MallRats: Next Generation RPG




“I don’t… I think they’re a bunch of idiots…” I tell my sister as she asks for my opinion about going inside. Suddenly a lot of noise comes from inside… some sort of crash. “and clearly I was right…” I can’t help but fold my arms across my chest defiantly, no way was I going in there now.


A loud crash comes from the building and for a moment I’m in doubt. Go inside… or stay out here and save my little brother and sister…
I look at my siblings and the others left outside. “you guys… hide… over there… quickly!” I say as I point to a nearby dumpster of some sorts. “NOW”


The longer we’re here the more certain I get, this has all been a huge mistake. Hearing the noises from inside and Brady shouting for her siblings to hide, I push my hair out of my face before i step back. Maybe going back to the boat is smarter? I think to myself. Finding a way home,

Making our way to the city had been easy, since we’re used to going this road every time we’re heading in there. At times we bring things for the city kids to trade. Like carrots, or potato. Today i’ve brought some fruit Maybe some city kid could trade for them. I look towards my twin brother before I continue to walk. Ive got the basket resting on my elbow as we walk. I stop as we reach the old house. There is still people outside of the building. I stand there watching them, they can’t be from the city, because they do not look as if they belong here.

@Trudy @group outside of the rebel base.

I watch my sister walking away, i take a deep breath and as she decided to go down some road, i continue further into the city. I want to learn more about the mall. Mother has always spoken about it, spoken off our father, but said we wouldn’t get to see him. Apparently he had a different family, a family that he loved. Im not sure if he knows of us or not. Its sad, but im sure that somewhere in the mall there must be answers.



Before I have a chance to tell Moana to wait she’s off announcing our presence, we didn’t even know how many of them there were, we could be severely out numbered. Listening I scoff quietly, The MallRats were gone nothing but legend and myth. “MallRats aren’t wanted here, the city was better without them.” Folding my arms I stay at the top of the stairs looking down, “this is the holy temple of Zoot. You are not welcome here.”

Watching as one of the boys moves behind the one who spoke I tilt my head slightly, so he was the leader of this little group. “No one in the city will welcome you, if you are descendants of the MallRats. The MallRats tried to destroy our city, and then fled… like the cowards they are.”


. : . D o t . : .

“You’re such a–!” I open my mouth, about to tell Pixel he’s a jerk for probably the billionth time but, before I can get my last crucial word out, Brady cuts me off, frantically telling us to take cover.

My eyes are very wide as I nod obediently and follow her instructions, moving quickly in the direction she’d pointed. My tear ducts prickle a little in the wake of her barked command but I manage to hold them back this time. This is serious now and I need to keep it together.



(Inside the rebel HQ)

I’m looking around the building but I get the strange feeling something isn’t right. Almost like we are being watched, I think I hear something a faint noise. I’m about to tell everyone to hush a second when Devon pushes me. Hard.

A pot falls close to where I was standing with a crash. I shoot an annoyed glance. “A simple move would have worked.”

I look up to see a boy who apologizes. “Why don’t you come down here and we have a talk?”

(In the Mall)
One thing I didn’t know about the mall would be how you hear everything. Why would anyone want to live in a place where if anyone was in the open space you could hear. There are voices, but I’m staying put. It might be a trick by Bellamy to lure me out.

I do a once around the room. It’s dirty, we knew they left in a hurry, but this has always been a mess. There’s a curious looking alter of sorts on a dresser and in the corner a fake skeleton on an exercise thing. It’s a strange mix. I walk over to the drawers and snatch a carved figurine. Placing it into my bag as a bit of insurance.

The bed though, the bed is focal point of the room. It’s got more pillows then I have ever seen in my life. I really hope we don’t have to share rooms. The bed is large enough to sleep 2 comfortably. But that means sharing, I don’t share.


Name: Stitch
Age: 17
Parents: Patch and Dee

more than a little bit rough around the edges, he dresses for practicality rather than style although his denim and leather preferences lean towards a distinctive style rather than no style at all. Like his mother he loves outlandish hair colours and even 17 years later it kinda helps him fit in. Tattoos and piercings are how he marks making his way through life’s challenges and problems. So one of his tats may have gotten infected cause of a dirty needle but that;s all part of the story mapped out on his body…
Personality: Stubborn and feisty, he knows how to handle himself make no mistake. He’s an only child and the fact that he grew up on the streets of the city, most of the time without his parents and avoiding the various larger tribes he’s pretty damn street smart. He’s not particularly friendly and he always looks out for number one, but is that really surprising?



I laughed at the guy “Uh-huh, Mallrats are that bad yet here you are playing ‘hold temple’ in their old home. Do I look like I care if you want us here. Guess what. We dont want you here… So you have two choices. One, you learn to play nice or two… You get lost, because mate we are here to stay” I said.

Ok, so perhaps I was being a little cocky, but I couldn’t help it “And look at this place? You clearly dont live here, its disgusting, I am assuming your spending too much time ‘praying’ on your knees to keep up with the house work” I smirk.


《《《《《 Stitch 》》》》》

For me, stealth has always been key to survival. Without it I would be long gone, without it I would have starved or been caught by someone I was hiding from or killed. This isn’t what my parents imagined for me and I know that even now. Only they weren’t around long enough to protect me from all this.

The group that got off the boat… I’ve been trailing them the whole time, listening, observing. I need to know what the hell is going on and why they’ve come to the mall of all places. Especially since only the chosen nut jobs go there. Who are these kids and where are the adults they should have with them? They de ide to split up and I have to make a decision about who to follow. I decide that the group heading straight there is probably going to be just fine and tag along with the larger group.

I can’t shake the amazement at how disorganised a rabble they are. Clearly some of them have got a bad case of motion sickness and to their credit the loud bang had spooked them enough that most of then wanted to get out of the open.

It all seemed a little over dramatic though…



I look at the walls “Hey if the best they can come up with is ‘scum’ I dont think we need to worry about them” I said and smiled at her as we followed the others. We headed off path and then everything seemed to happen quickly, a few of the others had headed into the building and then there was a smash. Brady told everyone to hide and rushed into the building “Ok guys, you heard Brady, move over there” I directed them to the dumpster “Skyler, Dot, Pixel get right in the back” I tell them, they are the youngest so I started moving so I was in front of them “I hope they are ok in there” I whispered biting my lip.


Willow starts rushing past me and I reach out to grab her back as I hear a voice break out loudly I miss snatching her back but rush to catch up with her I see her sliding across the floor I reach out to steady her so she doesnt go falling to the floor. I bring my attention back to the voice booming out.
The voice is a girl, oddly enough she starts going on about a holy temple and zoot. Great, our parents werent lying about that.
“Willow… Please.” I say to her in a hushed tone, What promise?.. Oh yeah. The room. “I dont want that room.” I look down at her concerned as Jace starts egging this nut cases on. “Just please, stay here.” What is going on with me. I am never like this, not with her. She obviously doesnt care what is going on outside this room anyways.

Walking back out to stand next to Jace, “Better to announce ourselves this way, couldnt resist could you?” in a sarcastic tone to him as i walk up to him.

Listening to the exchange between these chosen kids and jace was pretty amusing on a level. After watching it unfold I look towards the girl on the stairs. After Jace tells her off about the shape of place I chime in,
“Telling us we arent welcome and that the mallrats are scum.” making a whistling noise at the end of that I make a small laugh. "That will sure scare us off. How about quit with the spiritual shit already. Weve all heard those stories… Never actually thought any of you crazies existed. Lovely."
I let Jace presume the lead on this one as we actually need eyes around us to make sure no one attacks us. Not moving from my stance I observe my surroundings while making sure Willow stays where she is. One less thing to worry about if shes not in the open. Hopefully Serenity is safe. We should have stuck together, but under the current events I am glad she is on the safer path. If there is such a thing.

Glancing at Aiden when we joins the exchange between Ember and myself, I understand the concern, but some of us in this group really need to sit. I do however agree we need to be on our toes. “Yes we need to be alert and to be able to move at a moments notice.” I nod at Aiden and Ember.

While I look back to see who else is left to get inside to give Aiden a head count of whose left I dont get to answer as We all turn towards the building when we hear a crash. Running inside I see a Bray Jr talking to a boy asking him to come down and talk.
Well there goes my plan for a moment of safety. Very Alert I walk towards the scene and notice Brady has hidden her siblings. Smart. Maybe? Who knows.

“Is anyone hurt?” I say in a small quiet voice as to not distract Bray Jr from whats going on ahead of us.

Hopefully the others have gotten to the mall safely. I worry.


" you’re welcome " i answer BJ in the most peaceful way i can. Seems like he prefers a hit on his head… will think about that next time…
I can hear Sarah shouting at me and turn arround to face her. " shshsh, i’m fine, but i guess we are not as safe as we thought we would. " i tell her while Serenity joins us. " no we are fine, i was able to get BJ out of way in the last second"

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at the mall

Watching as Bellamy joins Jace and Riley I roll my eyes slightly, nothing like a pissing contest to demonstrate who’s more of a man, except the two weirdos calling themselves the ‘Children of Zoot’ don’t seem as interested in that.

As usual no one is paying attention to me, or Rocco, although I’m sure he doesn’t mind as much as I do. Slowly reaching out I pull him closer to the wall and away from the chosen children’s gaze. As the boy walks down the first set of steps I tilt my head slightly, he’s not looking at me… don’t think him or the girl have seen me… I could just…

Squeezing the batton in my hand I slowly move towards the stairs, he’s larking on about this being a holy temple but I manage to hold back a laugh, weren’t temples meant to be impressive? This place really wasn’t that. Taking the first step I pause, I have a feeling Jace was gonna be mad at me after this but I really don’t need another lecture about safety… mum told me once she was Queen of the Locos, loco meant crazy so logically I must be pretty mad too. The guy puts his hands on the railing while he’s talking and I start up the steps again, slowly, quietly… blah blah, son of Zoot, blah blah Chosen rule all… Bored Now.

As I reach the top step the boy half turns but I’ve already brought the batton up, and down. Watching the boys expression I can’t help think he’s pretty handsome, that is before he crumples to the floor. Hopefully I didn’t hit him too hard. Looking down at my big brother I smile sweetly, “well that was fun, now if you lot could finish peacocking maybe we should check this place is safe… you know, before the others get here?”

(OOC: peacocking - sticking your chest out, making yourself bigger, more manly etc)


at the mall

“This is a place of worship and you should show some respect!” I reply back to the boy, the one obviously in charge. It’s strange listening to them talk about the MallRats, I was young still, didn’t remember them completely but the stories I’d heard. They were monsters who wanted to destroy our city and nearly did, it was only by the grace of Zoot that we had survived.

“The power of Zoot protects those and all who follow him.” I announce, ignoring the boy who called us crazies. Before I can say anything else I hear a noise beside me, turning slightly I notice something purple before pain explodes inside my skull. ‘Purple, what an interesting colour’ I muse as the world fades to black.


Inside the Mall, by the end of the post

I shake my head and smile sheepishly at Kaya “Perhaps, but my idea of excitement and adventure differ a lot from most other peoples.” I point out, I knew I was different to most of the guys, I wasn’t outgoing or courageous like the others, I was geeky and quiet, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want adventure, didn’t mean I fully regretted coming along on the trip. Looking around as we walk I keep close to Kaya, Bellamy and Jace; I knew if anything were to happen they would all have my back.

“A lot can change in seventeen years.” I say honestly, sure maybe the Mallrats had been a big deal, but the graffiti I’d spotted on some of the buildings led me to believe they weren’t as loved now as they once had been.

Walking with them I glance around when Kaya suggests weapons, even if I had one I’d likely cause more damage to myself than anyone else; perhaps now we were here I’d have to speak up and ask Jace, Riley or Bellamy to teach me how to fight properly, even just a few tips would be better than my current skills. Watching as Jace pulls the grid off, I swallow the lump forming in my throat - ok I could do this, it would be fine. Following behind everyone down into the sewers I watch my footing, the trip wires seemed to be gone, so that either meant people were here or they just hadn’t been set before out parents left; reaching the door I look at Jace “Should be fine, the alarm trigger was ba-” I say motioning over my shoulder, cutting off as Willow kicks the door open, well now we weren’t stealth at all were we? Anyone inside would have heard, I was surrounded by idiots or people who wanted to get me killed.

Keeping quiet as everyone steps forward I keep back slightly, my gaze diverting when I hear the female voice, listening I back up into the shadows; I was pretty certain I hadn’t been noticed. Looking at Riley when he glances my way, I give him a slight nod to let him know I wasn’t panicking too much, I knew it wouldn’t help, so there really wasn’t much point in me getting worked up was there? Listening I’m grateful when Kaya pulls me closer to the wall, giving her a questioning look when she starts to move away, my brow furrows with concern while I watch her stealthy move up the stairs behind the guy who was blabbering on about the Chosen, if I was braver I’d have attempted to stop her, but that would just draw attention to us both and I knew that wouldn’t help anything at all.

My expression changes slightly as the guy falls to the ground, well he definitely hadn’t seen that coming “Too bad Zoot didn’t pre warn you about that one!” I snort before I can stop myself, a quiet chuckle escaping me clearly a mixture of the nerves I was trying to suppress. I knew we still had the girl to worry about, but at least one of them was down.


Outside the Rebel HQ

“Well if hitting someone over the head with a book seems like a good choice at the time, you should do it.” I comment with a small smile, before my face returns to the neutral expression that usually crept upon my face; showing emotions meant letting people in, letting people in meant well…according to my mum it meant heartbreak and pain, but I wasn’t sure if I believed her, the older I became the more it seemed being alone wasn’t so much the best option.

I glance towards Serenity when she speaks to me, shaking my head I move back away from the building, looking at the group for a moment, we were all close - growing up together tended to do that, but that didn’t mean we all saw eye to eye over everything and I don’t miss the glare from Sarah, right now wasn’t the time for me to say anything to her though “No, we don’t have the best fighting group, but that doesn’t mean you guys aren’t capable of defending yourselves. If you’re all really that defenceless then surely coming here wasn’t the best option.” I say with a sigh. No I wasn’t trying to be mean, but did they really expect this to all be rainbows and butterflies? “How about you all take the break you need and I’ll stand guard? I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m really not, but surely you all see that closing ourselves inside a building is pretty much like an animal stepping into a trap - maybe I am over thinking things, I’d just rather be careful.” I tell Serenity honestly.

My eyes scan the streets for a moment, but the sudden sound from within the building captures my attention and my head snaps to one side, watching as Aiden and Serenity rush inside, I glance over as Brady and Lily as they start to instruct people to hide, this was exactly why I’d been against going inside the building, I wasn’t going to say I told you so though. Watching Lily once she’s got Skyler, Dot and Pixel into the dumpster I wasn’t entirely certain what to do; go inside…or stay out here, if this was a trap to lure us all inside well it was working for some at least.

Moving I sigh and walk towards the entrance to the building, but don’t go inside “Guys what’s going on in there?” I call out, before allowing my eyes to scan the streets, watching for any sign that would indicate this was indeed a trap, I wanted to be wrong, wanted to just be able to relax, but part of me just wanted everyone all in one place so we could figure out what to do. I just wanted to know everyone was ok, wanted to stop feeling like I was the enemy - I wasn’t attempting to make this difficult, something just didn’t feel right and I knew Megan wasn’t doing so well, I just wanted to get back to the others, not knowing if the other group was in any danger was eating me up inside and I didn’t like how it was making me feel.


outside rebel base
I stop in my own tracks as I notice a girl standing in the middle of the street holding a basket. Why had I not seen her before. Biting my lower lip i slowly start to walk backwards, still paying close attention to the girl in front of me. Her hair auburn nearly orange, I cast a look over my shoulder at the others. There wouldn’t be any use in hiding for me since the girl is right there, and she could see where I was heading.
Ember I say as I make my way back towards the group. "there is a girl over there, i say with a shaking tone in my voice.

Outside rebel base.
My intentions had not been to scare anyone, but by the looks of it the girl in front of me looked scared of me. There is people running to hide, I can’t help but to wonder what has happen since theire hiding. True, someone does live in the building they are outside of and if I were them, i wouldn’t go wandering into all the places that looks abandoned.

Taking the basket into my other hand I step closer, the other girl called out a name, E something, I can’t make it out. I know that they are many more then myself, and by going to talk to them, i could have put myself into danger. Thought something inside of me tells me that I should do this. I should talk to them.

@Lou4Bray and anyone else whos outside of the rebel hq :slight_smile:

~ Stitch ~

As I watch what’s going on I can’t help but think it’s something akin to insanity. Sure things here aren’t exactly great, but it’s not like too many people run around stabbing and kidnapping people any more. Sure there are some Chosen around, but they aren’t as big as they once were, and yeah some Technos survived but this isn’t a city in mid invasion. Then again with the sheer amount of kids that arrived on that boat this could just as well be an invasion force.

Two other kids have walked up to the group currently attempting to hide in dumpsters (ew) and tried to introduce themselves amid the chaos of the newcomers hearing something break inside. Two others rushed in and I roll my eyes at them. Didn’t these kids have any sense of self preservation? I decide to stay in my hiding place for now, I imagine that the guy who lives in that building is more than a little pissed at having his day disturbed and I’m not going to introduce myself to a bunch of crazy kids who are clearly paranoid.



As we are standing here listening to this crazy nonsense about Zoot, I notice Kaya being sneaky. What has she got in her hand? Trying to avoid looking towards her for to long so I wont draw attention to her, I find something else to gaze on. This place could sure use a cleaning. I wonder if our parents had kept the place so filthy. No. They may have been kids but they would never leave a mess like this around.

The boy suddenly drops to the floor in front us, I was to zoned out to notice what Kaya had done. Smart move girl. Smart move. I start towards the stairs to grab the girl still standing there. Was she in shock or had she even noticed?

“Nice hit, love” I say to while smiling Kaya while I grab the girls Arm and hold her still. What was this chicks name again? Seriously need to pay attention more. Dangerous grounds here and names would be useful. Started with a M? Maybe. Pretty little thing though crazy. Always the crazy ones.
“Remind me to never get on your bad side Kaya.” Kaya is a tough one when she wants to be, and I really would hate to be on her bad side.

“Now, How many more of you are in here?” I ask the girl. Looking towards Jace and nodding up the stairs, “what shall we do now? Make sure no one else is here or secure this lovely thing so she cant alert anyone else outside of here?”



I watched the scene unfold, Kaya was getting too close, I was mentally prepared to run up the stairs however it wasn’t needed, Kaya hit the guy and he dropped quickly… One hit from a girl and he is out cold, he must be weak.

I looked over at Bellamy and nodded “Tie them both up, probably best place to keep them is near the fountain, we dont know whats in any of these rooms or any weapons they may have, atleast if they are by the fountain we can keep an eye on them and make sure the area is clear” I said.

I turned my attention to Kaya "Dont try that again, you may not be so lucky next time… " I told her, does she not understand the danger of what she did, he could of had a knife for all she knew!

I glanced around the Mall again before looking at Rocco “Ok Rocco, why dont you go check out the security side of things, if its not working get it working, we’re gonna need it up and running… Bellamy can you secure her then go and retrieve your sister from whereever shes gone and start a sweep of the rooms. Be prepared and stay together, check cupboards, under beds wherever someone could hide… We dont want to secure this place then have someone coming out in the middle of the night”

I headed up the stairs and grabbed Drax, throwing him over my shoulder “Alright everyone get to work!” I said and headed back down towards the fountain to secure him before he wakes up.



Looking down at the boy by my feet I bite my lip slightly, I hadn’t meant to hit him that hard but he seemed out cold. Nudging him with my foot I feel guilty but I had to do something to stop him talking. Hearing Bellamy’s compliment I smile slightly, it was nice to receive a little praise, especially when the action made me feel guilty. “Don’t worry Bellamy, I promise you’ll be the first to know if you get on my bad side.” I tease, “but I won’t hit you with a piece of wood…”

Hearing Jace I shrug slightly, “fine, next time I’ll wait for you lot to do something rather than just standing there.” I tell him, folding my arms I look at him for a moment, “not even gonna say thanks?”

As Jace talks to Rocco I sigh, he wasn’t even going to give me a job? Willow charges off and does her own thing but she doesn’t get a reprimand. I tried to help but I get in trouble, how was that fair? Following Jace down the stairs I glance between him and Bellamy, “so what? I just stay here and watch the prisoners?”