanderer’s spirit. And as I told Brady, it’ll be much more fun on land than the trawler.



So far that day Patsy had found herself observing the cages at the beach. They were no longer there, the people she had recognized, where had they gone, had they been shipped off? it seemed impossible. Just before she was heading home she had seen him, a man she had hoped she would never have to see again. Of course it was nice to see him behind locked doors, and in a cage, but people could escape from thoose.

The faith in the cage keeping him locked up for a long time, was not there at all. Five minutes later Patsy found herself running back home. She felt upset, they were no longer there. Days in and days out she had been trying to find a way to get them out, but now she was to late.

The taste of blood spread in her both as she ran, hoping not to be seen by anyone. Stopping she quickly looked around before she went inside of a building. Once inside she walked through the corridors, till she was home. Slamming the door, showing what kind of mood she was in. Angry with herself, angry with the technos, anrgy with the world. She hadn’t thought that the girl might be asleep, she wasn’t certain if the others were in either. Ryan! Ryan! they are gone! she called out in frustration. KC and Alice are gone, they are no longer there Ryan" she added and sighed frustrated. But he is, the one we both wish dead" she finished and allowed herself to sink into a chair.




“Your sick of this are you KC … a room that has a bed, a friend and a toilet!!! We are bloody lucky we escaped and found this place and you just want to get up and have a little look outside? I can tell you now the Technos will search every inch of this island!!! It won’t be long until they find us. Why do you think we have planned our escape if we need to? It’s because you and I both know it won’t be long until we have to run and hide all over again!!!”

I realise I am being far too bolshy and aggressive in my tone towards KC, I can see by the look on his face that he is a bit taken back by my outburst.

“I’m sorry KC. That was totally uncalled for. I guess we could pop out briefly. We are running low on coconuts and berries. Thankfully there is some just closeby plus I guess the fresh air would do us the world of good. Whilst I collect the coconuts and berries you could take a very quick dip in the spring closeby as you are beginning to smell like a pig, and then in a few days we can switch. I just pray to the not so almighty Zoot that like you said the Techno’s are searching somewhere else or even better not searching at all!”

Wow, I was beginning to ramble on and sound crazy like The Guardian.



“Woah woah woah!” I said raising my hands “I get being grateful but remember personal space my friend” I tell as he nears back to the boat. After being surrounded by everyone, space was needed. I wasn’t bothered what anyone else was into but I was a ladies man… Kind of.

I move further up the beach trying to get an idea if there was anyone living here as there wasn’t any movement from what I could see.