Secret santa fanfic exchange 2020

Hello Tribe Fans! What a year, huh? I hope you’re all well. This year we’re kicking off our annual tradition of anonymous writing exchange a little early.

This is to be sure everyone has ample time to get their assigned plots and flesh out things.


Anonymously create a (short) fanfic (minimum word count is 1000) and receive one in return. And remember, the stories don’t have to be Christmas themed if the prompt does not specify it must be Christmas-y!

Once all sign-ups are turned in, a private message will be sent to each participant. You will have until JANUARY 4TH to create your story and PM it back to be posted on the board!

Please respect the deadline so that everyone will get their story in time!


To sign up, copy the following, fill it out, and post it in this thread.

SEASON, if you have preference:
PAIRING (If you want a pairing):
3 LINES, LYRICS, or ITEMS that you would like in your story:

Characters you like writing about:
Characters you DON’T like writing about:

I do hope the extended deadline works out for everyone! Have fun!


NAME: Lottie
SEASON, if you have preference: 1,2,3 or after s5
CHARACTER(s): surprise me
PAIRING (If you want a pairing): Alice/Ryan, May/Slade, Patsy/KC, Lottie/Sammy, Gel/Darryl (the choice is yours)
3 LINES, LYRICS, or ITEMS that you would like in your story:

Characters you like writing about:
Characters you DON’T like writing about: not Bramber please


I won’t be withdrawing this year. See my filled out fields below. Not much different to last years. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

NAME: Jack
SEASON, if you have preference: S5, the night before Siva & Java’s death.
CHARACTER(s): Jay, Darryl, Gel & Siva
PAIRING (If you want a pairing): Jay & Darryl
3 LINES, LYRICS, or ITEMS that you would like in your story: Quote 1: “I jump from woman to woman to make the world think I’m straight.” Quote 2: “We don’t speak of what just happened ever again…” Quote 3: “Let’s play a game of truth or dare?”

Characters you like writing about: Alice, Jack, Ellie, Luke, Dee, Gel, Darryl, Jay & Slade
Characters you DON’T like writing about: Bray, Amber, Java, Lottie & Sammy


I am not sure if I am in this year… Writing two long term stories now, makes me doubt I can find real imagination for a tribal one shot. Maybe I could do a non tribal one with only using the characters… I will think over if I want to take part…

@Jack… That is almost too easy :joy:

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@Zwenja you should definitely get involved. It could lead to your next story you busy little bee.

Mewwww… All of me takes till January at last… Phoenix will then go till next summer at last… I don’t need a third one :joy: especially for I would like to get a sweet Christmas Bramber story but the last two years I was the writer who actually likes writing Bramber while all others want extraordinary couples and like that more…

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I would love to do Secret Santa again this year! Will sit on it for now but hopefully…


*siiiigh *Okayokayooookaaaaay… I am in… It’s too sad only two joined up till now…
So here we go.

NAME: Zwenja
SEASON, if you have preference: s3, after S5, pre Tribe and also non tribal (set the characters into a normal world if you dare and like)
CHARACTER(s): Bray, Amber (the original Mall Rats are all okay) but actually if a story is written with the heart I like it…

PAIRING (If you want a pairing): Bramber (:see_no_evil:it would be sooo nice to have a real sweet love story again…) But I also like something daring like Jay with some guy…
Or Jay with Java :see_no_evil:
3 LINES, LYRICS, or ITEMS that you would like in your story: I don’t want to limit your imagination so I don’t set certain text lines or lyrics. But I would like a Disney quote or a Backstreet boys lyric in the story :see_no_evil: (or the story being inspired by a song of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Characters you like writing about: Bray, Amber, Mega, Jack, Ellie, Alice
Characters you DON’T like writing about: once I said Jay… But I have outgrown my hate… So I am okay with all of them.


Im going to be involved too. I’m just trying to think of some different ideas for this year!


@Jack… Can you clarify for all of us potential secret Santa’s… It hast to be the night before Siva and Java die? So it has to be in Liberty… Bringing in the characters there… I am confused by that… Was Jay there? No or? So the writer would have to first bring him there?! :thinking:

@Zwenja I was pretty sure he was there. Will look back and confirm and see if any flexibility on time.

@Jack… Thanks… You could just give the episode when you know where… I’ve got prime… Could then re-watch myself… I somehow have Jay in the city there stumbling in the Trudy mess… :thinking:

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S5 Episode 37 Jay, Lex and Gel arrive in Liberty. Last scene in Liberty of that day is Siva saying to Lex where did he find Gel ‘a lollipop shop’.


@Jack :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: so you literally want the night before… Not the death again… Okiedokie…

Yeah it would be the night before Siva perishes. :sob:

Well… But that isn’t something people know before… So it would work to have an akqard /romantic whatever thing with Jay and Darryl… :thinking:I am writing so much and gave do many ideas that I already save up some for secret santa… Whenever ideas to wished things come up… That way I will prepared no matter who story I get :joy:

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SEASON, if you have preference: 1,2,3 or 4 (up to Dee’s Talk with Cloe about admitting to having had sex previously)
CHARACTER(s): Any of the tribe characters.
PAIRING (If you want a pairing): Dee/Authors choice - some ideas are - Dee/Dal, Dee/Josh, Dee/Luke, Dee/Sasha, Dee/Gabe (just not Dee/Patch as they didn’t seem to know each other when they met later and seemed to start their relationship from scratch!)
3 Pointers for your story: (not Christmas themed)

  1. Who was Dee’s first love? And why had she never told a soul about it before Cloe asked her?
  2. I’d like some sweet Dee romance, - but as ‘Sweet’ is an unusual request for me I’d also be really happy if you need to choose to have some much darker and grittier themes contained within the story.
  3. Obviously sex was involved at some point but I would prefer not to have any descriptive sex scenes (unless you feel it’s a necessary part of the story) as I’m by far more interested in the flirty ‘first time’ build up and the reasons why the relationship did not continue, than I am in the sex!

Characters you like writing about: I’ll give any character a go, but I do like any unusual couples especially if I have to be inventive and made up a reason for how they met or got together!
Characters you DON’T like writing about: I’ll give anything a go!


@C.x… So you would like Dee… As main character… But she wasn’t in s1, s2, s3… If the author would choose rather that series… What characters then?

Sorry you all of I am maybe stressing :joy: but I have two and a half stories to juggle with… So I need already to collect ideas for each potential story I have to write​:joy::sweat_smile:

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Im hoping the author can tell me a story about Dee’s life when we didnt know her. So the author can make anything up as we didnt know much about her life (except that she’d spent series 3 time as a Mozzie). For example If the author thinks the time of her being in love was 2 years before she told Cloe then I would like the author to imagine and make up a story about what Dee’s life was like in her world during parallel time to series 2. Or if it was 1 year before, that would be during series 3.
But I do love a weave of characters or situations into the real show (a bit like deleted scenes from the show) so if she or her love met the mall rats briefly at various times it would be great. (Two situations I’ve just thought of quickly are that she could have queued up at the mall for antidote when they were handing it out or she could have been at the tribe gathering - that sort of thing)
I hope that helps and expands my Santa ideas for stories rather than limiting it!