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So we had the knitting club, but I figured that left out our Crochet friends.

I’ve just picked up a cross stitch but I also know needle point. I’m trying to be more inclusive.

Hi I’m Hillary I mostly knit. And when I say I knit I mean I sit for hours on end watching a show until there is no show and sometimes I end up with a something.

I mostly knit shawls and scarves. Shawls for me Scarves for the homeless (with hats.) I’ve also gotten into the pesky habit of selling scarves from Doctor Who.


Huhu hopefully we can bring this topic back to life… at least i wanted to post this. It was a challenge, because i had an englisch instruction and i have never made fingers. Glad it worked after all. Welcome to life groot



Groot is so cute @Lottie :heart_eyes:

Hi, I’m Ann and I strongly dislike the colder months. A lot could be said as to why, a little bit of psychology a little bit of I’m just more into warmer weather or whatever. So when the Fall hits I get more into crochet projects for my mental health.

Right now I’ve taught myself to hand knit, and started making Chunky Knit blankets for family and Facebook friends. So if ya see a yarn sale, give me clue :joy:

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thanks @Flamekeeper

i have seen pics of that blankets and they looks so cool :slight_smile: good job

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Thank you. I have si many to make still :see_no_evil:

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Where do ya’ll buy yarn?

Amazon or in a shop near my Office.

lol online seems like the best option but I hate S&H charges :see_no_evil:

I catch sales at our craft stores but options are slim.

btw, what kind of yarn are you using for the blankets?

Jumbo weight 7 yarn in 10oz It’s 100 percent polyester.

I would love to use the Merino wool or tube yarn but it’s not in my budget for the size I create :joy:

ok thanks… yeah merino is expensiv stuff

It is, for good reason, but yeah I’m poor :rofl:

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I like the 3-colored one you posted about last. Interesting what the final result will be :blush:

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I was gonna start it last might but I got a paper cut from the label so I lost the will to do it :rofl:

If y’all were looking for a sale, Hobbii is having a sale right now…they’re an online yarn shop based in Denmark.

They have free patterns as well, for both Crochet and Knitting.

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What I don’t need is more yarn. 2020 is going to be all about stash busting.

Which reminds me. Have you guys heard about Make 9 basically you set a goal of 9 things to make over the year. I’m participating, but as a skill building thing.

Lol my stash is made up of half skeins of baby blanket yarn I can’t get more of :joy:

I have heard of Make 9. I haven’t done one yet, but 2020 is all about getting back my creative spirit.

What is on your Make 9 list?

Haven’t locked down all the patterns, but I have categories, most of which overlap.


Like I’m thinking my brioche project will probably be a shawl same for Lace because I love knitting shawls. Like I said I’m just trying new techniques or patters I haven’t done.


How about posting the first finished product here? :blush: