MallRats: Next Generation RPG



I keep quiet as we move along from the pier, keeping an eye on Megan in between and staying close to Devon’s side. The bang had been scary enough, the quiet was only making it worse. I could hear murmurs ahead of us from a few others voicing the same concern, saying we should get off the road.

I adjust my grip on my own bag. A moment ago I had been cursing myself for prioritising books over anything else and feeling guilty for having taken a couple with me without permission (though it wasn’t as if Don Quixote had a long waiting list back on the island, it had been collecting dust on a shelf for as long as I could remember) , but now I was thinking this brick of a book could probably knock someone out.

Serenity is leading the group towards a building and an open doorway. I swallow, taking a deep breath as I look towards my brother, giving him a quick smile in the hopes of convincing him I’m just fine, before looking towards Megan.

“Seems like you’ll get to rest for a bit.”

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Following Serentiy and as we decided to get some rest i let Megan sit down and place the bags next to her. I strech myself a bit, that feels good. Not that i’m feeling weak, but i don’t mind a break from time to time.
I watch a Sarah and return the smile. " we all should get some rest" i tell the Girls, before i watch arround. I’m not feeling safe completly, but i’m not sure if it is because we are away from home now or if the building suspects me.



I listen to Rocco and nod “There are risks eveywjerr Rocco, lets just deal with it as we go” I tell him.
There is not point in worrying bout the unknown.

“Come on guys, lets get moving” I tell them and pull the grid off and climb down “Watch where you step” I warn them when I reach the bottom and pull out my torch.

I start leading the way through the sewers “Keep close guys” I say as we finially reach the door “So Rocco, can we just open this door?”


Bray Jr
I get why I was placed in this group but with Trouble off on her own, it’s unsettling. Ever since we left she’s been in a mood. Hearing Dot calls me out of thinking about my terror of a sister. “If someone is already there well…” I think. Reaching down into a pocket to pull something out of it.

My heart sinks, she didn’t! Now I hope someone is in the mall. “I’m sure it will be fine.” I smile. “And hopefully the waste Willow” I say under my breath where Dot can’t here.

This is stupid we are at the Mall, Mum said the tripwires hardly worked and besides rats could have chewed them. I pull out the set of keys Mum got from Bray, that she gave to BJ, And twirl them on my finger. As we walk down the sewer tunnel He didn’t even notice I nicked them.

We come to a door and there is more talk about who should open it. Bunch of pansies I tell ya. “Step aside.” I say making my way to the door pushing past everyone. With a smirk I kick the door and it swings open. “Welcome home.”

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“Perhaps, I guess we were all just expecting so much more.” I say with a shrug. I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed, it was still an adventure, still a chance to see the place our parents had once called home, it just was far from what I’d been expecting, far from how I’d imagined.

I nod at his words and glance around, yes he was right we did need everyone and that wasn’t something I was used to feeling - no I wasn’t a loner, but I didn’t ‘need’ anyone, I was more than capable of looking after myself and I did so well. Here though even I knew I couldn’t just run in blindly, even if it was tempting to do so. A smirk tugs at the corners of my lips when I hear his next words, looking his way I shake my head “Well at least we have that covered, you can come up with a plan while I beat the crap out of people.” I say nudging his arm slightly.

Looking around I sigh when I hear his words, the way he trails off not going unnoticed at all. “I don’t think I am either.” I tell him honestly as I divert my gaze. Watching as he speaks to the others, I listen carefully, my eyes following Serenity when she heads towards the building, I didn’t like this at all, was going in to a building really the smartest idea? Before I have time to comment some have already started to head towards the building, well this was great. Now if we were being watched, well we were easier targets by putting ourselves into a building, still I can’t just stand here can I?

Approaching the building I stop just outside and scoff softly. “Rest?” I ask when I over hear Devon’s comment from inside, “You really think ‘rest’ is what anyone should be doing right now?” I ask and shake my head. Ok perhaps I needed to calm down, but really was now the time to speak of resting? Yes I understood that the trip had made some people feel rough, and perhaps Aiden was right, few in this group were fighters, but letting our guard down and resting, it just seemed like a terrible time to do so. “Next one of you will be suggesting we make a home cooked meal, would you like me to find some candles, bake you a cake?” I ask before turning and peering around the city streets.

Turning my head I glance at Aiden and then towards Brady, surely they both agreed this was ridiculous even if the others didn’t see it “What is the plan? Because clearly we need one.”


While Jace is taking the lead, Willow steps up and kicks in the door. Well, Well, Well sis, Maybe you can hold your own here after all. Falling into place right behind her “Yeah, Welcome home. Maybe there is a welcoming comity waiting for us with banners and music.” half amusement and half worry in my voice.

Not wanting to overstep Willow but my big brother instincts kick in, she is family after all, " Hey, let me get ahead of you. I wanna get a good look." Looking past her into the darkness of the sewer, hoping she doesnt take offense and notice what I am up to.

The others start following me towards the building. I know we are all nervous. “Well come on then, hurry.” Saying to them as they all catch up. My protective side is taking over, “Come on guys, I’ll wait out here til were all inside.” Peering into the doorway for a glance and then stepping aside so others can enter, My eyes start darting all over keeping watching just in case.

As Ember starts walking towards the building with the rest of the group I over hear her comment to Devon, Should have minded my own since we are all dealing with this differently but I could not, stupid me, “Ember” I say as nicely as I can “We have to move, I understand the concern but really? We do not have the best fighting group. We just had to split up. Not my wish, but until we get back with the rest of the group…” sighing " until we can move forward stopping for a minute to watch and make sure the road is officially clear seems pretty smart to me." turning my attention to the rest of the small group "Would you like someone to walk ahead? To scope out the road? "


Bellamy steps near me from behind it’s just enough movement to startle me and I put BJ’s keys into my own pocket.

Next thing I know Bellamy is pushing me back claiming to get a better look. Yeah whatever. I weasel my way past his arms, stepping into the openness of The Mall. Seems empty enough. I look around having to make a quick decision before Bellamy. It would be on the ground floor, close to an exit, I turn to look that direction. A smile forms on my lips. Dark red walls and chains hanging from the doorway. “Gotcha.”

I sprint to the room, sliding into the chains because of slipping onto a cast aside piece of newspaper. “You promised Belle!”



“You can drape me across your arms if you like!” I reply cheekily, “although I’m not sure waltzing is what I’d have in mind.” Winking I giggle at Rileys reaction, “what’s wrong with looking?” I tease him. I definitely found making light of the situation got rid of my fear, as it evaporates pretty quickly.

Squeezing the batton in my hand I bite my lip as Jace pulls back the grate and drops into the sewers, “be careful.” I call after him without thinking. I knew Jace could look after himself but he was still my brother.

As Willow rushes past I roll my eyes slightly, “sure… and if there was anyone in there you’ve just let them know we are here. Great move, idiot!” I’m sure she hasn’t heard me as she’s already racing off to find that bloody room, I had no idea why it was so important but whatever. Continuing to look around I work my lip between my teeth, something felt off but I wasn’t going to comment or they’d say I was scared.

Continuing to move I pause when I notice what must have been the fountain, walking over to it I trace my fingers over the stone, or marble, or whatever material it was. “So this the the famous Mall… it’s kinda dirty.”



I let the others make their way in the sewers and once they are all in I climb my way down the steps and pull the hatch over the entrance.

I decide to skip the last few steps and jump down before following the others. The smell is overpowering, “egh smells like someone died down here” I comment to the others.

We make our way out of the sewers and walk past some market stalls before coming into a clearing. The place is pretty impressive but god is it dirty.

The place is dead silence until Willow rushes off and Kaya makes a comment after her.

“That’s ruined our stealth entrance?” I add, rolling my eyes. If someone was here they would have known of us being here. I send a backwards glance to make sure no one had followed us in.



“Zoot be praised, and to his Chosen victory” I murmur as I gaze at my reflection in the`mirror. Glancing at my companion I smile slightly, we were the children of Zoot, and as part of our initiation we had to come to the Mall and wait to see if his likeness would appear to us.

Turning slightly a frown appears on my face, “was that?” I was sure I’d heard voices but no one came here, apart from those of us being initiated. Moving towards the door I frown, I could definitely hear voices. “With me.” I comment glancing at my companion. We were both dressed in the acolyte outfits that had been handed down by our mothers, but we were also armed and prepared for trouble.

The voices echo around the Mall and I pause as I hear someone say ‘welcome home’, a girls voice… not fathers. “Thoughts?” I ask quietly glancing towards my companion. “Announce our p presence or go and tell the others?”


Pixel: “Stupid virts…” I growl as Serenity leads everyone into the building. Are they really that stupid? Sure, there was some noise… but going into a building without even thinking if what could be inside…that takes a special kind of stupid.
I take a look at my map, wondering what this place might be. “Rebel HQ…” I pull on my sisters arm, hopefully she might know what that means. “Dot? Did mom ever mention this place to you when she talked about the city?” I say pointing at the map.

Brady: It’s a hard choice… go on or rest… but by the looks of some of our group, there isn’t really a choice to be made. They act like they might drop dead on the spot if we don’t though I’m not exactly sure why that is. They seem to be in a hurry to get inside, so I decide to take a step back, waiting for the others to enter so I can get near my siblings. Afterall, mom might never forgive me if anything would happen to them.

Kovu: Intruders… I don’t know where they came from, or why they entered my hide-out, but I do know one thing… intruders mean trouble. Luckily I’m prepared for trouble… or well, this place is, it was already rigged up with some traps when I first moved in here a few weeks ago. I lurk behind the reiling on the top floor, it looks like it’s just some younger kids, but then… I see the by that’s probably their leader. He’s probably around my age, while the rest looks younger. So if I take him out… the rest will probably run away screaming…
I untie a knot to let a net drop over him, but in my attempt not to be seen, a pot with a dead plant in it tips over, falling straight towards the guy’s (Bray jr) head.

Moana: I look at Drax as voices echo through the building. “How dare they… defile our Father’s Temple” I shake my head in anger, what are this filthy unbelievers doing here. “Make ourselves knows… If you switch the tape on, it might make them think there’s more of us here…” I make my way to the top of the stairs, spear in hand. “I am Moana of The Chosen. Who are you and how dare you enter this holy temple!” I shout at the intruders, as loud as my voice can be.



As the others start pushing forward, I shake my head “Guys… Some tact please” I said as I walked further in and look around. I am about to say something else to them when I hear Moana’s voice, I probably shouldn’t of but I let out a small laugh, a bit of sound and a loud voice meant to be scary? She minded me of the adults back on the Island telling all their stories… Though a lot cuter “Please say your joking?” I said with another laugh “Us? We’re the next generation of the Mallrats… And this place aint no holy temple” I said spreading my arms out wide.



Going into the building with Devon and Storm, we sit down, I feel so useless, I am letting everyone down, I grab my bottle of water and drink slowly, I take the rest of the berries from my pocket and slowly eat them…


Finding somewhere for Megan to sit, I watch her have a drink and eat the berries, walking over to Devon “Thankyou” I smile at him “I am not sure why Megan is poorly” I say " Hopefully she will feel a bit better once we get to the mall and she can sleep"
Looking towards the others I wait for them to tell us what we are doing next…



“Mallrats? That can’t be… the Mallrats were defeated a long time ago…” Slowly I make my way down the stairs. Drax better come up with something quick, cause right now we were severely outnumbered.
“This is no place for Mallrats, of ANY generation…All Mallrats ever do is cause destruction, and I will not stand for it. My Tribe will not stand for it…” As I reach the bottom of the stairs I stand in front this new person, trying to make myself seem even taller then I am, which, for a girl, is pretty darn tall.


" you’re welcome " i answer Storm with a short look at Megan " not everyone is made for being on a boat. like you said, she just needs some rest"

I leave Strom with a wink and start to walk arround the room. I prefer to know where i am and what is arround… i look up at the high ceiling and the the seond level over us. Seems like it was an old fabric or something. I made a few steps back to the others, as i feel some dust falling from above. I rub it between my fingers and look up again. seems like somehting is moving, but where… and who.?
" guys…" i start and make a few steps more next to BJ " there is…" i look up again and see something falling. I grab BJs arm and pull him over to me. whatever was falling, it crash down on the floor… I watch at the others " something is wrong here"



“Maybe,” I agree, nodding at Embers comment. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this greyness wasn’t it. “Yeah, I’ll leave the beating to you!” I laugh, “unless hitting people over the head with a book is an option.”

As people move towards the building I look around, “ok guys breath!” I add when I notice Ember and Serenitys exchange. “Yes, sit, but remember we might need to move quickly, we don’t know what’s out there. This isn’t home, we don’t know every inch of the city like we do the island.” Hearing the sarcasm I shake my head, “wow you sound like you mum.” I comment before moving so she can’t hit me.

Watching the people coming in I do a quick head count, hopefully I haven’t missed anyone although honestly I was worried I had. “Is anyone missing?” I ask after a moment. Looking back at Serenity I think for a moment, I was probably going to get shouted at for taking over when Brady was the eldest but, “let’s stick together for a few minutes and just wait to see if anyone comes? Five minutes won’t do us any harm?”

As Devon pulls BJ aside I look around, my eyes lighting on the broken vase, “who’s there?” Ok whoever it was wasn’t going to answer but my nerves got the best of me and I spoke without thinking.



I glare at Ember, wanting to snap at her that Megan isn’t doing well and needs to sit down, but Serenity is already responding, and I figure Megan probably feels bad enough without me adding to it. Besides, I don’t like conflict. Instead I move to kneel down in front of Megan, ignoring Ember and Serenity.

“You feeling any better? Don’t know if we’ll be staying here much longer, but we’ll help you, don’t worry.” I keep my voice low, giving her the most comforting smile I can manage despite how fast my heart is beating.

I notice Devon walking of in the corner of my eye, tempted to call out for him to get back, forcing myself not to act like a scared child. Seconds later I hear a crash, instantly jumping up. “Devon!”


. : . D o t . : .

BJ assures me it’ll be fine, he’s sure, and I can’t hide the look of annoyance on my face. I know he’s just trying to calm me down but it almost feels like I’m being brushed off and I don’t like it. I’m young and I may not be the genius my brother is but I’m not an idiot! I’m not!

Pixel’s hand on my arm startles me suddenly and I give a little hiccup of surprise. I’m glad it’s only my brother who witnessed that. He’s brandishing Dad’s map at me, asking if I know anything. “What…?” I say slowly, staring blankly at the sheet of paper. ‘Rebel HQ’, reads the tiny text by his finger tip and I frown. He’s asking me? “I–I don’t know… I mean, she might have?"

What difference does it make, anyway? It’s been over seventeen years since Dad was last in the city to memorise it’s layout for his map. Whatever ‘Rebel HQ’ was might not even be here now. As awful as it is, I take small joy from Pixel being as clueless as I am about the map marking. Guess Dad didn’t think it was important enough to brief him on.

I look up from the map to meet my twin’s eyes, “You don’t think we should be going in there either, do you?!" I gasp. I thought I was just being paranoid! "Pix, you have to say something!” As soon I’ve said it, however, a loud crash comes from the building. Too slow again, Dotty.




Oh shit…
As the vase comes crashing down I feel like I have no choice. Something stronger the my own will to survive drives me down there. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone! It was an accident!” I call out as I hope no one truly got hurt.
At a closer look I realize these kids mustn’t be from around here… because I’m sure I’ve never seen any of them before, not even while trading.



I turn my attention to Jace as a voice booms around us and give him a grin as he laughs in response. It’s not long before a figure is standing at the bottom of the stairway.

I look her up and down in disgust, so the Chosen are still around…bringing Brady to the city was a mistake

I retake my place behind Jace to show that I have his back if we need to fight our way out of here. I cast a look over at Rocco fighting really wasn’t his strong point but at least Bellamy and Kaya were near him