MallRats: Next Generation RPG



outside the HQ

" nothing serious, a strange kid welcomed us, but that all" i answer Kathy. She looks scared enough, she doesn’t need to know about the litte “accident”.
I watch Ember and the kid for a moment before Ember turn to us, the look doesn’t tell good news, so i just nod " ok, then let’s get inside"


outside of rebel hq

I look over at the girl im talking to, she listenes the whole time, doesnt interrupt like Daryan would have done. A older girl comes over asking questions. To her first question I nod my head. The chosen are located in the phoenix mall, The Guardian? I cant recall having heard that name, other then when my mum has told me about him. I dont think so, its mostly people who are my age, older and younger I say looking at the girl, I bite my lower lip. Did i say anything wrong? I asked worried as the girl i spoke to says that they should head inside to talk.

Watching the group I look around, maybe i should have stayed with Daryan, or convinced him to stay with me. But he had decided to see if he could find something at the mall.
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outside rebel hq
Crossing my hands I watch him. Why were there a scream if nothing happen? I struggle a second to keep up with the things that are happening. I catch Devon saying ok, then lets get inside. I dont move, why are we going in there? I feel nervous and worried as I look at him. "Are you sure its alright in there? I ask, and push some of my hair out of my face.



outside the HQ

Kathy seems still to be nervous and i can’t blame her for that. We haven’t known what or who is waiting for us here, of course this is scary, for all of us. But we need to go on after all.

" like i said, there is a stranger inside, but he is alone and seems to be friendly " i answer her " do you really think i would bring you in if it isn’t safe?" i wink at her



I looked at Daze “Hurt her and I will personally break every single bone in your bone but so not think for one moment its an empty threat” I throw Drax roughly into the fountain.

I looked up at the girl “I’ll go get your precious Brady, but she aint no divine child, shes just like her mother” I said before looking back at Kaya “Look after yourself. First and foremost. I will be back soon”

I turned and walked towards the sewer before I could change my mind, moving as quickly as I could.
As soon as I got out the sewer hole I ran in the direction I knew they should be coming from and I didnt give a damn if anyone heard me “BRADY!” I yelled as I ran.


I roll my eyes as the girl who hurt Drax is trying to make empty threats at me. Clearly Daze actually has some ideas of his own, as he grabs her instead of the other one. Surprisingly she doesn’t seem to worried about her own safety though, the look in her eyes betrays that she cares deeply for the boy at my feet. “Foolish girl…” Doesn’t she know that love is not a real, or trustworthy emotion at all?
"Daze, don’t play with your food… tie her up…"
I watch as the so called ‘mallrats’ that haven’t been tied up yet leave the mall in a hurry to get me the Divine Child.
When they are securely fastened I take the belt of my outfit and use it to put enough pressure on the boy’s (Bellamy) wound. This should save him.

These kids seem to be unable to trust me. Awell, that’s their issue. If they won’t share their knowledge, neither will I.

I try to see what’s going on, but with a sigh I realize my sister’s butt is blocking my view. And all the racket around is making it impossible for me to hear anything… until someone shout’s Brady’s name in the distance.

I’m about to answer in relief because the girl says the Guardian isn’t around anymore, when I hear Jace calling for me.
“Jace? Jace? What’s wrong? Where are the other’s?” I shout as I run towards him.



“The bloody ‘Chosen’ are in the mall, they have them! Bellamy is possibly hurt - Though doesn’t seem too serious.” I tell her as I reach her “They want you, I’m not saying you have to go with them, but you have to come to the Mall until we can get the others safe” I say to her.

I looked at Ember for a moment then back at the others before turning back to Brady “Once we’ve got them out we’ll get you out safe, I know its not ideal but its only one thing at a time” I say looking at her.



Listening to Jace I know there is only one option. He is right, ofcourse I should go.
"Don’t let them know… about Pix and Dottie… they shouldn’t know I have siblings, or a cousin for that matter"
I’ve been studying the map for a while now, and know how to get to the mall fast.
"Take care of the others… look after them for me… " I say before I start running in the direction Jace came from.



“I’m going to go to try and keep the others safe… Keep these guys together and I’ll come find you all when its safe… We’ll need to find somewhere to stay in case the situation gets worst at the mall” I tell her before looking at the direction Brady went in “Maybe 2 or 3 of you guys could scout around to find some where safe, just stay in groups so no one is alone” I said and ran after Brady.

There was no way I was leaving Kaya there any longer then I had to.



I watch the scene between Jace and Brady and before i can react, they two runs off " Wait, we need…" i try, but i give up. They are to far away to hear me… arhg this is shit, we shouldn’t be separated again, i think to myself angrily

" Ok, guys, come inside" i watch the younger ones. I wanted them to get out of the street. Being inside is not the best, but the best i can think of at the moment. If the Choosen are arround, they don’t need to see us. And these strange guy inside… i clench my fists hard, while i start walking in… he will better behave


Sarah (HQ doorway):

I can hear voices outside, sounding slightly raises. Worried about my brother I excuse myself and head towards the doorway, near bumping into Devon as he walks inside.

“What’s going on?” I ask. “Is everyone ok?”




(HQ Doorway)

i’m almost inside as Sarah come to meet us. I watch her for a moment before i answer, taking a deep breathe and clenching my fists harder, i don’t want to scream at her…

" we need to go inside, please don’t ask" i tell her as calm as i can and without another word i walk inside. I watch the group inside and the stranger. " Brady is gone. The Chosen are in the mall again" " i tell everyone, while still watching the stranger… i swear… just a wrong move…


hq door

I watch them, I can’t make up my mind about if i want to go or not. Thought my friend is in there. I take a deep breath and watch the boy as he tells the others to come inside. Did that include me? The oldest girl they had called Brady had gone away, I bite my lower lip as i follow them but i stop at the door way.

The boy who had told people to go inside bump into someone, and I can’t help but to watch the girl slightly.

outside of hq
No matter how any times they tell me that we are to go inside I can’t. My body wont move.

                              ***** JUMP *****

It had been two weeks since the altercation with the Chosen, everyone was still a little uneasy after everything however everyone was starting to get more comfortable in their new home.

Brady had made the decision to leave with the Chosen, it was part of the deal to get the Chosen to leave, although no one was happy with it, she was as stubborn as Trudy and wouldn’t listen to reason, so they did the only thing they could do… Send a few of the others back to the adults to let them know what had happened.

So far we hadn’t heard from them at all, though as they knew Brady was no longer in the city, this is probably the last place they’d come… We all hoped we would receive news that they had found her, but its a waiting game now.


I still felt awful about Brady going with those Crazies, but she wouldn’t listen to reason and I wasn’t sure if part of her was curious about the stories they could tell her about Zoot, even if most of them… If not all would be completely made up.

I paced around the entrance of the Zoot, running my hand along the grill as though to check them even though I knew they’d be fine, especially after Rocco and Lily worked on them, they clearly have their fathers brain. I’d been out into the city a few times with some of the others, gathering food and essentials as well as getting to know the place.
The last thing I wanted was for everyone to stay cooped up and afraid in the Mall, and now there was no more news of the Chosen, we’d decided that it would be safe to venture out more. A few of the guys were out in teams exploring, most likely a few of them looking for some new outfits.

Satisfied with my ‘check’ I head into the cafe, I grinned looking around, this place sure looked a lot better now. It had taken a lot of hard work from all of us, but we pulled together. It might of helped with the promise that if we got it sorted we could have our first -without any adults- party… Who the hell wouldn’t be up for that. I had even acquired some alcohol for the occasion.

Grabbing an apple from the bowl, I sat down at one of the few tables we had been able to salvage, I was pretty excited about tonight… Not that I would tell the others, but I was already counting down the hours.



I was so impressed when Jace agreed to having a party if we sorted the Mall quickly, he had definitely taken charge and made sure we all knew what we should be doing, it was like having the adults around… Although I suppose someone needs to be like that or nothing would get done.

I was wondering through the market stalls, deciding on my outfit for tonight, shopping it was called… I’d never been able to do it before, it was always a case of, here are clothes, wear them as they are or alter them… But now I could wear whatever I wanted!

A few of us had decided to go shopping, I wasn’t sure if the others were as excited about the new clothes as me, but this was better then Christmas!


Ellinor :
by the stairs
The past two weeks has been odd, mixed feelings about being at the mall, where my mother and father once used to live. Being near siblings I had only heard about, siblings that were loved by their father, when he didn’t even know about me and my twin brother. Everytime people have asked me about my parents Ive been choosing my words carefully, yes I know its not fair that we know that we are their siblings, but I can’t help but to be worried that they will deny it. That they will not believe me.

I push myself up from the step in the stairs where i had been sitting. Letting my eyes travel around I wait for Daryan to come back from the farm with the brew. I smile as I see him, before I run over and take one of the boxes.

Was mum back yet? I ask him and only get a shake in return.

by the stairs
Having been at the farm to get brew for the party I find myself walking back towards the mall pushing a wagon with different things grown out at the farm. Going back there and not having to answer different questions is a relief. Thought I can’t help but to wonder about where mother is. Ellinor would probably worry if I told her the truth, maybe I should lie and tell her that she was home, unless she asked, then i knew I wouldn’t be able to lie.

Of course once i get inside she asks, and i only shake my head in reply and carry one of the boxes upstairs before I can see and study how she reacts to the news.

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from the servers to the cafe

I walk out of the servers, right to my room. I was glad that i could get dads old one, so i was able to have an eye of the entrance and could also do most of the night duty…Everything has been crazy in the last few weeks, Brady was gone and another group has left home, to tell our parents what has happened. We are separated again, even after i promised dad that we will always stay together… So i tried my best to at least keep the mall safe.

I pass the fountain and glance arround. The mall is quiet, the most of us are busy with getting ready for this “party”. Well, party… i have no idea what to think of this, but when i see Sarah and the other girls are getting so excited because of it, i guess i can undrestand, why Jace let them have one. To forget all the trouble for a moment

There was some moving in the cafe and as i spot Jace and some fruits, i turn arround and head inside. Grabbing a banana while nodding at Jace. " enjoying the peace before the big event?" i watch at him and take a bite



Kathy lets her eyes wander around in the mall, as she stops walking as she reaches the icecream shop. Thinking back to the time when her mother had told her about the nice thing her father had done to her when they were first at the mall. He had bought her a pretend ice cream. She gives her head a shake and continues to walk towards the cafe. She stops as she sees that Jace and Devon are there. hi she says looking at them before looking aroound, the mall still does not feel as a home.



Hearing someone comes near, i turn my head, just to see Kathy joining us. Whih is strange

" thought you are with the other girls? do know… make up and stuff" i answer her



Kathy looks over at Devon and gives her head a small shake. I could be, but its not fun just to sit around doing your make up, there are things that are more important, but im not sure what that would be. she said with a small smile before looking down at her hands. “Do you like it here?” she asks




I frowned as I looked at the top I had just gotten, a lot more well, grown-up than anything I had ever owned. But that was the point of no parents, right? Testing your boundaries on your own. I hadn’t found anything to go with it though, and I spotted Lily as I looked around the marketplace for possibly a skirt or something.

I headed over to her, tucking the top under my arm, still unsure if I would actually dare to wear it, smiling at her. “Hey, Lil, find anything yet?”