MallRats: Next Generation RPG



Name: Ember-Rae
Age: 15
Parents: May (Father undecided)
Personality: Very much like her mum, she is temperamental she isn’t the kind of girl you want to mess with and is a lot tougher than she appears to be, one day she’ll smile at you the next she’ll be holding your head under water waiting for you to stop breathing - it all depends on her mood. With those she trusts, Ember is completely loyal and nice 80% of the time; just don’t stand too close until you know if it’s a good or bad day. She doesn’t show emotions very often and only a few people have ever seen her cry. All in all she can be and is a bitch when she wants to be. Nothing stands in her way if she puts her mind to something. She is also far from being a girly girl - she doesn’t see fun in the things most ‘girls’ do; she’s very much an act on impulse and worry about the consequences later, type of person…even if it puts her in danger.

Name: Rocco
Age: 16
Parents: Ellie and Jack
Personality: Is a lot like his father and spends a lot of time alone reading and working on little projects. He has a knack for making things but, these things don’t always work out the way he hoped and often break either before he finishes them or soon after they’re finished. He is happiest when he’s left alone, he doesn’t mix well with the others because he is never sure how to react around them, he isn’t shy, just unsure of himself and lacks confidence. The reason he’s come along with them is because well he was talked into it. He’s protective of his sisters at times.


Being on the boat had actually been enjoyable for me, even though I would be happy to get off it, it had been a time to think about what we were doing; I knew everyone else was considering this an adventure, but for me it was a chance to see everything my dad had told me with my own eyes - a way of making all his stories become reality and although none of us had any idea what condition the city was in, we’d find out soon enough; we were getting closer to land with each passing moment.

Turning my head I watch as everyone starts gathering up their belongings, stuffing an old book into my bag I make sure everything is packed away just as we reach the dock. Following behind everyone I walk in silence, taking in my surroundings as I walk behind the group, it was strange being here after hearing all the stories - strange walking the streets which felt so familiar, yet so unfamiliar all at the same time.

The boat journey was like my own personal nightmare, everything seemed to be annoying me and unlike when I was at home, there was no real way to ‘escape’ it when you were stuck on a boat. Sure it was nice being here with everyone, but I needed space, needed time without someone asking me a stupid question, if one more person asked if I was ok, I was going to scream at them.

The sight of land up ahead was definitely one that filled me with a mixture of excitement and anxiousness, although my expression remained neutral I was actually looking forward to getting off the boat. We’d heard so many stories, I wasn’t sure I believed all of them, some seemed far fetched. Watching as everyone starts to disembark the boat I grab my bag and jacket before following them. Pausing on the dock I glance around and just stand there for a moment taking in my surroundings, I wasn’t sure what I’d been expecting, but this was so different to anything we’d ever seen before.

Starting to walk up the pier behind everyone I glance at Aiden when I pass him, “You’re looking a little green, come on before we get left behind.” I say offering him a small smile, and holding out the bottle of water from my bag. “I think you could use this more than me.” I comment, starting up the pier I keep the bottle held out to him.


. : . D o t . : .

Hearing Bellamy and @Serenity 's surprised reactions to my outburst, I feel my face grow hot and look down to my worn out sneakers, suddenly embarrassed. I hate that I cried in front of everyone, especially at my current age. It wasn’t so bad being cry baby when I was closer to being an actual baby, but now? It’s humiliating.

All the same, I still feel proud of myself for sticking to my guns. I hope Pixel saw me. See, Pixel? I’m not the same sad little Dot I was on the island. New place, new Dot. Keep the mantra going.

To my alarm, @Onyx approaches me and I focus even harder on my shoes, uncertain as to his intentions. Then… he apologises. I almost can’t believe it! He’s actually apologising! To me!

“I’m, uh, sorry too…” I say hesitantly, sniffling. “… for calling you a turkey… It wasn’t cool…” Okay, so that’s not entirely true. I actually quite enjoyed that. I just want him to know I’m not too upset anymore.

I stand stiffly as he pulls me into an awkward hug. I never know what to do during hugs. Whenever Mum hugs me, it’s just her… sort of… squeezing me. And Dad? Well, he doesn’t really. Not for me… – Should I put my arm around and pat him on the back? I don’t think that’s right…

I can still see feel the dog looking at me. I don’t like animals at all… Onyx may have it tamed for now but there’s no telling what it might do in his absence. I’m almost certain my brother could rig up a security system that would perform far better than any guard dog and when given the chance to vote on whether Cujo stays or goes, I gaze at the ground and firmly raise my hand against.


Walking past @Onyx, I hear his comment of Could you be anymore obvious babe!
I smile to myself, a strange feeling in my stomach, he is kind of cute I think to myself as Megan and I walk up the pier…


Grabbing hold of Storm’s arm as my legs buckle underneith me, I end up sitting on the floor…
"I’m sorry" I whisper…
Placing my head on my hands feeling light headed and dizzy, hoping this feeling passes soon I don’t want to hold everyone up…


I feel Megan’s hands tighten around my arm and feel her going down, I grab hold of her so she doesn’t hit the floor too hard and pull me down, I hear her say sorry, I crouch beside her and pull my water bottle from my pocket
"Here, try and drink something slowly" I say as I look towards the others…


Storm offers me the water, I shake my head…
"I can’t" I whisper "I feel dizzy"
Feeling scared of what we will find and feeling sick from the boat, I close my eyes, my heart thumping in my chest as I try and shake off this feeling…


"Please" I say "it will help you" handing Megan the water, "small sips" I say…
I can see that her breathing has got faster…
"Megan" I say trying to comfort her "Take deep breaths, in through the nose, out through your mouth, you need to calm your breathing down before you pass out"
Trying to get her to breathe along with me to help calm her
"Did you have anything to eat?" I ask concerned
I reach into my bag and pull out a bag with berries, I know they contain natural sugar which should help Megan perk back up, I offer them to her…


Taking deep breaths and following how Storm is breathing my heart starts to calm down, I take small sips of the water, Storm asks me if I have eaten…
"No" I reply, "I felt too sick"
I see her reach into her bag and take out a bag with a load of berries in it, she hands me the bag and slowly I try to eat a handful, I know she is only trying to help, she learnt these things from her mom and from watching Amber and the other adults, slowly I start to feel the dizzyness and light headedness go… I look at Storm
"Thank you" I say to her


"Do you think you can manage to get up and carry on" I ask "we really should catch up to the others"
Knowing its not good to be seperated, we may have heard all the stories and know the city like the back of our hands, secter by secter but who knows what we may find… I offer my hand out to Megan and help her to her feet, slowly we catch up to the others…



Looking up when I hear Embers voice I smile gratefully, “ta, I know the golden rule is to conserve water but… well I needed it after the vomiting.” I admit sheepishly. “I’ve never been so glad to see land in my entire life, I’ve no idea how some people were fine when I feel like i’m dying.”

Glancing around i notice Megan looks as green as I feel, “least i’m not the only one.” I add feeling slightly less guilty… although the ‘man’ in me feels like i should have been able to deal with a boat ride.

Taking the bottle from Ember I take a small drink, the cool water making me feel instantly refreshed, “Hopefully the mall isn’t too far because I need a shower.” I admit. Ember was stunning but i’d learnt long ago that she was out of my league, as were all of the eligible girls in the tribe… that was the appeal of coming to the city, hopefully there were some females who actually wanted my company! “Guess we should head up the pier before we get left behind?” I comment looking around.




I nod in agreement to what Lily had said. Of course it didn’t make me feel any less at easy. The whole place was already giving me the creeps.

“Maybe we should come up with a plan to get to the mall?” I suggest “maybe break into smaller groups…we’re like sitting ducks just waiting here”

I study the tall buildings that lay in front of us. I wonder if the tribes had returned to the city and maybe he was here…maybe I would finally meet my real dad! It was only a couple of years ago that Lily dropped the news that Jack wasn’t my real Dad in one of our arguments only for Mum and Dad to sit me down and explain what had happened. It was after that moment that mine and Lily’s relationship changed and we became closer as sisters.


I make my way up the docks and listen to the discussion about the dog, we have always had pets back home but was it safe to have one now when we didn’t know where we were? either way it was no skin of my nose as long as they didn’t expect me to take it for walks…

A sudden loud bang from somewhere deep in the city echoes following by the sounds of people screaming causing me to loose my train of thought.

“Maybe Sky’s right…” I comment “maybe we should get moving?”


"I’m sure we can find more water and you’re right you do need it right now. Need to keep hydrated." I say and glance back towards the boat when I hear his comment a slight smirk tugging at the corners of my lips “I guess the motions have different effects on everyone, you’re clearly better off on land though - green really isn’t your colour.” I tease as I look back at him.

Following his gaze as I hear his words I watch Megan and Storm for a moment, Megan really didn’t look very well at all. “I think all of us are happy to be off the boat.” I tell him honestly, I wasn’t going to admit the motion had caused me to feel slightly nauseous, but at some points it definitely had, I’d just been far too annoyed and was too stubborn to admit it.

Once he’s taken the bottle my hand drops to my side and I look at him as he drinks, “From how it was described to us, I don’t think it’s that far, although this place…” I glance around and shake my head, had I almost just admitted to him that this felt more daunting than I’d expected it to? Biting my lip I adjust the strap on my bag slightly before pushing my hair out of my face, I wasn’t sure why I’d almost said it, wasn’t even sure why I was still standing here.

“We should, they all seem in a hurry.” I comment, glancing towards the retreating figures; I knew we could easily catch up with them.

Hearing the loud bang my head snaps to the side, my eyes scanning the area close by; it sounded a fair distance from us, it unnerved me a little more than I cared to admit though. Glancing at Skylar and Riley I nod “We should go.” I agree, turning my head I look back at Aiden, he appeared to have at least a little more colour now than he had when I’d first approached him, so hopefully that meant the water and being off the boat was helping “Lets find the Mall…” I say biting my lip.

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I give my brother a grateful smile, calmed down by the reminder that we’ll always look out for each other. I giggle softly at his joke, shaking my head a bit as I look towards the others. It’s the last thing I’ve thought of, what room to sleep in. We don’t even know what condition the mall is in, or if it’s even free for us to live in.

I notice Onyx with the dog, and decide to keep a bit of distance. I like animals, but I’m still weary. There’s so much going on that my head is spinning a bit, trying to take everything in. I’m more concerned with looking at all the buildings and everything I haven’t seen before.

I hear Devon talking to Megan and Storm though, and turn towards them, frowning instantly as I see them trailing behind, Megan not looking too good. Before I can get closer and ask though, there’s a loud bang somewhere in the city, and my eyes widen. I can hear the others ahead talking about hurrying up, and I don’t disagree with them.

“If you two help Megan, I can carry another bag or two, I think we need to hurry!”

@Salene @Lottie


The bang let me shake for a bit and i watch the others. " Hurry up, i take the bags " i tell Sarah and without really listen to her i grap Megans bag. " come on, i will help you" i offer my arm at Megan. " i know it’s hard but we need to hurry "

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It’s so strange to be back here, back in the city I left behind all those years ago. It’s kind of scary, the few memories I have of this place aren’t all fond ones.
But the reason we are here, the reason we had to come to the city after all this time, it’s important.
As the others seem to discuss what to do next, I decide to do what my mother told me to… and step up… after all, I am the only actual adult, so I’m at the biggest risk myself, and finding this cure was crucial to my own survival…

“Guys? Just calm down for a moment, come here…” I say as I call out to the other’s, gesturing to them to come closer. _“Skylar is right, splitting up might get us to the Mall quicker. Or atleast broaden our chances.
Pix? Where’s that map dad gave you?” _

For a while I watch my twin sister, interacting with Onyx and some dog he found. It’s funny, she finally dared to open her mouth to him… Haha… she’s just so, scared of animals, it’s pathetic.
It’s strange when I think about the two of us sharing so much genetic material, yet being so different.
Impatiently I twiddle my thumbs as I wait for the others to make a choice on what to do.
Because no matter how impractical it sounds, mom did keep telling me that under no circumstances was I to leave my older sister’s side.

“What?” I say as I hear Brady calling my name. "The map… oh sure, here it is…"
I fold open the map that my dad gave to me, it was a layout of the whole city, with several possible routes to take to the Mall. Thank goodness for his photographic memory.
“Dad said this would be the faster way, aunt Amber said this might be the safest…” I say as I gesture to two different routes.



I grinned at Kaya “Uh-huh, you keep thinking that sis” I tell before turning and watching the exchange from the others, oh god its like leading the blind they are all too focused in their own ideas.

“Guys lets just get to the Mall, I’ll take the fastest route. Brady you and pixel lead the safest route. No arguing just get on with it” I said and move towards the direction which was fastest, I needed those who would move fast and no be afraid to enter the Mall to make sure its safe for the others.
I took a good look at the map for a few moments.

“Bellamy, Riley, Rocco, Kaya, Willow, you guys come with me, we’ll get to the Mall and go straight in to check it out and make sure its safe for the others. The rest of you follow Brady and Pixel, dont keep stopping and arguing, just move - You can argue over whatever when we get there”

I didn’t wait for arguing, I just took off walking



Feeling my bag get taken of my arm I glance round and see Sarah smiling and taking my bag Thanks I say with a smile, as I look back at Megan I see Devon take her bag and get the other side of her… Thank you Devon… Megan was really in a bad way, hoping its not a serious illness and just from the boat ride across… When we get to the mall you can have a rest I say to Megan


Hearing bangs and explosions coming from the city scares me, knowing we need to get to safety but still feel like jelly, Devon appears and grabs one side of me, shaking from feeling unwell and from the bangs in the city I whisper Thank you… We start walking when Brady calls everyone over and asks for a map to decide what route we go… I don’t care I just want to get there!!!




“Agreed” I say as Jace takes charge over the fastest people among us. “Beej? I’ll take the lead, you cover the back ok?” Hopefully my cousin would agree we need to get everyone to the Mall as quickly and safely as we can. “Remember everyone, stay together, don’t stray… and Onyx? If you’re gonna keep that dog, please keep it away from Dottie and make sure it stays quiet… we don’t want any loud noises betraying our position to who-ever is in this city…”


" no worries, i got you " i say to Megan while bringing her arm arround my neck and pull her up slowly. We made a few steps as i her Brady calls out for us. " We are here" i answer as we finally join the group


Listening I keep quiet, it was funny how we’d come here with a ‘plan’ yet now we couldn’t even find the Mall; my dad had given me a map just in case, but that didn’t mean I wanted to speak up and start telling everyone I knew how to get there, no maybe if I was asked, for now though I would just keep quiet and hope someone else figured it out, they would…wouldn’t they?

Looking towards Brady, Skylar and Jace I nod when Jace speaks, well until his words register in my brain “Y-you want me to…t-to c-come with you?” The words come out in a scrambled, stuttered mess, but before I can question more Jace has walked off and all I can do is rub the back of my neck and frown. What had I been talked in to? Glancing over at Lily and then Skylar my frown deepens “Keep safe and stay together.” I say more so to my sisters, before turning and following behind Jace. This was ridiculous, why me? What had made him say my name? I wasn’t a fighter, I was a thinker, a creator…a…a a well a me.



I looked over my shoulder at Rocco, he wasn’t comfortable with the idea, maybe I should of picked Lily to come instead “Yes, your dad helped designed the security, your oldest, or would you prefer me to get one of your sisters to come along?” I asked raising my eyebrow at him.




Listening as Jace takes charge I chuckle quietly, “careful big bro or you’ll have all the girls swooning at your feet!” I tease him. Shouldering my bag I glance at the others, Jace had definitely picked the braver ones to take the fastest route, which seemed like a sensible idea to me, “you’re probably the only one who can deal with any alarms though” I point out to Rocco before heading up the pier. As we walk along the pier I pause long enough to pick up a loose piece of wood, twirling it in my hand like a baton. “Just in case.” I comment cheekily to Jace. Ok the truth was I enjoyed getting into trouble, apparently that was something I’d inherited from mum.

Continuing to twirl the baton I look around, “it doesn’t look as exciting as I thought it would.” I admit aloud. The truth was, with how the grownups had talked about the city, I was expecting something incredible but this was pretty disappointing. Glancing back over my shoulder to the others I can’t help but grin slightly, I knew we had a job to do while we were here but I was definitely up for having some fun after all, this was my first time off the island and I wanted to enjoy it.


“Yeah, I’m a land creature.” I agree shaking my head slightly. I felt like I was still on the boat which was a horrible feeling, hopefully that would fade soon. Looking at Ember as she talks I shrug slightly “it just looks… grey!” I comment. I’d somehow thought it would be much more colourful, but maybe that was what happened when you lived on an island full of colour. Hearing the bang my head snaps up and I nod, “yeah we should go.”

As Jace divides us up I glance towards Brady and move in her direction, clutching my bag tightly, “safer route sounds preferable.” I point out quietly to Ember.

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I look at Jace when he speaks to me, I had the impression I resembled an animal the moment it realised it was trapped and couldn’t escape, but somehow I find myself shaking my head when I hear his words; no that wasn’t what I wanted at all was it? I knew my sisters were both capable of looking after themselves, but that didn’t mean I wanted them to take my place, didn’t mean I wanted to risk them being in danger. “N-n-no, I’ll come.” I say after a moment of silence, I knew it probably seemed terrible at times, but I also knew they’d all grown up with me, Jace knew I wasn’t much for fighting, knew I wasn’t the type to volunteer to rush in to something, however they all also knew my dad had taught me a lot and so had books.




“Good, right come on, lets go” I said and continued walking before looking at Kaya with a laugh “I dont want any girls falling at my feet Kaya… Give me a strong powerful woman any day” I smirked as she pulled a face, I’m sure she doesn’t want to hear anything of my ‘love life’ but it was a true point, I wasn’t one for all the soft, gushy stuff.

I kept us moving quickly “It is quieter then I’d of expected but maybe they hear us coming and are hiding away… If this place has been invaded as much as the stories we were told I’m not surprised if they fear change and new comers” I comment “So we’ve all had the building described to us in plenty of detail, keep your eyes peeled - And we’re going through the sewer, the more discreet entrance” I added

@Danni, @Lou4Bray, @Serenity, @Katsy, @Lex



I hide the small smirk when Jace says he can take me or Sky instead, I would of probably been the better option as I’m not exactly scared to go in places head first.
I turn and look at Brady and the others “Come on lets get going, we want to get there sooner rather then later” I added and looked at Sky for a moment with a smile “Who ever thought we’d be heading to the Mall huh?”