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I don’t think it’s the best idea to split up,
But it seems we are quickly moving on from talking things through logically. I’m also annoyed that Brady is forcing me with her. I don’t like the fact that Bellamy and Willow will be alone.
“Lead away oh fearless one.”

We get broken up, somehow I’m deemed fast over BJ, I smile and stick my tongue out at him. Just as that information reaches his skull. Really my only focus right now is making sure I’m faster then all the others, while trivial to some, I want that room. I look around sizing up my competition thinking one thing, kneecaps.



“A land creature?” I ask an amused tone obvious in my voice, even though my face remained pretty neutral. I tilt my head to one side as I look at him, he appeared uneasy, but I wasn’t the type of person who knew how to offer a great deal of comfort to well, anyone…it just wasn’t my way, especially not with so many people around.I nod and glance around for a moment, my brow furrowing as I peer up at the buildings and the sky, was this really it? We’d come all this way for…this? “Grey is definitely one word for it.” I agree.

The bang hadn’t exactly unnerved me, just made me feel a little uncertain, a little…

Listening I move over closer to Brady when she calls us over, folding my arms I raise my eyebrow when Jace divides us in to groups, so I was being left behind? Why didn’t that shock me in the slightest? I knew I shouldn’t be offended, but well if I was honest I was offended, more so than I probably should be. Casting a sideways glance at Aiden when I hear his comment I shake my head “Preferable?” I say biting my tongue to stop myself commenting further, although I had a feeling Aiden had spent enough time around me to know I wasn’t exactly thrilled that we’d been left behind with the ‘children’ I wanted adventure, not babysitting duties.

Watching as everyone starts to move behind Jace I glance at Bray and Lily when they speak, rolling my eyes before I can stop myself when I hear Bray refer to Brady as fearless. Shaking my head I return my attention to Aiden “Lets go shall we, before I say the wrong thing.” I say quietly so only he will hear, starting to walk without another word I don’t even bother looking back to make sure they’re all with me.

I glance at Kaya when I hear her comment “Well of course, that’s if they’re even still running.” I point out, we’d all been told how quickly the evacuation from the city had happened, my dad was smart and I knew not many people would be able to figure out his system if it had been disabled already when our parents had all left the city. I did understand the logic behind me joining Jace and the others though, it was better I was here just in case.

Walking I watch as Kaya picks up a piece of wood, I really wasn’t sure I liked this at all. Sure we’d all been ‘taught’ to defend ourselves just in case, but that didn’t mean I wanted to, didn’t mean I liked being out here like this, still I knew that the sooner we found the Mall and got to safety, the sooner I’d be able to just hide away if I chose to do so. Looking around I shake my head “I guess for our parents though, this was home. It was all they knew before they were forced away from it.” I point out as I walk, I wasn’t impressed by any of it, but there would be things to see, the things my dad had done here. I knew it was something I at least wanted to witness with my own eyes before we went home.

Listening to Jace I peer around as we all walk, it looked quiet, too quiet…like a ghost town, but that couldn’t be the case, could it? Maybe he was correct and people were hiding, watching us from the shadows.


Maybe this city will do us all some good, maybe.
Hearing my name being called to go ahead, I look at my sister “that’s my cue, stay safe” I say as I quickly hug her and run to catch up. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with getting to the mall.
Don’t really like the idea of leaving serenity behind either. She is strong and can handle her own, but Still bothers me.

I heard my brothers name being called to search ahead, surprised me a little when he hugged me around so many people. He whispers stay safe. “You stay safe. No fights.” Whispering back in to him. He runs off ahead while I stay behind. Waiting and watching. Wondering what is next. Really not liking this uneasy feeling, I do not like being apart from Bel currently. Strange new world.



“Like mum?” I reply sarcastically, “so your dream woman is mum? That’s just gross Jace!” I knew my big brother wouldn’t want just any woman, she’d have to be exceptional… which was basically what I wanted in a man so I had a feeling I was going to be single forever. Sure some of the guys in our tribe were pretty attractive but… well that would be like incest, we’d all grown up together.

Continuing to twirl my batton I shrug at Rocco, “we have to hope they are, right? I mean other wise the mall might be filled with people who don’t want us there.” Continuing to walk I shrug slightly, “home…. But its so boring!” I point out. I’d hoped there would be people, some hustle and bustle, not this eerie silence that really didn’t appeal. As I notice Bellamy running to catch up with us I chuckle, “worried we were gonna leave you behind?” I tease. Noticing a can balanced precariously on top of a pile of rubbish I use the batton to hit it, giggling as the can bounces off down the street. Yes I knew we should be being sensible and not drawing attention to ourselves but that was boring!

“The sewer? Oh no, that’s not happening!” I tell Jace shaking my head, “I’m wearing my favourite shoes!” ok they were my only shoes but that was beyond the point. “I’m going in the front door, surely that’s why you brought Rocco… you know, for the alarms? No offence.” I add glancing at the other boy. I knew he wasn’t a fighter so really that was the only reason Jace would have picked to bring him.


“Yeah, land is my friend.” I reply chuckling. Ok it sounded a bit daft but it was the only way I could describe how I felt. “Grey is the only word for it.” I comment looking around. Even the water in the harbour looked grey in comparison to where we had come from. Where were all the colours? The life?

“Don’t get angry.” I tell her, “I mean if we are attacked or something you’re one of the best fighters we have!” I didn’t want to think about fighting, or having to defend myself… most of the girls could best me one on one but I still tried although I’d rather have my head in a book.

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Glancing at kaya as I run past with a smirk on my face “not a chance” I say looking back ahead. Starting to slow down and taking in my surroundings. So this is where our parents are from. This is the great city.
If by great city they meant trash and disabled cars parked everywhere, then sure it was great. Though what would you expect it to look like if no one has been cleaning up.
Noticing willow next to me I glance down at her and bump her shoulder lightly.
“So what do you think of all this?” Waving my hand at everything in front of us. “Doesn’t seem like anyone has been here in a long time. Maybe everyone fled like our parents?” Looking down at willow to see if she registers I’m talking to her.
No, no that wouldn’t make much sense. Surely we aren’t the only ones around. Starting to glance around again paying attention. Don’t get side tracked Bellamy. Obviously lost in thought.



I couldn’t deny I was amused by him saying land was his friend, ok so the truth was I was happy to be back on solid ground, but the boat hadn’t been the worst experience of my life. “I think you’re right, grey definitely sums it up well.” I admit as I look around, I was suddenly grateful for the location we’d all been raised in, everything here just seemed so gloomy in comparison, the lack of colours the feeling of well not this, just walking here made me feel less alive somehow.

As I head away from the group I sigh when I hear Aiden’s comment, raising my eyebrow as I glance at him “I’m not getting angry.” Ok maybe I was, but how could I not? Perhaps Jace had left me behind for a reason, but I highly doubted it, to me it appeared he’d taken the ones he deemed worthy and left the rest of us behind. “Perhaps, but come off it…his selection was pretty clear.” I say quietly. Peering around as I walk, I look up at the buildings as we pass by them “It’s too quiet.” I comment glancing at Aiden for a moment, the bang we’d heard before suddenly coming forward in my mind again…there had been screaming, so that meant people, that meant…where were they all? Looking over my shoulder at the others I frown slightly, I didn’t like this, we should have all stayed together; if we were being watched well this was clearly the weaker group.




Nodding at her words I look around the buildings, they all just looked the same. Even the air felt grey, “why would anyone want to live here?” I question. The truth was the way mum had talked about it I’d been expecting something… incredible. But this was just drab, and deserted.

“Sure,” I agree when she tells me she isn’t getting angry, even though I could see she was. We’d all grown up around each other which meant sometimes we could read each other. “I dunno, he took Rocco.” I point out, “and he definitely isn’t a fighter or even a runner.” I wasn’t sure why I was trying to reassure her, but I felt like I should. Hearing her next words I nod, “that bang… what do you think it was?” I would probably regret asking but, well worst case scenario… we were walking into a trap.




I take my place next to Jace as we head into the city, I can’t help but get excited as we move into the unknown. I was looking forward to the new change, a new challenge…something I could really get my teeth into.

It’s not that I wasn’t happy back home but it was boring, here is only so much fishing a guy can do.

I turn to Jace as the other group dissapear into the distance, taking the safer route.

“What are we going to do when we get to the mall and find people in there?” I ask him, “it’s not like we own the Mall and can just kick them out”


As our group sets off and we can no longer see the others. Lily makes a comment about the Mall. I can see it in her face how excited she is about see the place our parents called home. I can’t help but smile back, “we can even visit the farm, can’t we? Back where Mum and Aunt Alice lived before joining the Mallrats”

I study the buildings around me and different words are graffitied on the walls…“Power and Chaos” “Zoot lives” “Mallrat scum” ah lovely

I point out the last one to Lily “maybe we shouldn’t expect a welcome home party”



With Devon under 1 arm and Storm under the other we quickly catch the others up… Listening as plans for who and what way people are going, glad I am in the slow group, I don’t think I would be able to keep up…


Keeping hold of Megan as we all start making our way to the mall, I didn’t want to keep asking her if she is ok, I just needed to make sure she was staying hydrated and drinking… I smile at Devon as we walk making sure he is still ok… Looking at all the buildings, the rubbish, the graffitti, I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to live in so much concrete when you can sleep under the stars, missing our home, the smells the sounds, this place smells awful, I feel trapped, hoping the Mall is as good as our parents say it is, right now I am not convinced…



I look around and try to figure out who to follow. feeling lost i know i should have stayed back. Why did i come here? Sure the adventure had sounded amazing, right now it was nothing but terrible. I look over at Brady, mum has told me about the things that happen when she was just a baby, it all had sounded like a fairytale, but i know it was not.



“I am hoping that its still locked and deserted and if not we’ll find somewhere else to stay for the night. But lets handle one thing at a time” I tell him as we continue on. I had memorized the map so I didn’t want to get too distracted, I turned my attention back to Kaya for a moment and rolled my eyes “Dont be gross Kay”

It doesn’t take long for us to reach the Mall, thank god for the fastest route “Kaya we’re going by the sewers, which had security measures of their own… If you want to use your shoes as an excuse not to come in then you can be… Oh you can be watch and stand out here for the others” I smirked, I knew she wouldn’t go for it.

I looked up at the Mall “Holy crap” It was massive “Alright round this way” I said quickly leading the way to the sewer entrance “Alright Rocco, what do you remember about the security in the sewers?”

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I listen to Kaya “I think we need to be prepared for that anyway.” I say honestly, no I didn’t want to think about the mall being full of people, but the truth was the day of the evacuation I knew the focus had been else where, not on a security system. “Boring?” I ask and shrug, it was home to me, ok maybe it was boring at times, wasn’t everything once it got familiar though? Glancing at Bellamy when he reaches us I listen to the exchange between him and Kaya and watch as Kaya hits the can, I wasn’t sure making noise and drawing any form of attention to ourselves right now was the greatest idea; not tat I was going to tell Kaya to stop.

Continuing to walk I actually smile when I hear the mention of the sewer and Kaya’s comment about shoes, it was strange really how shoes seemed to be so important at a time like this. Listening I shake my head “Front door? You just going to walk in there and announce you’re home, because somehow I’m not expecting a welcoming comity.” I comment honestly and listen to Jace, following his gaze when I hear his words I pause mid stride and just stare up at the Mall, well I hadn’t expected it to be this big, but well nothing we’d seen so far had been what I’d expected. Following Jace towards the entrance of the sewers I rub the back of my neck when he questions me “Dad spoke about trip wires, as long as we don’t trigger them, I can disable it so the alarm doesn’t go off.” I say still rubbing the back of my neck and thinking carefully. “We need to be prepared for this, I mean you brought me because well you know I can disable the system, but we don’t know what could be waiting for us in there.” I say eyeing the grate that led to the sewers, it had been seventeen years, there was no way things could have stayed the same for that amount of time, was there?

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Coming to a halt when I hear the others stopping and talking about the mall.
I look up. Well. This is not at all what I was expecting.
Not at all. It is way to quiet.

Feeling really left out, Something I have gotten use to at this point in my short life. I start thinking about my surroundings. Something is wrong. I mean yeah I don’t like the feel of the city, Maybe because its not “home” to me yet, but this is something different.
“Guys… I think we need to get off the road. Something is not right. It feels off.” For the first time since we got off the boat I feel we aren’t truly alone here.



I look around and shrug when I hear Aiden’s question, “Maybe it wasn’t always like this? It’s been years, a lot can change…can’t it?” I comment, I knew even if that was the case, well there was no way I’d consider what we were witnessing as an amazing place to live, but maybe we were just expecting too much; the city from our stories had always been made to sound almost magical and this, well it was far from magical.

Glancing at Aiden I actually smile slightly when he agrees with me, I knew he wasn’t buying it for a moment, yes I was angry and I knew I wasn’t exactly hiding it, especially not from him, not right now at least. “He did take Rocco.” I agree, thinking for a moment and considering his words “No, but he’s useful right now and Jace knows that, we need the brains and the brawn right now.” I point out, no Rocco wasn’t a fighter, the truth was I’d been surprised when he’d actually agreed to leave the Island, pleasantly surprised though, none of us had known what we were walking in to, even our parents hadn’t been able to give us much information on what the city would be like now.

Glancing at Aiden as we walk it was strange that he seemed to be attempting to reassure me, at the same time it was actually helping in ways I didn’t fully understand, even as I look away from him and look around. “Honestly, I don’t know. I mean it was loud enough for us to hear at the docks, so it wasn’t just something small, but perhaps a scare tactic, it cleared the streets, perhaps that was the point of it?” I say shrugging, if it had been more than just a scare tactic we’d have heard more by now wouldn’t we? Allowing my eyes to scan the buildings closest to us as we walk I cast a quick glance over my shoulder before looking at Aiden “Something just feels…wrong, or is it me over thinking?” I ask quietly.

Turning my head when I hear Serenity’s words I was actually glad it wasn’t just me, something definitely felt wrong, maybe we all just had our guard up because this was a strange place, but no it was too quiet - a city this big shouldn’t be this quiet should it? Even the Island wasn’t this quiet.



The group starts his walk and i wait till all of them are moving. with a last look back to the boat we walk to the city



“You said it, not me” I giggle when I hear Jace’s comment, although in truth I was already thinking about something out rather than his description of the woman he wanted.

“We do,” I agree glancing at Rocco, if the mall was as incredible as our parents had made out… well actually no, dad wasn’t that impressed by it although he’d told me all about Liberty and that was definitely somewhere I wanted to visit. “The island is great but we know everyone,” I point out, “don’t you want excitement? Adventure?” I knew the answer to my question already but that didn’t stop me from asking it. Smirking slightly as Bellamy goes past I watch him for a moment, he was pretty attractive, definitely took after his dad who for an older man was pretty hot.

“Why not?” I ask glancing at Rocco, “I mean, apparently the Mall Rats were some big shots around here, although from the graffiti I’m not so sure I believe it.” I’d noticed the words ‘mallrat scum’ stained on one of the walls although I wasn’t going to point that out.

Staring up at the mall I work my bottom lip between my teeth for a second, “fine.” I comment when Jace tells me we are going by the sewers, there was no way he was going to leave me out here as a ‘watch’ and he knew it. Glancing between Riley and Bellamy I smirk, “not gonna offer to carry me?” I half tease. The truth was the quiet was making me nervous but I was covering that in my usual way by acting like I was fine. I didn’t like it though and was pretty grateful for the batton, at least if someone came out of the sewers I could hit it. *So, who’s going first?” I ask glancing towards the sewer entrance, “and erm… maybe you guys should grab a weapon, you know… just in case?”



“I don’t know,” I comment looking around, “I’ve never seen a city, maybe this is how they look.” We didn’t exactly have photographs from them our parents had lived here but they way they spoke about it I’d imagined more life than this.

“We need everyone right now, even those that weren’t mean to be here.” I comment smiling slightly. I knew some of the younger kids had argued with their parents about leaving the island, but right now I was glad for everyone’s presence even those I didn’t always understand. “Brains and brawn, well in this group I’m the brains and you are the brawn!” I laugh.

“Ember… if the point was to clear the streets…” I comment leaving my last words unsaid. If the point was to clear the streets and we were on them, it didn’t seem like a good plan. “I don’t think you’re over thinking.” I add quietly before pausing. Looking over at Serenity I nod, “Brady, I think we need to get off the streets.” I agree. Noticing Kathy trailing behind I shake my head, “maybe we should go into one of these buildings? Wait it out for ten minutes or so?” I suggest. “Most of us aren’t fighters, and the last thing we need is trouble… so, shelter?”



Overhearing Kaya and Rocco talk about the island made me think of my parents. Now was really not the time for my head to be in that zone. Pushing the thoughts aside when I hear Kaya say something about carrying her, “Why sure let me just drape you across my arms and we will go waltzing down the sewers. How romantic. Yes weapons, that would come in handy right about now.” saying with a playing grin on face that fades to a sincere look as I look around for something useful to use.

After what seemed like forever but I knew in reality was only a minute or two, I spot a few broken sharp glass bottles and a small knife on the ground by some trash. Grabbing the knife and hide it in my arm band. I do better with my fists but the knife will be useful.

Realizing what Kaya said about who was going in first, I did not want to be the hero today though I was anxious about finding out about what or who was in the mall I stayed silent. This world was new and Dying on my first day here was not on my menu for the day.


A bit stunned that someone was actually listening to me I turned to Aiden who had spoken to the rest of the group, “Yes, I think shelter for a few minutes would be good. Better to be safe the sorry.” I say nodding to an open door on a nearby building “shall we?” my voice obviously having some worry lined in it.
Gathering some courage from somewhere inside this feeling of wrongness, I start walking towards the open door and stop to see if the others are gonna follow suit. If they choose not to I cannot leave them here alone. Not the strongest in this group as Aiden had pointed out.


##. : . D o t . : .

Brains and brawn, Aiden says but I don’t think I’m either. I’m not anything really. Just Dot. I want to make myself useful though, so I gaze about, searching the buildings around us for open entrances. I’m too slow – Serenity’s already leading the way to a door. I hesitate to follow, my arms crossed tightly over my chest.

BJ is closest to me and I look anxiously in his direction, saying with uncertainty, “What if someone’s already in there…?”

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I study the outside of the mall and a sick feelings overcomes me, for such a big place we really couldn’t expect it to be empty.

The island had always been a safe haven to us, sure we had trouble with a few traders and other tribes wanting to come to the island but this was a completely new ball game.

We had to expect that danger was waiting in side for us, but at the end of the day this was our home and it was where our parents told us to go.

I laugh awkwardly to Bellamy response to Kaya before holding my hands up “don’t look at me”

I turn back to Jace, who clearly has taken the lead and pat him on the back offering him a smile “after you boss…lead the way”

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