MallRats: Next Generation RPG




As Jace gives out orders, Kaya makes her way down the stairs and asks what she should do.

“You could help me check out the bedrooms” I say with a wink, “but first I need a weapon of some kind” I didn’t want to be caught off guard and if this was going to be our new home for a while I wanted to make sure it was safe.



I just stare at Jace for a moment… did he really just scold Kaya for doing something we should have done to begin with? I was about to say something but decided to keep my mouth shut, not the time to pick a fight with Jace. Not now.

Turning my attention to Kaya, Smiling proudly at her " Wanna help me tie up these freaks?" Hoping to distract her and give her something else to put her mind on. I saw the look she got on her face when Jace scolded her. Did not make me any happy. Why did that not make me happy? What is going on with me.

I was not usually one to be bossed around, but I had put myself in this position by asking for orders… Way to go bells, just let someone else step up when it could have been you. But at least it did remind me that I needed to go check on Willow. In the midst of all the commotion and my stupid brain, I had forgotten she was in our dads old room pocketing things.


Looking Devon and Sarah best I can with the limited light in the building, “Are you sure?” concern lining my voice “I am so sorry.” Cant help but feeling guilty, was partly my idea after all… great. Starting to look around the building more, It is really dim in here, a few windows for light beams, dust everywhere, some broken furniture, some chairs and a table and of course the stairs and the railings above. Its all so… so… dull. Even the windows have cracks in them.

This city sure isnt anything that I was expecting it to be. Though I guess I didnt really have any expectations.

The guilt pulls my focus back to Devon and Sarah " This is my fault " I whisper hoping halfway that they heard me and the other half of me panicking over a mistake that could turn deadly at any minute.


I look arround again. BJ is facing this guy/kid, so this is under control. the others just looked shocked, but not hurt. " yes, i am" i answer while turning my face back at her " it’s nobody fault, this is what could happen when you check out something new. " i add on, because she obviously feel ashamed " everything is fine and we need to focus that and our plan, ok"
I look between her and Sarah, we really need to get our thoughts together, if the whole tour to the city should work.


Outside Rebel HQ

I open my mouth to call out again, my eyes scanning the near by streets; as my eyes lock upon a girl who was approaching carrying a basket, my head cocks slightly to the left as I study her for a moment; she didn’t appear to be a threat, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t, didn’t mean this wasn’t connected with the bang I’d heard from within the building. Hearing Kathy say my name I nod, my hand moving to rest upon my hip as my stance changes slightly and I step forward putting myself between Kathy and the stranger, the tone of Kathy’s voice bringing me back to reality, awakening a protectiveness within me I didn’t even realise was there, yet as I step forward I knew no matter what that was what I needed to do, I needed to keep everyone safe; no matter what happened. “It’s ok, go back towards the building.” I tell Kathy quietly, I knew if this was a trap it really was too late now, but I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.

My eyes remaining on the stranger with the basket I stand my ground, my eyes narrowing ever so slightly “I suggest you stop where you are and tell us who you are.” I say after a few moments of studying the girls body language, crossing my arms, my eyes divert long enough to scan the surrounding area, before returning to the girl stood before me. I wanted to know what was going on inside the building, the lack of response was actually making me worry more than I liked, right now though I needed to know who this stranger was.



The Mall

Watching the scene unfold before my eyes I step away from the walls as everyone else starts to move forward, listening to Jace’s words I stare at him “Y-you want me to go alone?” I ask, but shake my head as my eyes scan the Mall, I could do this, my dad had explained the layout of the Mall to me, it already felt like I’d been here before for that reason alone.

Listening to everyone I decide to keep quiet and move towards the stairs, walking up them I look around, what if there were more people in the other rooms? Was I safe up here? The voice inside me was telling me to just keep going, keep walking, but part of me just wanted to turn around and leave the way we’d come in, go back to the boat and back home. Reaching the controls for the grates I look at them for a moment and pull the levers, my gaze lifting as all except one grate lowers down; I knew that the others were on the way here so leaving one up at least until they arrived seemed like the best option.

Moving away from the controls I head over to check on the alarm system I knew my dad had worked on, it was incredible walking through the building which had once been the home of our parents, knowing this had been a safe haven for them all, well it really was crazy to think about. Beginning to check the wiring when I reach my destination I sigh when I notice the problem, the reason the alarm hadn’t gone off - clearly there were still Rats in the Mall, just the four legged type now and they’d chewed the wiring my dad had put in place.



When the girl walked past me, I had assumed Drax would simply deal with her… but it seems that is not the case, unless he is playing a good old game of faking it till you can get the upper hand…
A boy tries to grab hold of me… how cute, did he really think he could hold me down? How optimistic of him… I finally see why we got so many hours of combat training in our acolyte program…
For a moment he seems distracted and I use this to my advantage to tackle him to the ground.
“Foolish unbeliever… never underestimate the power of the Chosen” I say as the tip of my scythe carcasses his neck right near The pulsing vein in his neck. Just the tiniest movement could kill him.
“GET OUT!” I shout to the other so called Mallrats. "leave Drax and get out, or he dies…"
To show I’m not kidding, I start by making a tiny scratch is his neck. Not enough to truly harm him, but enough to make it look… impressive…



Looking back at Bellamy I smile slightly at his expression, that was how I’d wanted Jace to look… proud. “And what exactly are we tying them up with?” I point out, “none of us brought rope and all I have that resembles anything like that is my clothes which… well, I can think of better ways for you to get me out of my clothes!” I add with a wink.

As Riley comments I should help him search the bedrooms I giggle quietly, “sounds fun.” I knew they just saw me as Jace’s kid sister, well they had, but maybe now we were away from the island they might start seeing me as something more. “There might still be knives in the kitchen.” I add when he mentions needing a weapon.

Watching Rocco I bite my lip, I had a feeling he didn’t want to go alone but he was braver than I though and as I watch him go up the stairs I smile slightly. If anyone could sort the security it was him, he’d have it sorted in no time.

Hearing the girls voice I watch as she moves, that stick pointing at Bellamy’s throat looked like it could do some real damage. “Don’t hurt him,” I almost whisper, “Jace…” I didn’t know how my brother could fix this but I’d drag him out if I had to to keep Bellamy safe.


I turn and look at Riley then at Kaya before shaking my head and then to Bellamys comment… Can these two try not hitting on my sister at this moment in time… Or at all preferably!

I looked at Rocco “I will be with you as soon as possible” I promised him as I watch him cautiously walk up the stairs, I know he didn’t want to be alone but there just wasn’t enough people to please and guard everyone… Especially with Willow going wondering.

I shook my head at Kaya “No your staying here watching your friend” I said as I looked around “And all around there is stuff we can use” I pointed over to a pile of old clothes against one of the walls "That for exam… " I pause and turn to look Moana and Bellamy.

Oh great, just what we need. There isn’t a good way to deal with this but there is only one way that I can think of.
I pull my knife out and place it against Drax’s throat “Two can play that game princess… But have a real good think over who would be more upset about the outcomes because I can promise it wont be me” I said coldly. I don’t have any ill will or issues with Bellamy - Except the hitting on my sister - But it looked as though Moana was more bothered about Drax.



“To die for the cause is an honor… So if you must, do so, he will live on with The Great One for eternity…” I say as the “leader” of these unbelievers takes a hold of Drax.
Don’t these fools see that we win either way? Either they leave, or they send us to live in the here after with The Great One, He who granted us to live in Power and Chaos.
"You haven’t got long left till our elders get here for the initiation ceremony though, so I suggest you make the smart choice and leave while you still can…"
I press the scythe a little firmer against my captives neck, to make my point clear.


-outside of rebel HQ-
Hearing Ember telling me to go back towards the building I do so. She’s between me and the girl, should i stay behind with her or do as she told me to? The girl does not look scary but, can you know what a city person thinks about? I wonder to myself. Ember goes on to tell the girl to stop where shes at. I walk backwards slightly, but still keeping my eyes at the stranger and at Ember just in case something should happen. I dont understand how shes so calm and relaxed, when I feel terrified.

outside of rebel HQ
The other girl seemed to have noticed me I see by the ways he puts herself between myself and the other girl. I can’t help but to smile slightly. Are they scared of me? I wonder with a small smile on my face. The girl tells me to stop, so I do. I dont want to push them, i dont want to get my hands dirty in a fight or something. She wants to know who I am? Well thats easy, I could choose to lie and give them a false name, or i could tell the truth. "well, I can give you my name, thought what would you do with it? I’m not the one whos standing outside of someones home. I say with a shake of my head before I continue to speak. Im Ellinor, and I am from this city. I wouldn’t make it a habbit of entering peoples home, not everyone greets that in a nice way I say looking at her, before looking at the other people. who are you lot? this group of people who are they? I cant help but to wander.

Once the city used to have so many tribes, it still does, but not the same amount as before. Taking a deep breath, before I take the basket into the other hand.



Outside Rebel HQ

My eyes remain on the girl, the smile that appears upon her face doesn’t go unnoticed, why was she smiling? My face returning to it’s neutral state I tilt my head from side to side and raise my eyebrow when she speaks, her body language was saying so much more than her actual words were, for now though I wasn’t going to over think, I didn’t know if she was alone and the fact everyone else had vanished inside the building was definitely not making me want to continue a conversation. “Strange, I’m pretty sure we’re both currently standing outside someone’s home.” I say with a shrug, was she trying to act smart or was she testing my patience? Either way I wasn’t in the mood for games.

As she tells me her name my expression doesn’t change, “Thanks for the tip, but the fact I’m out here should clue you in on the fact I don’t need to be told not to enter someone else’s home.” I point out and shake my head “Who we are is no concern of yours. How about you go about your business and leave us to get on with ours?” I say in the politest tone I can, I wanted to know why nobody had answered me, nobody should have gone inside, we could have been at the Mall by now, yet here I was talking to a girl I didn’t even know. Keeping my arms folded I glance at the basket the girl is holding before looking back at her, she didn’t look very old, which led me to believe the city was a lot safer than we’d first anticipated.




I keep my eyes on her “Then we are at a stand off, because we are not leaving” I said firmly “Clearly the reason why you worship Zoot is because you are just like him violent, pathetic and believe in kidnapping people… We don’t give into people like you, our parents got rid of the Chosen and if it comes to it so will we… Your ‘God’ was nothing more then an ordinary boy who died when seeing his baby, before that he was just a big bully… Tell me why is it he is worth being worshiped?” I kept the knife close to Drax’s throat not moving a muscle.


Outside of Rebel HQ
I glance at the girl, she didnt seem to take me serious. “The difference is that I know the ones who live there, you wouldn’t be standing there if you had known them.” I say giving my shoulder a small shrug. Im not sure if i should say anything else or if I should just leave them. Thought I would like to know if Kovu is fine or not, I could use it as a excuse, I could say that the items in the basket was for him. he’d need bread and food. Thought he would know that he was always welcome out at the farm as well. “i was actually on my way to see them” I say looking at her before at the entrance.

Thought with you standing there I would not pass. I say with a slight sigh. She didnt tell me who they were, told me it was none of my business. Did they have connections to the city. Should i offer them half of the bread? I want to be nice but the girl is making it hard, its nearly as if i dont dare to be nice. I ought to warn you, there is a tribe further into the city who worships a dead guy," I look down at the basket before looking at her. Taking a deep breath and counting in my head till three I take a step forwards and take up one of the two bottles of milk. "here, its fresh, I was going to give it to my friends, but you can have one of the bottles. I’m not trying to be hard or difficult I just want to help, by warning you guys. Since it does not look like you know the city. I say and realize that I might not be making much sense, but talking when i dont feel comfortable have never been my strong side.




I nod in acknowledgement of Jace’s words, knowing he’d be coming to check on me when he was able to actually set my mind at ease slightly. I knew none of them would ever put me in danger, but being here it wasn’t exactly easy to relax, wasn’t easy to keep a clear mind and stay focused on the job. Fiddling with the wires I knew it was useless, I’d have to re-wire the entire thing, or well at least do a patchup job so it was safe and didn’t cause any damage.

Sighing I rub the back of my neck as I move back towards the stairs, I’d check my dad’s old room; from what he’d told me his room had been on the ground floor, so that meant heading downstairs again. As I approach the stairs the sight unfolding before me causes my eyes to go wider, what did I do now? Keeping quiet I watch the girl as she threatens Bellamy, my eyes diverting to Jace I watch him with the other guy; this was crazy, Jace trying to reason with these crazies, did he really think it was actually going to work?

I needed to do something, but what could I do? I knew I hadn’t been noticed by anyone yet, sometimes being smart made me ‘invisible’ and it had it’s perks, it meant people didn’t notice me in the way they noticed the bigger, louder people. Glancing around I sigh, what could I do though? Looking down at the half chewed wires I’d brought with me from the alarm system I step closer to the stairs and watch for a moment, if I could somehow catch the girl off guard and distract her long enough for Bellamy to get free that would work, right? I just needed to figure out how to distract her, how to unnerve her enough to make her let her guard down. “So Zoot, he’s your ‘God’ right? Tell me, does he tell you things, give you signs? Protect you from harm?” I muse as I start down the stairs, maybe this would give us enough time even if she looked away from Bellamy just for a moment. “You know he died right over there? It wasn’t intentional, but well accidents happen don’t they? Can happen so quickly, someone loses their balance and bam…they’re gone just like that.” Ok I was rambling, but perhaps this would work, if she hadn’t noticed me as I suspected she hadn’t, well maybe just maybe it would be enough to make her look.



Kaya was right, there wasn’t much here to secure anyone with. Watching Rocco going up the stairs alone was a surprise. He was usually the one to ask for help with everything that involved having the possibility to get hurt or killed or he would sit out entirely. He was a quiet one. Turning my head back towards Kaya I realized I made a very big mistake.

I loosened my grip on the girl just slightly. STUPID I scream at myself in my head. Was so distracted by everything I didnt even notice what had happened until I felt something sharp on my neck.

As I am trying to keep my expression as neutral as I can under the current turn of events, my life was in danger here all I can think about is my sisters, my family, and oddly enough Kaya.
No, NO, NO, get your head together Bells. You are seriously not in a good position to be thinking about anything but getting out of this alive.
Deep breaths. Neutral face. More deep breaths, Then I hear Kaya whisper to Jace and my thoughts go right back to her. What the hell is going on. Why do I keep asking that when I know.
Deep breaths, do not let her see you internally panicking.

I hear Jace say something about the guy Kaya knocked out. Sounds like he has this in an even worse position by what this crazy chick is chanting. All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain coming from my neck. Clinching my teeth, I will not show pain.
I then hear Rocco coming back down the stairs and saying something to the chick who just hurt me.
Suddenly remembering I hid a knife up my sleeve, I try to move my arm around slightly to see if I can get an angle on her. Managing to get the knife pointed against her side
"Come one sweetheart, think about this." I say to her and I poke the knife in further. It wont kill her, Maybe not even harm her much but I refuse to die. Not like this. “Just let me go, without harm and Ill think about letting you live”.

New chosen character, Daze. He is a lunatic. Loves to “hunt” and is not friendly at all. Is a guard for the rest of the chosen that live in the mall. 6’5 and all muscle. He has no sense of what is right and wrong. Doesnt make much sense.
Walking silently through the mall in the shadows I hear all the commotion.
Among the commotion it is brought to my attention that there is someone else here that isnt in this group. A wander. tsktsktsk, Shouldnt have left your group little one.
Smiling as I wander from room to room peering in, Loving the hunt.
The hunt is the best part.
Now where is she? Walking along I finally hear something. What is she doing? tsktsktsk shame to wander off deary.
“Zoot be praised” I whisper to myself as I get closer to the rummaging going on ahead.
“Well, well, well” licking my lips as I enter the room “what do we have here? Arent you a pretty thing” smiling as I snatch her arm and put a hand over her mouth “Shhhhshhhshhh, tsktsktsk, shame such a pretty dear” laughing silently.
“thanks be to zoot!” I say as I drag her out into the hall and move towards the darkest part of the mall and the most quiet. “Shhhshhshhh tsktsktsk, dont fight it deary, you fight and I have to end the fun early. Zoots will be done”


Inside the mall

“Ohh so I get to babysit the chosen?” That sounds fun, I reply slightly sarcastically when Jace tells me I can stay by the fountain with my new ‘friend’, “and he’s not my friend…” I add sullenly. “Although he’s kinda cute.” Sometimes I hated being Jaces little sister because that was how he treated me, little… I wasn’t the baby of the group but he seemed to forget that sometimes.

As Jace threatens the Chosen boy my eyes go to Bellamy for a moment longer than they should, I wanted to scream at the girl not to hurt him but I somehow manage to stay quiet. Looking back at Jace when he comments that Moana would be more upset with the outcome than he would my eyes go wide, I knew he wouldn’t really let her hurt Bellamy… at least that was what I hoped, but the thought made me feel slightly sick.

As Moana starts ranting about how it would be an honour to live on with the leader my eyes drift back to Bellamy, even from where I’m standing I can see the spot of red appearing on his neck where the crazy bitch is digging her scythe into his neck. I wanted to yell at her and at Jace, comments about how crazy Zoot was weren’t going to help in this situation.

As Rocco comes down the stairs ranting about how this was the spot Zoot died I desperately start looking around trying to work a way out of this. A way that means Bellamy didn’t get hurt and Jace didn’t have to kill someone because, as much as he was acting like a dick, I knew my brother wasn’t a cold blooded killer. Squeezing the batton in my hand I wished I was better at this, what would mum do?


"Zoot died protecting his bloodline, if it had not been for that coward, Lex, Zoot would have become the greatest leader of all times had he been allowed to retrieve the Divine Family."
The question about what Zoot will do for us isn’t a new one to me, but the answer is drilled into my head from my studies. "Zoot will send us back his heir, and true Power and Chaos will reign again"
For a mere moment I am slightly distracted and give my captive slightly to much freedom. He has a knife against my side, but pain means nothing to me. Clearly he has no ideas on how the Chosen train their initiates. With my free hand I grab the wrist that’s holding the blade, applying pressure to the right point in his hand, pushing his thumb in the wrong position that causes him to have no choice but letting the knife go.
“Tu Tu Tu… that wasn’t very smart now was it pretty boy… I would not do that again if you wish to live” I say as I turn the blade I took around in my hand.
I’m getting tired of this game… luckily for me I see someone moving near the back, with the elegance of a heard of buffalo’s. Good… seems like for once, the pretorian Guard mom insists we take with us, is useful. Normally I just find it annoying that they come with us when we go here, but he has his moments.
“I’ll tell you once again… leave… or he dies… and if you think you can over power me in time…” I say looking at pretty boys face for a second "keep in mind she probably won’t be so lucky… she would be dead before any of you can get to her…"
I nod in the direction of Daze who seems to have taken hold of some girly. Who knows… maybe they will value her life more then the boy she is pressing her scythe against.
A shame really, cause this one seems way to pretty to waste.



“Pretty boy?” I say through clinched teeth “You hear that guys… she thinks Im pretty.” letting out an annoyed laugh through the pain.
I manage to get my gaze upon Kaya for a quick second, I really do not want to die here like this. Sighing to myself, “Okay, Okay sweetheart” Yuck. Sweetheart. Play the flirt bells she called you pretty boy. Maybe that will work to get you out. Then you can knock this bitch to the ground.
Suddenly she says something about a she wont be so lucky… who is she talking about? Then I feel the movement of her nod. There are two people in that direction. Two people I care about, one is hiding in a room and One I just saw for a second. Who has she got?! Panic rising in my head and heart. No.

Wanting to twist out of this hold knowing full well what will happen, I still try and manage to cut myself a little more. More pain. More blood. Not even thinking clearly.
“Dont you dare touch her!” I start screaming at the zootcase not knowing who exactly she has. Please oh please dont hurt her, thinking she full well means Kaya, how could it be willow? They have no idea she is here.



Watching the scene unfold before me I can feel my throat going dry, this girl was better trained than any of us which meant we were screwed. As she threatens to kill Bellamy I let out a strange noise, half a cry half a whimper.

As Bellamy starts to struggle I can feel the panic rising, “please, don’t!” We needed to do something… as someone comes out dragging Willow I do the only thing I can think of “Brady is here, in the city! The divine child is here, we brought her back…” I knew I was going to be in so much trouble for this but I can’t let them hurt Bellamy or even Willow. I can see the blood trickling down Bellamys neck, I think I’m going to be sick, “please, the divine child is here!”



“What?! She is here?!” Now that changes matters. If these truly are Mallrats then they might be actually telling the truth… and if they are, well, this would be my chance to rise above my current status, my chance to change my faith. Afterall, bringing the Divine Child back into the fold, would ensure my future above anything else I could ever do.
“I wish to meet with her… so I’ll grant you one chance… bring her to me… before the sun sets, or these two die…”