The Quote Game

nope, it isn’t Dal. He was present at that conversation though…

Could it have been ryan?

Was it Sasha… When he and Dal were prisoner from the Nomad slave traders…

Nope it wasn’t Ryan or Sasha :sweat_smile:

hmmmm Lex ?

Was it… Jack? :tipping_hand_woman:

Nope, neither of them.
Though the person who said it was indeed male.

Bray? :sweat_smile: i don’t know

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Yes, it was Bray!

In Season 2, as the Chosen start kidnapping people, a boy (not Andy :rofl:) runs for his life and bumps into Ebony’s guards.
Ellie is there, asking him what’s wrong.
She later tells the Mallrats what the kid said, and Bray responds with “So how does he know they’re cannibals”