The Tribe Rewatch Podcast?

Been wanting to get back into the show and re-connect with what I loved about it originally. I’ve not done a rewatch in a very long time and realised that now would be a good time to do it. The idea came up to perhaps make a little project out of it and do a small podcast, with a group commenting and reflecting on the show as we go along.

The setup would be simple. Each week the team would watch 1 or 2 episodes and then we’d get together to record audio where we would discuss that episode - moments that stood out, likes, dislikes, etc… to make a short 15 min production.

So, just putting this out there. Is there anyone here who would be interested in helping with this project?


Define “helping” :joy:

I will promote the heck outta of it and listen in, but I don’t think my opinions are podcast worthy.

Just recently started my rewatch. On the gathering, Lex just got beat up by Glenn and the only one who cares he’s missing is Zandra :joy:

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Lol. Any help would be more than appreciated, so thank you for the offer for promoting it! But, on the aspect of opinions, any and all opinions are valid, and a bigger ‘range’ will only ever make this more interesting. :slight_smile:

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You had me at rewatch :joy:


Oooh. You’re up for helping out in some way?

Ofcourse :slight_smile: Just have no clue how to record sound at the moment, but I’m sure I can work that out :slight_smile:

I like the sound of this but how do we go about recording?

Awesome @Trudy :smiley:

@Jack There’s a few different ways that we can do this. Here’s a bit more of the plan in my head:

The most easiest way I can see is that the team will watch 2 episodes during the week on their own. This means that you can watch it whilst doing whatever else you need to get on with in your home life, so it shouldn’t take up too much of your direct time. Then, at the end of the week, we will organize a specific time where we can all get together for the Podcast recording.

The simplest way is to utilize either Skype or Discord for group audio calls. We’ll go through discussion points led by the Host (probably me unless anyone else wants to grab the reigns of this lol), and talk about the episode. Inserting some fun bits like Lex’s Quote Of The Week etc… and just reflecting back on if your opinions on characters or plot-points have changed over the years.

After the recording, I’ll edit it all, smoothing background noise and cutting it all into more flow-able product, and viola.

For the audio recording itself, you would need some kind of microphone. It doesn’t need to be state of the art or anything - as long as your voice can come across clearly. If you already have a gaming headset/microphone, that could even do. If you really wanted to join but didn’t have a mic, you can participate in these calls using just your phone - but I’m not sure how clear that is. We would have to test that.

Oh yeah, and for those that have asked me about this - yes. You can absolutely join this later on once it’s off the ground if you are unsure of your time commitments. We’d need our set group to start off with, but having ‘guests’ pop in and out for different episodes would be fantastic and definitely something easily done.

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I know my laptop has a built in microphone, but we could always see if my iPhone doesn’t give better sound :sweat_smile:

Hey looky there… I have discord installed on this phone :laughing:
@Ram lured me there ages ago.

Speaking of that, for those who might prefer specific seasons:
@Midnight if you don’t have time to participate weekly, I think we’d all love to hear your views on some of the Guardian’s most evil moments :kissing_heart:
@Ram as our Techno Overlord… What’s a season 4/5 convo without you?

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I am intrigued by this, seriously and would love to see this happen. I even know how to use Discord, kind of :joy:

Who had the best quote, outfit/costume, hair/fight/argument/viewpoint of the week? Good points of topic. And ofc certain seasons have their experts :joy:


Cool. There’s been some offers to help out behind-the-scenes, and a few offers to possible help with presenting in the future, so we might be able to get this off the ground and make a fun little podcast.

@Trudy In that case, we could possibly set this up as a duo panel podcast with you and me, allowing for a third ‘guest spot’ for someone to be able to join in whenever they can. Once this is up and running, we could hopefully get more guests or grow our starting panel. Or do you think it would be better to have three people to start with?


I think 3 might balance it out a bit more, but we could always start with 2 :slight_smile:


I might become a subscriber to this :blush:


I’d be very interested in being involved with this xx


Hey C.x! That would be grand. Would that be a research role or possible hosting? :slight_smile:

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