Got a problem? Post here!

Any issues with the site? Can’t seem to reply to topics? Too many marshmallows in your cocoa?

Let us know! Giving the category and specific topic name is always helpful.
You can also always send a PM to our @staff members. :cocoa:

Now that you meantion it @Amber there is too many marshmallows in my coco!

You can have too many marshmallows in your cocoa? :astonished:

I was gonna ask, not sure if this is the right place but…about the fanfiction section…15 or 18+ plus fics, can they be posted and if so, should the rating be in the thread title?

We don’t have a specific area for 15+ fics, maybe a short summary in first post as a warning that the writing is 15+ but it doesn’t have to be in the title. You can also put 15+ into a tag if you wish.
There is a category for 18+fics, accessible to the forum’s adult members only.

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@Amber is there a place where we can share our tribe forums? You know mine, I was just curious if I could post it somewhere on here like I had it on Paradise?

You can make a topic in The Gathering, that is a place where you can post whatever you wish. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you! <3


Just for visibility. Because I have no idea how or if I can set she limits.

All good now, Mimi.
Welcome to the board :slight_smile: