MallRats: Next Generation RPG



Spending the days at sea had left me feeling sea sick a few times. At the worst I was regretting joining the others. Pushing my hair out of my face i look down at the ground. Oh how lovely it will be to have proper ground under the feet again? Biting my lower lip i wonder if this had been a good idea, mother had talked about the good times, but at the same time she had mentioned the bad memories. Memories such as being sent away by a evil tribe, being seperated from her family.

Was I causing her pain right now?

Adventures, at times it felt as my blood was boiling to go exploring, to find new things. To meet new people. Oh all the things we could get to see. I turn to look over at Daryan. “Do you think we can go and look at the city?”

Hearing my sister asking questions about the city, i give my head a shake. “Why? We need to stay here, incase mother comes back, its not like her to be gone for such a long time” I say, looking over at her.



I shake my head in disbelieve as I watch the others disembark the boat without a care in the world! It seems being at Sea for so long made them all lose their marbles. I collect my bag and throw it over my shoulder before collecting my hunting gear.

“If you get us killed I am going to be so pissed of with you guys” I call after them. We have no idea what we are walking into. Sure the city was evacuated all those years ago but if we are back who else is in the city?



I stay back at first, letting those most eager get of the boat first. It’s not like I’m not eager, I’m just…scared. I wasn’t even supposed to be here, and suddenly felt very homesick for mum and dad. Don’t be a baby, I tell myself, straightening up and picking up my little rucksack with the few belongings I had with me. I just couldn’t let Devon leave without me. Our parents had each other, and sure, he was going with friends, but it wasn’t the same. Besides, the thought of staying home with what was happening, unable to do a thing while my brother and our friends took of…no, I couldn’t have done that. I wasn’t the only one either. Our parents would understand. it’s what they would have done if they could.

I’m behind Kaya as Devon helps her off the boat, smirking slightly at her comment. Then Devon helps me out and soon my feet are on solid ground again. I freeze slightly, trying to take it all in. Everything here is so different from all I’ve ever known. I move to Devon’s side, waiting for him.



I over hear Onyx talking to Storm about rooms, I’d assume this would have waited until we actually got to the mall. “I call dibs on his room!” I yell shooting a scowl at Onxy, talking about Lex’s old room. I was older so it should be mine. Bellamy might want it, but I can only hope that it’s a dump or that he won’t fight me because I’m a girl.

Bray Jr
Everyone seems to be getting off just fine. It’s probably because I’ve spent all her life with her, but there’s always a sense of alarm when I hear Willow. More so when she brings up her favorite subject. “Him.” We don’t need a fight the moment we get back. I get myself off the boat and step between Onyx and Will, knowing I can’t stop them but hoping we won’t have a fight.



I laughed lightly “Uh huh yeah, your totally the best sister in the world Kaya” I said as I stood up grabbing my bag "You do know your a bit of a stalker of your big bro right… " I smirked and threw my arm over her shoulder leading her towards the city “But you don’t go ruining my street cred while your here” I added as we reached the others. I’d heard ‘street cred’ used by KC years ago and I kind of adopted the phrase.


I looked at Skyler “Oh come on now Skyler, live a little” I tell her and shake my head “You know that I’d never let you get into real trouble” I tell her before looking ahead “Ok guys, lets get moving. Gel told me all about her wardrobe and I cant wait to check it out” I smiled and started walking.

Did I know where I was going? No, I definitely didn’t but Onyx seemed sure it was this way and it wasn’t like we had a map or anything… And I wanted to be the first to raid Gel’s cupboard “Hey why dont we leave the room situation until we find the place?” I looked over at the others “Can you guys like… Just get on, none of us want to listen to you’s going at it” I said looking at Onyx and Willow and rolled my eyes “Your siblings, get over it”



Studying the scene as it unfolds in front of me, I can’t help but let a small laugh escape. We haven’t been here for more then a minute and people are already getting frustrated.

As much as I hate to admit it but maybe our parents were right when they said we should vote for one of us to be leaders…not that it was my problem.



I give Lily a frown, “I’m not scared…i just don’t wanna get zapped by a rogue Techno”

I follow her as she makes her way of the boat, “and anyway we don’t even know where the Mall is…or what a mall even looks like, it could be any of these buildings”


"Half siblings," I correct Lily out loud. I don’t understand why He had to go around sleeping with everyone. Not that he was the only one to blame. As soon as Mum found Bray she went back to him.

One night of fun while missing the love of her life resulted in a mistake 9 months later and people question why I hate everyone.


. : . D o t . : .

It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. The buildings! I’d heard about them in stories of the city told to me as a child but I’d never imagined that they’d be this big! The tallest thing we had back on the island was an old communications tower but didn’t begin to rival the height of these enormous structures.

It almost didn’t seem real while we were on the boat and I think it’s finally dawning that we’re really, truly not on our island anymore and it’s… kind of terrifying…

Everyone else seems excited to be back on dry land – Excited by their new surroundings. Why am I so anxious all of a sudden? It took every ounce of my courage to spur myself into stowing away on the stupid boat and now I can’t even face the consequences. Coward.

“Pix…” I start to say, looking for my brother amongst the familiar faces all around me. Then I stop myself. No. No, Dot. This is your chance. No Mum… No Dad… New place, new Dot… Right! That’s right! New place, new Dot. New place, new Dot. New place, new Dot. You got this.

Now I briefly catch sight of Pixel through the group but, a moment after I meet his gaze, I turn my face away. I don’t need him. I can do this on my own.



Sitting back on the boat watching the scene unfold in front of me as our friends and siblings jump from the boat eager to touch land again. While I do love being on land being on the boat wasn’t all bad. Aside from privacy, everyone seemed to get along ok until now. Fighting over rooms when we haven’t even seen the mall yet. Sighing I grab my things and follow suit only glancing back at the boat to see my brother watching and waiting for a fight to break out. Typical. He loves to watch people fight over things. He will probably put up a fight over a room just because he can, not because he actually wants it.
I don’t care as long as I have a place that’s safe to rest and eventually explore this world our parents left behind.

Watching the fights over rooms unfold has my energy level up. I can feel my sister staring holes into me, she’s expecting me to fight for “his” room. I am certainly debating it.
I shoot her look, with a small amount of attitude “what are staring holes into me for?” She merely turns away shaking her head. I jump off the boat and join her side looking down at her.
“You think I am going to start a fight over “his” room don’t you?” I say with still a small attitude. She just simply nods once and keeps walking straight ahead.
“I am not going to fight over a room serenity.” Giving her a small look. She just smirks. She knows me to well. While still debating about joining in, I glance around at the others watching every move and listening to every word. This is gonna be very interesting.



I look at Skyler “Tell you what, if a techno jumps out with a zapper, I promise I will jump in front of it for you ok?” I said and shook my head “Sky you cant be worried about what might happen… There is way too much unknown here I get that, but as long as we stay together we will be good” I tell her honesty.

I look towards Onyx and the dog “Your joking right?! That thing might attack any one of us!” I said staring at it, I wasn’t a dog fan at all… In all the animals you could pick as a pet, a dog wouldn’t even be a choice.


While listening to everyone argue over rooms I had made up my mind. I might not be close to willow, but she was my half sister. No use in fighting with her over a room when it was likely other arguments would break out between everyone eventually. I quickly left serenitys side and caught up with willow.
" you can have “his” room if it means that much to you." I said as quietly as I could. As much as I hate showing the soft side of myself it was th right call. “We can talk more about it later if you’d like but it’s yours. I could care less about which room to sleep in currently.”

Watching Bellamy whispering to willow I was nervous he was about to start a argument. I couldn’t see her face but I could only hope he wasn’t about to hurt her feelings over a room.



Bellamy walks over towards me and I tense up getting ready to toss a punch or two. I know he’s stronger then me, but I also bite so he won’t walk away completely unscathed.

He leans over to whisper something as I think how stupidly close I’m am to his neck. But in a total non-dick move, Bellamy offers up the room without a fight. I step back in a bit of a shock.

Bray JR
Just as I think Onyx and Will are going to have it out for each other Bellamy walks over to her. I know the family dynamic gets a little crazy with her dad, but she’s still my baby sister and there was a short period of time where we didn’t know we were only step siblings.

To my surprise nothing happens. Bellamy walks off and Will looks in shock. “What was that?” I ask once I’ve caught up to her.

“Belle wasn’t a dick for once. Guess there’s hope for you yet BJ.” She retorts.



**serenity **
I held my breath when I saw willow take a step back. She seemed puzzled. What had Bellamy done now. He walked back towards me with a smirk on his face as I eyed him carefully with a narrow gaze.
“And just what did you do to willow now?” I asked curious since no yelling was coming from willows step brother. Though he was tense watching Bellamy and her interact.
B: “I told her she could have the room” he said as he shrugged his shoulders. “No biggy” smirk still in place as he gazed ahead.
“You did what???” My jaw dropping, honestly shocked. “Just what are you up to? Being nice isn’t your thing” I said starting to walk a little slower so no one would over hear.
B: “nothing dear sister of mine. Just no use in fighting over a room. Arguments will break out soon, I’ll get my chance to argue someone eventually.” Looking amused.


. : . D o t . : .

As I jog to catch up with the group starting to move off, I hear Lily and Skyler teasing each other about Technos. Dad’s tribe. I’d heard all about how he’d conquered the city – Not all from him either. I wondered what the current city-inhabitants would think of Pixel and I if they knew who our father was…

I spot Onyx patting a big horrible dog and I stop in my tracks. It’s huge and ugly and it looks like it could tear my arm off if it wanted. It scares me. Of course Onyx is lovingly stroking the thing, crooning its name – Yes. Seems he’d already named it. He probably intends to keep it.

I tense uneasily, my heart pounding in my chest. I feel sick. He’s ruining everything. I promised myself I’d be stronger and he’s ruining it with his stupid dog! I hate him. He never thinks about anyone else. He’s loud and cocky and he does whatever he wants.

“He can’t keep that…” I murmur. Just shut up, Dot. What are you trying to do? You’re not going to say anything. You can’t. New place, new Dot. New place, new Dot. New place, new Dot. New place, new– “If you keep that dog, you can’t come in the mall!”

What have you done?



Getting off the boat, I help Megan disembark, looking at her and seeing how sick she feels I hold onto her until she finds her legs, I love being on the sea, the smells, the feeling…
I hear Onyx say about sharing a room I stifle a laugh, I walk with megan up the pier, my pack on my back full of nuts, fruits, herbal remedies and more that my mom taught me incase we needed them…

“Keep dreaming!” I smile as I walk past Onyx and tap him gently on the chest…

He was kinda nice maybe even cute, he definatle had alot of cheek but who knows what we will find at the mall…

Megan wobbles beside me so I grasp her arm

“Its ok, I am here”

We walk slowly up behind the others, I try not to rush Megan but don’t want us to be separated…


“I hate the sea!” I mumble

Feeling sick from the day we left our island, a mix of emotions, scared of leaving Mom and Dad, scared of being left behind, I look back towards the island as we sail off… Finally after a few days we arrive, having spent most of them being sick, Storm had some remedies she learnt from her mom but they didn’t help, everyone gets off the boat, Storm helps me, I feel like jelly, my legs wobble underneith me, its a weird feeling, I know I am on dry land but my legs don’t seem to… Storm grabs my arm to prevent me falling

“I’m here” I hear her say…

“Thank you” in a whisper is all I can manage back…

I want my body to work normally, I don’t like this feeling… I see the others walking up the dock as we try and walk a little faster to keep up, my legs are shaking as we do, I will them to stop and go back to normal because I am scared of being left behind…


I grin at Aidens comment. I know that she is just joking, but i have no problem with it. " You’re welcome" i answer and turn arround to the boat to help Sarah. I can feel her shaking hand and as she walks beside me, it needs no words for knowing that she is nervous.
“I’m here, just walk next to me” i whisper to her with a wink.

All are off the boat now, so i shoulder my big bag. Just from where we standing, i can hear some of the others say somehting about rooms… oh come on, guys… " seems like, we have BIG problems" i wink at Sarah again. I don’t care about a room at the moment, who knows what is waiting in the city.

Like always i’m in the rearguard and before we could leave the pier i spot Megan and Storm. And of course Onxy is there to help. " everything all right?" i answer and stop walking.



“I totally am!” I laugh, shaking my head when I hear his next words. “I’m the stalker? Sure… ignoring the boat I’m pretty sure you’re the one who follows me making sure I don’t get into in to trouble.” I point out. Glancing towards the others I watch for a moment, “just think, our family could be like that!” The whole dynamic between Bellamy, Willow, Serenity and Onyx wasn’t exactly something I’d have enjoyed being part of. Lex wasn’t the worlds best dad, but the way the grownups talked about him when they thought none of us ‘kids’ were around it wasn’t surprising… he had a reputation, although it made me laugh when mum told us stories of the city. How she’d been some major ‘bad guy’, well until she’d met dad and he’d straightened her out. Then again, dad’s stories were just as daft… apparently he’d driven a motorbike… yeah right.

“Your street cred? KC would be so proud!” I tease. It was one of those weird phrases Jace had copied from KC, but I just sounded stupid to me… what did it matter what the street thought of you? “Please tell me you aren’t fighting over a bed,” I call out as we reach the others, “I mean… who knows what happened in that bed, it might have all sorts of diseases… and some of them might be contagious which would be such a shame!” I add with a glance between Bellamy and Onyx.


As the others begin to head up the pier I close my eyes and focus on my breathing, mum had warned me about sea sickness but I hadn’t thought it would be this bad. “I’m ok…” I announce to no one in particular.

As my stomach stops churning I straighten up slightly, wishing I hadn’t drunk all of my water earlier. Hopefully we would get to the Mall sooner rather than later because I needed a shower, which they apparently had there, and to get some clean clothes… and some food.


##. : . D o t . : .

My immediate regret is justified when Onyx bellows angry response. I flinch. I don’t respond well to shouting and if past experience is anything to go on, I know what comes next…

No, no, no… Not now… You’re thirteen years old… Don’t do this… Don’t cry… It’s too late. I can feel tears prickling in my eyes. I try to blink them back but they’re coming thick and fast and within moments they’re rolling down my cheeks. Cry baby.

“N-No one…” I say quietly and I’m about to back down but then something deep inside spurs me to clench my fists, raising my chin defiantly. “But– But you can’t just do whatever you want! We’re not on the island anymore!” I shout shakily back at him, gesturing with an arm in the direction we’d come from. “We’re supposed to be a tribe, remember?! You… You…” I bite my lip a moment then blurt out, “You turkey!”

I feel like I might faint from the excitement. Or is that terror? I’ve never shouted at anyone like this before, let alone Onyx, who honestly intimidates me like nobody else. Except maybe Kaya. But that’s only because of how cool and pretty she is.


Hearing the yelling from ahead I rush ahead to see dot yelling at onyx over a dog. A bit shocked but a bit proud to see her standing up for herself. I stand quietly just behind them watching and waiting to step in if she needs any help. Definitely not used to this from dot.

Running behind my sister to the noise up ahead when I realize it’s dot yelling. I let out a laugh. “Well well well, someone is finally deciding to speak up.” Glancing towards onyx to see what reaction he’s going to give.
“Today is just becoming full of surprises.” Serenity says obviously ready to step in if needed. One thing I’ve always admired about her, she’s a protector.