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The noise gets the best of me, I walk out of the room to see what’s going on admiring the sign of the shop with a slight chuckle as I do. Headspace. Of all the shops. Figures.

The commotion has died down and I see Jace standing by the fountain with someone, it’s been dealt with, whatever. I walk back into the room I think I’ve discovered just about ever nook and cranny. Something doesn’t feel right, like I’m being watched. Probably Bellamy, wanting to take the room by show of force.

Before I can turn around and confront him I’m grabbed, and over my mouth. The voice saying something as I’m dragged out of the room but I’m too focused on trying to break free to hear, but it sounds like an negotiation. 2 sides. Maybe? I can’t even turn my head to figure out what is going on around me. My arms pinned against my back and I can’t make my legs bend to where I can get a strike in.


Outside Rebel HQ

I raise my eyebrow slightly as I hear the girls words, was she serious? Did she think her words were going to intimidate me; perhaps if she said this to anyone else, they would enquire who lived within the building, although I was a little intrigued over what was happening inside the building, I just knew I would find out in time. “Oh is that so? Seems to me you had little interest in the building until you realised whoever lives inside, could perhaps be in danger. Maybe my judgement is wrong though.” I wasn’t sure why I wanted to keep her out of the building, maybe because Aiden and the others were right, no the girl didn’t appear to be a threat, that didn’t mean there wasn’t backup waiting close by though, didn’t mean I didn’t feel a need to be cautious - I wasn’t paranoid, I was just starting to see the truth in all the stories we’d heard from our parents over the years.

“You’re going to let me stop you?” I enquire, as she speaks and gives me the warning, my head tilts slightly to one side once more, interesting how she’d gone from seemingly so confident to now providing information about the city - a Tribe who worships a dead guy? Why did that stir up something in my memories, it couldn’t be related to things that had happened in the city when our parents had lived here - seventeen years had passed, a lot happened in that amount of time, time didn’t just stand still.

Watching as she looks down and then takes a step forward I stand my ground, not a single muscle in my body moving, eyeing the bottle in her hand I shake my head after hearing her words "Why would you want to help people you don’t know? I question, “Look, I don’t know if you’re friend or foe, just like you don’t know if I am.” I comment, pausing to get my thoughts in order “I’ll allow you to pass by me, if you provide some information first. You mentioned a Tribe…one who worship a dead guy. Does this Tribe have a name? A location they call ‘home’?” I ask trying my best to word my questions correctly, if Jace and the others were in danger I wanted to know, needed to know so I could alert the others and if they were the Tribe I suspected, Brady needed to know what we were up against, this could change everything.




My eyes go wide when upon hearing Kaya telling them that Brady is here. Sheer panic in her voice that does nothing to calm the panic rising within in myself making me squirm a little. My neck is throbbing with pain, when I screamed the scythe dug in deeper. If I kept on, I would end killing my own self by accident instead of waiting this out.
Deep slow breaths… Breath bells.

Nerves still on edge but at least I can think a little clearer now. Survive. Have to survive.

Thank heavens Brady is in the city but oh hell to the terror that awaits her here. Hopefully the avoid coming into this mess. Maybe they heard the commotion and that is why they arent here yet?
Serenity… My sister can hold her own, Sometimes better then I can myself.

Pushing Serenity to the back of my mind so I focus on what is going on in front of me. I still cant see much with my head at this really uncomfortable angle. Starting to feel a little light headed from the wound in my neck, this is not a good sign. It hurts, but did I cut myself that much? Now the room is spinning, I feel my eyes going blurry then darkness takes over going limp in my captives hold.


“Zoot, ZOot, Zoot… Ahh yes” I say to myself as the girl is struggling in my hold. “You are gonna be a fun one” giggling at her.
Suddenly I hear Moana, She has seen me. I change my course and drag the girl with me towards the group coming into the light.

Observing them all, I notice who is in charge of this group. Shall I say the one who thinks he is in charge currently. The other girl is a pretty little thing but doesnt look like much fun. Not enough fight in her. Its in the eyes. Its all in the eyes.

“Tsktskstsk, Zoot be praised” I say bowing my head towards Moana.
“I found this Deary stealing things” laughing loudly “Pretty little thing, shame shame shame, May I have my fun with her? The hunt was oh so sweet.” Pleading in my voice.



"and to his enemies pain…"
Clearly Daze is as impatient as always. He’s not the brightest person around, from what I’ve gathered from the elders he became this way because he lived through a lot when he was little. Afterall, he was a toddler when the adults died, and never got any proper education until The Chosen took him in.
I shake my head at his request to play with the girl. "Not just yet Daze… not just yet…"
I grin at the leader of these rats “As you can see… Daze likes playing with his toys… and he’s not a patient man… so tick tock… Get me the Divine One”


Outside of rebel hq

I nod my head as she asks if Im going to let her stop me. “i do not wish to get into a argument, or a fight” I say, in all honesty its the truth, besides if I got home with bruises then Daryan would worry and want revenge.

Why would I want to help people that I do not know? Well, if I had been in a strange place where i knew no one. “Well, I like to think that if I ever were to leave and end up somewhere i dont know anyone, someone would be kind or nice to me,” I say with a small smile before I nod slightly hearing her say that she does not know if I am a foe or a friend. However when I had mentioned the dead guy she seemed more interested. "they do, they live in the old Phoenix mall, I say looking at the older girl, I know Im telling the truth, if she believes me or not is up to her. I’m not entirely sure about the dead guys name, mother didn’t like to talk about him or the tribe that took over the city for a while. I think the name was Zoro, Zoor, no Zoot, I say as I am thinking trying to think of the name my mother has said a few times. How ever I do know the name of the tribe that lives there, a part of me is scared of saying the name. I do not wish to get into trouble with the people in front of me or with the chosen.

Taking a deep breath I look at the girl before i look around. They are called the chosen, or they are children of old chosen members I look at her. I wanted to see where my mother had lived when she was in the city but I did not dare to go there to look, the chosen were a group you did not wish to mess with.




Now not only did she have Bellamy, some crazy dude have Willow, Kaya has just told them about Brady… Not what we needed at all. This situation has gone from bad to worse. I watched Bellamy slum down but I didn’t react.

The only thing I could do at the moment is get the others to get to safety before any more of them are taken prisoner “Kaya, Riley, Rocco… You all need to leave. I’ll stay here with Willow and Bellamy” I said and looked over at Kaya, it wasn’t a request “Go find Brady” I said firmly careful not to mention the others “Tell her of this situation”

Plus these guys didn’t know how many others were with us and we needed to warn them before they got to the Mall, especially before the younger ones are brought here.

I turned my attention back to Moana, hoping she would listen “You are mistaken if you think this is the end of this” I said looking at her “Whether you see Brady or not it will not make any difference”


Slowly I walk down towards the guy I almost hit. I hold my hands up, to show them all I am unarmed. "Sorry… I only wanted to scare you away from my place… I knocked over the vase by accident…"
I pause for a moment, this just looks like a group of scared kids, in need of a place to rest… no thread at all… hopefully the others who tend to seek shelter here will understand my decission.
“You’re not from around here… are you? You look like you’ve travelled far…If you need to rest, you may…” I gesture at some big bags of hay that fill out the side room, they’re comfortable enough to rest on for those who need to.

This is gross… so gross. this place must be full of harmful germs. And I don’t even have anything to clean myself up with when we get out. Bleg… I hate being treated as the little brother, sure, Dot should be kept away from annoyed people because she’s… well… Dot… but I have no clue why I have to hide in this dump aswel. Guess Brady is taking moms words to seriously once again. Stupid adults…
But for now, I guess I should be a good little brother and stay put.

After making sure the young ones are safe, I move over to where Kathy and Ember are standing, talking to some strange girl with a basket in her hand. She seems friendly enough though, so I don’t really get why Ember seems so uptight about her. She didn’t come from inside the building, perhaps she really is just trying to be friendly. I’m about to tell Ember to lay of her when I hear this girl say the one thing I was raised to fear above anything else.
The Chosen… I decide to interupt, I just have to… "Did you just say the Chosen are in Phoenix Mall?" My eyes are wide in fear, fear for our friends who should be at the Mall by now, and fear for my family and myself. "Please… tell me… is this guy who calls himself the Guardian… still amongst them?"
The girl herself can’t possibly be one of the Chosen herself, they would never dare to pronounce my father’s name wrong, it would be like blasphemy to them.

As the so called ‘leader’ of these Mallrats instructs the other to leave, it is clear that he has no intentions to leave himself. Fine…
“If you wish to stay… fine by me…” I say with a sarcastic smirk on my face. _“Drax! Tie her up! And then you can tie him up aswel…” I switch from scythe to knife as I secure the pretty boy at my feet, quickly checking if he still has a pulse. I hadn’t meant for him to pass out, and as soon as the others will be safely tied up, I plan to make sure he’s ok, but they don’t need to know that. Right now they need to fear us.
“Get me the Divine One, and your friends may be spared… She is more important to us then your puny brain could ever imagine…”


I nod along with what my brother says, giving Serenity a small smile, reaching out to pat her arm gently, hoping it will reassure her. “Someone had to make a decision. And it’s not like you forced us to follow. We all knew it was a risk. But no one’s hurt!”

I add that last part as the stranger apologises to Bray and says the vase was an accident, and that we’re welcome to stay. I turn back to Megan. “You want to go sit down over there?” I motion towards the bags of hay. “It might be more comfortable.”

I know the others might have objections about trusting the guy, but he seems genuine enough to me, and my main concern at the moment is making sure Megan is okay.

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I watch Sarah helping Megan, but with one ear i listen to the stranger. Knocked the vase by accident? right to BJ head? i don’t know, maybe he says the true, maybe not. I walk over between him and the girls,just to have a look at my sister and an half eye on him.



I have no idea how Jace is managing to act calm, but I know him well enough to know it’s just an act. I knew I should have kept my cool but the way the girl was holding Bellamy was taking the logic straight out of my brain.

As Bellamy slumps to the floor it takes all I have not to rush to him. I wasn’t sure why I felt like this, we’d never done more than exchange glances and flirty comments but now things felt different and I just wanted to know he was ok.

Looking towards Jace when he tells me, Riley and Rocco to leave and get Brady I nearly protest, freezing when I realise he’s volunteering himself to stay. “Jace…?” I wasn’t sure I could just walk away and leave him here with the crazies. Turning back towards Moana I watch as she moves closer to Bellamy, a sick feeling forming in my gut, “you hurt him…” I murmur shaking my head slightly, “you hurt any of them and I’ll find a way to make you regret it.”


((Okay so in an attempt to catch up this is going hopefully bring my characters back up to speed. Probably not. It’s also going to be short.))

I’m not thrilled about being dragged around by this crazy. His hand tight over my mouth. Maybe just maybe. I feel a sharp pain in my jaw as I try and open it. But I’m able to move just enough to grab onto a fleshy bit and bite down.

I don’t know what to make of this kid. He seems friendly, but I’m not about to give away any trade secrets. “We’ve come far enough.”



Still feeling sick, I hear Sarah say about some hay bags, she points…
sounds good to me I reply breathing deeply, willing this sickness to pass… I walk slowly towards the hay bags and slowly sit down with a bottle of water and wait until we know where we are going next, slowly I drink the water and watch the others…


Do you need some help I ask Megan as I watch her walk off, she shakes her head at me, I stand with Sarah and wait for everyone to join us and k ow where we are going next…




After Sarah is done talking, I feel a little better but not by much. “Okay” I sigh as she goes back to talking to Megan.

I go stand next to Bray and get a look over the boy who caused all of the commotion.
“This is your place?” Glancing around the building once again “A bit dusty, Dont you think?” Letting out a small nervous laugh. Get it together serenity, pulling my shoulders back up and standing straight. May be lacking confidence but I can fake it at least. Bray had answered the boys question about being from around here already, I would trust his judgement to not give out more information then needed right now.
“Does anyone else stay here with you?” Asking curiously “And how old are you?”


Feeling something sharp go into my hand I drop my gaze down at the girl I am holding “Now now Deary that wasnt nice” I say in a mocking tone “Tsktsktsk I bite back” Showing my teeth in a creepy grin and ever so slightly brushing them against her neck “Dont try that again now, or i will make a pretty mark on your neck”

Looking at Moana as she tells me I cannot play yet I pout a little. In due time. In due time, Zoots will be done obeying her command. Noticing all the slight movements and the way this boy decided to stay and let the others go get the divine child, I know the girl is more valuable to him then the one I am holding captive. Such a shame, This one would have brought me such pleasure in the name of Zoot.

Quickly I shove the pretty thing I am holding into the boy and grab the other girl. Not as much fun but more productive in getting the divine one brought to us. The divine one has returned! Just like foretold. “ZOOT BE PRAISED” I laugh and show my teeth again “We will have such fun, tsktsktsk” I whisper into the girls ear.


Stirring back awake but keeping my eyes closed because I can hear that Insane zoot follower still nearby. Which means I am still in a bad position.
Something is being mentioned about bringing he divine child here which means Brady. Has to.
Hearing some commotion I open my eyes a little to see willow being shoved into Jace and Kaya being grabbed. NO. stupid me, Thinking they had kaya to begin with.

Panic starting to rise again I try getting to my feet and stumble back to the floor “Ka…” slipping back intro darkness as a sharp pain goes through my neck again.



inside the HO, but outside at the end of the post

BJ seems not to be happy with the kid too. arhg… i walk arround again and kick a little stone with my feet. All that is strange,… i kick another stone…can almost see some friends of this guys appearing and attack us. I need some air and check the outside. The girls are still busy with Meagn and i guess, if this guy will try somehting BJ is able to knock him down on his own.
" I’ ll check on the others" i say out load and walk outside. Just to find the rest of us with another strange talking with Brady and Ember. I wacth at the younger ones which stand aside. “everything fine?” i ask and piont at the strange girl with my head

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outside of the rebel hq
I carefully watch Ember, Brady and the strange girl, as Devon comes outside. . What happen in there? I ask, if he says nothing then i know he’s lying, if it was nothing we would not have heard a scream, we would not be standing at different places. I look at him, before I look at my hands, I still want to go back to the boat. This place does not feel like home to me, I dont feel as if i belong here.
He asked if everything was fine, I give my shoulders a small shrug. I dont know, theyre talking

Taking a deep breath i look at the door that Devon came through, Who was in there? I ask him crossing my hands.




I’m paying more attention to Bellamy than I should be and I’m not looking when Daze released Willow, letting out a small yell as he grabs me instead. He’s strong although that doesn’t stop me struggling against his hold. I wanted to check on Bells, that didn’t mean I wanted to be a prisoner of these idiots myself.

Hearing the boys comment I grit my teeth, “just try it,” I tell him when he say ‘we will have such fun’, “try anything and I’ll make you regret it!” Sure I was smaller than this boy, and obviously younger, but that didn’t mean I’d go willingly.

Hearing Bells voice I look towards him for a moment, be strong! I tell myself silently… they would see if I cared about him and yet, knowing he was trying to call out to me meant so much.



Laughing as the girl struggles against my hold "you’ll make me regret it tsksktsk? You just may be fun after all little one."
Noticing she seems to stare at the injured boy on the floor I whisper into her ear so no one else can hear “keep struggling and I’ll make him pay” my eyes lighting up like a kid in a candy store.

I may be crazy but I am smart. Shame shame shame.



I nod as I study the girl for a moment, “Then you are wiser than most.” I tell her honestly, I knew most would argue or actually encourage a fight, but something about the fact this girl was being so polite actually intrigued me.

Listening to her explanation I keep quiet for a moment tilting my head as I contemplate her words, she sounded like the adults, like the Mallrats; treat people how you wish to be treated, that had always been a message that we’d grown up hearing. Instead of speaking up I remain quiet and keep my face expressionless when she starts to tell me about the Tribe and where they based themselves - this wasn’t what I wanted to hear, that was where Jace, Riley and the others had gone; if she was telling the truth - which for some odd reason I believed she was, they were walking in to danger. I force myself to listen, but as she says the name Zoot, emotions flicker across my face for the briefest moment, before the neutral expression returns…no it couldn’t be…as she tells me what the Tribe calls themselves, I just stare at her for a moment, I wasn’t even certain I was blinking.

I opening my mouth to speak, stopping when I hear Brady speak up, great, just great…no I wouldn’t have kept this to myself, but I wasn’t entirely certain how to handle this, I thought she’d gone inside, I hadn’t wanted her to just over hear a conversation like this “We need to do something.” I say as I look at Brady, the tone of my voice and the emotion in my eyes relaying the concern my face was failing to express, I’d grown up with Brady, she knew my lack of ability to express my emotions, knew it definitely didn’t mean I didn’t care, I just struggled being as open as everyone else did. “Can you…” I pause and look around when I hear Devon’s voice, watching him with Kathy I chew my inner lip…a plan, we needed a plan. “Lets…go inside and figure this out, all of us.” I suggest after a moment as I look at Brady again, I could tell this had unnerved her and rightly so, but we needed to figure this out the way our parents would; as a group.

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Sarah: (Inside HQ)

I watch Megan with a worried frown on my face as she goes to sit down on one of the hay bags, turning back towards the others once she’s sat down. Devon says he’ll go check on the others and walks outside. I’m tempted to follow him, not happy about him being out of my sight.

But I stay where I am, turning back towards Storm. “I’m worried. Megan really doesn’t look well.” I keep my voice low, not wanting to involve everyone.

 ««««« Stitch »»»»»

I’m still watching from my cover, the dark haired girl talking to the one she doesn’t know is still cautious but calm, whereas the one who threw the younger kids in a dumpster to hide is now back, someone else comes back out from the building and I have to assume that considering since that crash there’s been nothing else that whatever happened is relatively over…

The older of the girls outside starts to freak at something the newcomer has said and I strain to hear what’s going on. The Chosen now that could be a clue to a lot of things. Mom talked briefly about the chosen before she died, I’m sure Dad would have had an opinion if it hadn’t been for… well…

The large group of kids had almost definitely grown up together, they griped and sniped at each other the way only family could. The girl with the sensible head on clearly wanted to have a conversation and decide what was for the best. That said, clearly the other group were headed for that Mall, they were probably there already and in trouble too if this group was anything to go by. Mom had talked about things ta the Mall, and there were only two groups of people in my mind who would actually want to go to the mall for anything.

I wasn’t going to leave here, not yet, but there were ways to listen in what was said in the building as well as the conversation out here. I’d wait until they’d all gone inside like the girl had suggested before I moved though.