MallRats: Next Generation RPG

17 ago, our parents left The City on a boat, unsure what they would find. The journey wasn’t easy and they came to an island. They assumed it was abandoned, but they found lost friends. Building a new world on the sands.

We grew up hearing the stories of The Mall and The City. How our parents defeated The Locos, The Chosen, The Technos and even The Virus. Wanting to continue the legacy, we have decided to return and make our way back to where our parents came from.


As a note, mix parents as much as you want.
Any kids with the same mum MUST be at least 1 year apart

Brady (20) - Trudy & Zoot
Bray Jr (18) - Amber & Bray
Bellamy (17) - Ruby & Lex
Willow (16) - Amber & Lex
Serenity (16) - Ruby & Lex
Devon (16) - Salene & Ryan
Megan (16) - Cloe & Zac
Jace (16) - Ebony & Slade
Riley (16) - Gel & Darryl
Aiden (16) - Danni & Unknown
Rocco (16) - Ellie & Jack
Lily (15) - Ellie & Jack
Kathy (15) - Patsy & KC
Kaya (15) - Ebony & Slade
Storm (15) - Tai-San & Unknown
Ember-Rae (15) - May & Unknown
Oynx (14) - Lex & May
Daryan (14) - Alice & Jay
Ellinor (14) - Alice & Jay
Sarah (14) - Ryan & Salene
Pixel (13) - Trudy & Ram
Dot (13) - Trudy & Ram
Skyler (13) - Ellie & Luke

Siblings (Full/Half):

Bray Jr & Willow
Brady & Pixel & Dot
Bellamy, Serenity & Willow
Devon & Sarah

City Kids:
Kovu (18) - Moon and Bray (Horse Traders)
Moana (16) - Meira and “Zoot” (Chosen Tribe)

Name: Lily
Age: 15
Parents: Ellie & Jack
Personality: Lily is bubbly, friendly, very intelligent (though she sometimes hides it)

Name: Jace
Age: 16
Parents: Ebony & Slade
Relationship: Single all the way
Personality: Jace is a very open flirt, he has charm and loves to chat up the ladies.

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Name: Kathy
Age: 15
Parents: Patsy&KC

Personality: Protective, careful, friendly. She’s a pretty open and welcoming girl, she wants to see no evil, so she tends to give everyone two or more chances. She’s polite, and honest, she tends to avoid trouble, and tends to agree with other people so she wont have to say her opinion a bit scared of her opinion not being as good as everyone elses, even thought she’s been burnt on it once or twice.

Name: Daryan
Age: 14
Parents: Alice & Ryan

Relationship: single
Personality: He’s got a lot of his father personality in him. He’s caring, loyal to thoose he loves. Overly protective of his twin sister. He enjoys working with his hands, and preferes to have people see that he has been working.

Name: Ellinor Elouise
Age: 14
Parents: Alice & Ryan

Personality: Ellinor Elouise is different from her twin brother, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, thought if she has the choice she would rather be sitting with her make up rather then doing anything else. She loves adventures and tends to get her twin into a lot of trouble.

Name: Bray Jr
Age: 18
Parents: Amber and Bray
Looks: pretty much the spitting image of his dad.
Personality: strong willed leader, had a very strong compass of what’s right and wrong. Hates being called BJ.

Name: Willow
Age: 16
Parents: Amber and Lex
Looks: see picture
Personality: shy, doesn’t like being around people. Has a temper when mad. Has a compulsion to steal things, not for anything sinister, just she like having things, because she feels like she doesn’t have anything.

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Name: Serenity
Age: 16
Parents: Ruby and Lex
Personality: Animal lover, kind but strong and stubborn. Stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Loves her brother dearly. Can be sarcastic at times and does try to keep her brother out of trouble even though she is younger. Tends to be the reader and the calmer one though she will back her brother up, most of the time.
Looks: 5’5, average build. long hair she likes to keep braided and colored.

Name: Bellamy
Parents: Ruby and Lex
Relationship: none currently
Personality: Protects his sister within limits, they are close. Loves to argue. Very misunderstood, hides his feelings well unless you are close to him. Outspoken. Strong willed and stubborn like his sister.
Looks: long dark hair like his father, tall and very fit.

Name: Devon
Age: 16
Parents: Salene and Ryan
Relationship: None currently
Personality: A bit shy against strangers, powerfull and strong like his dad and good hearted like his mother. would go throught hell for his friends.He is no the best in fighting with weapons, but he just need his fists and the others know and appreciate his strength

Name: Brady Taylor-Fielding
Age: 20… 21 in june
Parents: Trudy and Zoot
Relationship: no
Personality: fierce, loyal and as emotionally stable as Trudy

Name: Pixel
Age: 14
Parents: Trudy and Ram

Relationship: no
Personality: has his fathers eye for technology, likes to look after nr 1, unless someone pisses of his half sister or his twin sister Dot

Name: Kovu
Age: 18
Parents: Moon and Bray

Relationship: no
Personality: loyal, would make a good leader but wants to be free to be his own man.
Background info: When Kovu’s mother died at childbirth, no one questioned who the father was. Surely her husband, Pony Joe, had been the was the only option there was. But as Kovu grew up, his father started to resent him more and more, for he was the living proof of Moon’s betrayal just before their wedding.
For years Kovu tried nothing but to please his father, not knowing what he was doing wrong. It was only when Joe was on his deathed after an accident, that he told Kovu what he expected to be the truth… his father had been someone else, a leader of the infamous Mallrats…Bray…

Name: Moana
Parents: Meira and “Zoot”

Relationship: promised to one of the Chosen boys since birth.
Personality: Moana has been raised in the belief that Zoot is her one and only father. Her mother Meira used to be part of the Chosen Tribe even before she fell pregnant and she has stayed loyal to the cause for all these years, as has Moana. She will die for her beliefs if that is Zoot’s wish.

Guys they can only be 17 if the female was already pregnant when they left the city as they left 17 years ago + traveling + getting pregnant lol

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Name: Storm (Tia Storm)
Age: 15
Parents: Tai-San (Dad to be decided)
Relationship: Single…
Personality: Calm, Gentle, Honest and Caring but if upset she can be mean and fierce… Stong willed and strong minded she can be very very stubborn… Named TIA at birth but hates it so goes by her middle name of STORM… Meaning:- Tia:- Greek:- Princess)

Name: Megan
Age: 16
Parents: Chloe and Zac
Relationship: Single
Personality: Quiet, Shy, Doesn’t talk alot…

Name: Sarah
Age: 14 (soon 15)
Parents: Ryan & Salene

Relationship: Single.
Personality: In many ways she’s a lot like her brother, shy and loyal, and a good mix of her parents, for good and bad. But once you get to know her she can be very outgoing and she always looks out for her friends and family. Whether they need a hug, advice, someone to stand up for them or a stern talking to. Though she’s very book smart and always wanting to learn, she’s fairly naive and insecure in other aspects of life. She’s very trusting, always seeing and expecting the best in people. And though she’s shy and quiet a lot of the time, she has inherited her father’s temper and she’s very protective of those she loves. She’s always been a bit spoiled and sheltered, very much the baby of the family. But she’s trying to break out of her shell.

FName: Kaya
Age: 15
Parents: Ebony and Slade
Relationship: Single
Personality: Kaya is incredibly flirty and very self confident. She has learnt to adapt to her environment very quickly and has inherited her mothers attitude, making her very rebellious.
She gets bored very quickly and is easily distracted. The only person she really cares about apart from herself is her older brother, he is also the only person who really knows how to deal with her attitude.
She’s a strong fighter and enjoys getting into scrapes.
Looks: Dove Cameron

Name: Aiden
Age: 16
Parents: Danni, father TBC
Relationship: Single
Personality: Aiden is quite quiet and shy, he’s me likely to be found with his nose in a book than outside gardening or fighting. He has what his mum calls ‘book smarts.’

Name: Drax
Age: 19
Parents: Emily and “Zoot”
Relationship: Promised
Raised to believe that Zoot is his father. He is loyal to his family above all.

Name: Thalia
Age: 20
Tribe: Gaians
Relationship: nothing worth noting

Name: Riley
Age: 16
Parents: Gel and Darryl

Personality: Riley is an upbeat guy who doesn’t try and take life to seriously. He always tries to make a joke of things. Growing up he clashed with his parents and had major anger issues but has since grown out of these (kinda)
Riley has a habit of doing things on impulse which at times as put himself and others in danger.

Name: Dot
Age: 13
Parents: Trudy and Ram
Relationship: -
Personality: Unlike her brother, Dot missed out on the genius genes and had to settle for unhealthy dose of paranoid tendency. She is incredibly shy and
(I was editing this but I got too tired so I’m falling back to sleep. Someone remind me to fix it up later.)
Looks: It’s Kaiya Jones as Sophie Ramsey from Neighbours.
Because I like my faceclaims how I like my sci-fi… obscure and Australian. :joy:

Name: Skyler
Age: 13
Parents: Ellie and Luke (but brought up by Jack)

Personality: a sharp tongue…Skyler takes no prisoners! She knows her own mind and will speak it not caring if she upsets anyone else. A skilful fighter and hunter.

And so it begins…



It had been a long two days on the boat, I was looking forward to this new freedom that we had, a chance to get away from the nagging parents and the chores and all that crap.

We had all heard the stories of the mighty Mallrats and the city, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just stories… Lets be honest, a group of robed idiots coming to steal a baby ‘Brady’ because she was the daughter of Zoot, and Trudy becomes the ‘Supreme Mother’? Right ok then… Pull the next one! The others believed the stories, but me? I knew better.

The moment the boat was against the wood, I jumped off with the rope tying it around securely to stop it going anywhere, I could see the back of a few of the others heading off the peer before I finished. I didn’t blame them for rushing ahead but they better of remembered their crap as I aint carrying it



I smiled as we neared the land, I just hoped that we had found the right place otherwise it would mean getting back onto this damned boat… Don’t get me wrong, I was loving my tan but still! The sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day but being trapped on a boat was no fun at all and as much as I love all my friends, some space is needed.

As the boat met the pier I didn’t waste any time before jumping off. Ground! Well wooden pier but still it wasn’t a boat so it was a win in my eyes. I knew the others wouldn’t be far behind, all they had to do was tie up the boat so I headed off the pier and looked around.

"Come on guys, stop dragging your feet!" I looked over my shoulder and yelled at them before excitedly turning back to look at the city, this had to be the place, it just had to!

I watch the land right in front of us. Not really sure what to think about it, but i know that i don’t mind soild ground under my feet. I jump off the boat right after Jace, but still stand near by it. i want to make sure it is calm while the others are leaving, and maybe someone needs help to get off it.

I can’t believe he dragged me into this. Stupid boat. Bj was just a baby when he left with Mum. This was stupid. Maybe if they’d all gone off alone I’d be an only child, it would be awesome.

As the boat lands he looks like he’s back in his element as I see a smile cross his lips. “Chill BJ you were what 9 months old? You don’t remember a damn thing.” I say as I brush past him.

“Stop calling me that.” He says but I don’t listen as I get off the boat, my boots sticking into the wet sand.

“If you remember so much which way is it to the mall?”

Bray Jr looks around, but his half sister is right he has no idea. “Uhhh Brady?” He asks hoping his cousin remembers more.

“I knew it!” Willow cackles with laughter. That’s about the only time she talks to him to make fun of him.


I was sick of the boat, of the way it made me feel and I really missed land. When we’d first spotted it I’d thought it was a mirage, and I’d almost expected a splash when Jace jumped overboard but instead I’d heard the ‘thud’ as he landed on the pier.

Grabbing my bag, I am one of the first off the boat, I knew I should be gentlemanly and help the others off but I needed land… needed the ground to stop moving beneath my feet. Moving up the pier I can feel myself swaying, as if I missed still on the water, my stomach churns and I groan quietly, if i threw up again the others might actually throw me in the water.


Leaning over the side of the boat I watch as people start disembarking, I wasn’t in a rush to be back on land and it was amusing watching the others heading up the pier, some stumbling slightly as they try to find their land legs.

Grabbing my bag, and Jace’s, I reach out and take Devons hand as I move to hop off the side, “such a gentleman.” I comment flirtily before wandering over to my brother. “What did your last slave die of?” I tease him before dropping the bag at his feet. “Aren’t you glad I decided to stow away, I mean you’d be lost without me!”