MallRats: Next Generation RPG




I listen to Kathy while wrinkling my forehead. I look from her to Jace and back. I know i’m not good with girls, her changing minds in first place. But what to say now? how to treat them?

" Well…" i start " at the moment there is nothing to worry about, you should get dressed" i add on and try to sounds nice. but i guess i sounds more like my dad, shy.

As she asks about our feeling about the mall i need to think about it for a moment. " every home needs time to feels like home"



I look between Kathy and Devon “Its going to take a while for any of this to be normal here, just because its not feeling like now, doesn’t mean that it wont feel more like home” I grinned “Just give it time”

I took a bite of my apple “Tonight it gonna be fun, its a chance for us all to let our hair down, play some music and just enjoy ourselves… With no adults hanging around” I grinned.


I turned to Sarah and grinned “Oh I have found so much stuff!” I said and pointed to the bag by my feet which was already over filled “And I didn’t need to trade as much either… Though I dont think clothes are a big thing for people here” I said with a small shrug “I honestly cant wait! We can actually choose our own stuff and its not been worn by basically everyone we know”

I caught a glance at something under her arm “Oh… What have you found?!” I asked excitedly. I really did like this shopping business, it was even more fun then I thought it would be.



i nod to Jace… excatly what i have meant, but i guess this coming out from him has a bigger weight to the others and i don’t mind. I feel more safer in the background.

Jace starts grinning all over his face. first party without our parents arround… hopefully this will work out well without problems, i thinking to myself while take a bit from my banana. " Will do another round" i say and walk outside the cafe and towards the servers. All that talking about party is making me nervous even more.