Top 10 Tribe Leaders

Hey everyone I just recently made a Tribe video discussing, who are the Top 10 Leaders in the Tribe World. I plan on making a lot more Tribe videos to share with you all. And please let me know who do you think is the best leader.

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Hi… Actually I have a bad hearing, so I mostly have no use of fan made videos or podcasts for they often don’t have undertitles…

But that’s a pretty tough question anyway. Who is a good leader? Some might say a good leader just is strong and takes all decisions not letting anyone cross him. Others will say a good leader listens to his followers and shows emphaty to people around. Others again will say a good leader should take all responsibility alone and care daddy/mommy like for the others. I have the strong believe that people who actually grab leadership out of free will are the more worse choose for they don’t take leadership to help, but to get might and bully others around. Those people put themselves above others and glorify themselves. Those who take up leadership when needed, for they know someone has to plan and hold people and eits together are always the better choose for me.

I’d take a mix of Bray (diplomatic, emphatic, listens to others opinions, is a survivor and knows actually how it is out in that streets) and Zoot (let aside the bullying,(what sure is a bad side of him!) he knows how to keep the big mouths in check and puts his feet down when needed) Actually I entertain myself right now by writing them to a working leader team… Where Bray thinks sometimes too much, Zoot doesn’t think enough… They balance each other out

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That’s a good point. That’s why I went with Ebony for #1. At times she can show that listens and addresses the problems of her tribe members and of course she keeps other people in check.

Also, sorry I didn’t have any captions in the video. I’ll definitely try to make some for the next top 10 video or tribe video I make.

Or you just give some sum up… You could for example here just give your ten places… With short notes why they make the place… That is sure more easy then going into trouble to do capturing of a video.

Ebony sure is a strong female leader, though I think with s4 were she just ignores her position as city leader and goes marrying Ram to keep herself safe… That made her look very weak. She did then only care for herself and wasn’t even interested for real what happened to all the people in the city. I always though then if there eould be another election, she sure wouldn’t get any vote again

Yeah Ebony is an amazing character. To me I feel like the show tasted her in season 5 when they made her believe in that whole Zoot thing. But as far as other leaders, I really think Luke would make a great leader, and if not a leader then a advisor. I wish he would of stayed on the show.

I think Mega was a good leader to but, he just had a very dumb plan of bringing Zoot back. The city already wants the Technos to help, no need to create a false problem to make it seem like the technos are here to help. That made no sense.

Lol… I have them all in my story… And while writing I often get to points were the Egos clash and someone has to stamp a feet down🤣

Luke would be an adviser… He wasn’t strong or determined enough for a real leader. Let’s face it… There were moments were he could have taken the Guardian out and taken over the Chosen to maybe lead them a better way round. He was disenchanted anyway. (always thought he would have been interesting with Trudy instead of Ellie)

The one we actually never know if he would have been a leading male is Dal. But I somehow think he would have been good. He respected different opinions, was mostly calm and reasonable and could argue very logical.

That’s what you need for leading the Mall Rats,people like Amber and Bray simply work better as the leaders of the most individualistic Tribe. Someone like Lex or Ebony just trying to tell them what to do won’t work with them, for some of them always go and ask “Why?” The Mall Rats aren’t mostly not only blind followers but dare their leaders to discuss things out. If you would just go and tell them what to do and maybe what to dress they would just rebel and you would find yourself outside the Mall🙈

While tribes like the DEMON Dogs just are different and follow their leader like… Well… Dogs​:rofl::see_no_evil:

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I would agree with that to a certain degree. But o would honestly 90% of the mall rats blindly followed who ever led them though. Selene, Zander, Ryan, the kids, jack, dal, would of followed anyone because by heart their followers. Amber and bray have made some god awful designs in the past and they still stuck with them.

Plus the demon dogs weren’t a incompetent tribe, as you saw in season one when Bray went to go get supplies, they had a warehouse all to themselves with food and much more. The only reason why we never got to see that gang until season 5 was because of the chosen and technos.

I didn’t say the Demon Dogs were ineffective. Neither were the Locos or Mosquitos. But actually - maybe I am too much leader and for a better world-I would never follow any of those. I would also always fight with Ebony about her sneakiness and cruelity.

I also think we as only watchers can always say “Ah wait… Why do you do that this way Bray!? Do it differently!” But we shouldn’t forget we aren’t in the situation. You sometimes have to take decisions without knowing everything. We as watchers know way more about talks of others and often see more then those who have to decide. We can’t judge them to be worse leaders for one decision directed to a worse outcome months later. Bray could for example never have guessed anything for real about the Chosen. If he knew what was the plan he eould have probably let Lex be killed and keep Trudy with them. But that way he decided to safe Lex thinking that at last Trudy and Brady would live in the Tribe that seemed to hail his brother.

Considering the Mall Rats… There is often hassle behind the leaders backs. KC doesn’t follow Bray or Amber, he is Lex puppy.

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The “problem” here is… We fans have mostly rewatched the series several times. We can’t watch open minded anymore for we know where every decision leads too. But looking back… Trying to remember in the days when it first aired… We didn’t know what consequences certain decisions would have. Back then we thought maybe Bray did right to save Lex, just for we didn’t wsnt anyone to be killed. But later we learnt if Bray would have rather saved Trudy and Brady the Chosen would have never became the way they did. Looking back with that knowledge we tend to say it was a wrong decision. Bray probably thought that later himself. But the thing is:he could only decide in the situation. In literally seconds.

Knowing all the story lines it’s easy to judge someone as a worse leader but it’s looking at it from a superior outer view.

It’s the same with books… When I read Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix the first time I was only curious what secret thing Sirius gave Harry. But I understood absolutely that he did not dare opening it. Later we learn that with opening it he eould have found the two-way-mirror and Sirius would have never died if they would have been able to speak with it. So what? Is the decision Harry then took really bad? No it is not. He did what he felt was right that time, to protect his beloved godfather from Umbridge and the ministry. It teaches us that evrn decisions which are made with the best intentions can lead to a hard and sad consequences.

So there we go into the series… Was the Mall Rats decision to go to Eagle Mountain bad? For Zandra and supposedly Amber died there? No it wasn’t, for without them going there allpeople would have died some months later.

Was it wrong of Bray to keep it hidden from the city that they maybe didn’t need to take the antidote anymore? One eould say yes for it made the mob attacking him, but he took the decision in awareness of it and still decided that way, knowing it was the only way to keep done more control about the city’s evovlement.

Its also with decisions that turned out to be good… When I watched s3 and Bray told the Mall Rats to keep on fighting I first thought it was heroic but stupid. What sense eould it have when he died? I thought they would rather need him there and rebel from inside. But then it turned out that the fire with that he spoke kindled in some people, making them brave.

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Well done @Starfighter404 for this. Wonderful effort and your voice worked well as the narrator. I look forward to any future vids. Keep up the good work.

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I totally see where you’re coming from and you’re right, it’s way easy for anyone to watch and judge these leaders on what’s right and wrong. But that’s one of the reasons why I love bray, he makes more wrong decisions than right but from the fact he can be strong enough to make a hard decision when the pressure is at its highest is why he’s a good leader.

But I definitely wouldn’t have saved Lex lol. I finished watching the entire series for the first time a few months ago and I already knew saving Lex was a bad idea lol. Also I’m not blaming anyone for what happened to Zandra on Eagle mountain, that fate was out of their hands.

And also, I think May is an amazing character, definitely top 10. She been through so much and made so many decisions that you can honestly keep re-watching her episodes to get a better understanding for her.

And thanks jack! :raising_hand_man:t5:

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Absolutely. That’s what I liked about him from the start. When the birth happens and the girls hover around, Amber asking “Do you really want to stay?” and he looks her kind of up and down his eyes telling her “Girl you’re already nearly collapsing, do you think you could do better?” and then he leads Trudy just perfectly through it… I got then aware that he must have thought a lot about it and was well prepared on that moment.

Or when he stands up to LEX sometimes-not too much, to not risk Trudys and Brady safety, but enough to shut the mach idiot up from time to time. He is that perfect example of someone who would rather like not to be a leader, but has to for he realizes the others just won’t do it. In s2 he had sadly Danni beside him who kind of threw him off the line with her constant bickering and whining. I guess if she would have been the strong person we imagined her by her first scene with the crossbow, she would have been someone that made him grow. But she kind of held him back from it. But still he stands to his decisions and principles and that’s more then many leaders do. Many of them - like Lex when it was his time-tent to not judge their own decisions new, but give all fault to others.

Well Lex… :joy: At last Trudy gets it back at him​:see_no_evil::rofl: But I guess also it would have destroyed Bray… Not his leadership (though Ryan miiiiight have been a tiiiiiny bit mad​:joy::see_no_evil:), but his “soul” The weight on him to kind of have then killed someone of his Tribe… Don’t think he could have lived with that.

They gave him that classic hero story line… Doesn’t want to be leader, wants rather to be free, doesn’t want to be in love, wants to rather alone… But then helps feeding, searches the younger ones, comforts them by brining animals, when he mourns his love still follows them… Always having moments of sadness, loneliness and doubt in himself… Rising to full strength in moments were others would collapse like speaking to his Tribe do rebellious when he knows he will die for it. Acting to be his dead brother, even when it hurts him so much still. In that moment I always have goosebumps and feel how hard that must be for him. And I think it shows perfectly how much he would do for Amber and all his Tribe. He has given up a huge part of his dream of an independent life for all of them. He would have survived pretty good without them. He did not need the Mall Rats, but they needed him.

I like May too… Though there are moments we’re I would like to slap her :see_no_evil::joy:

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How do you feel about season 4 and the technos? Personally I still don’t understand why they came to that city and took everyone lol. None of it made sense.

In the books AJ. Penn explains it in the way that Ram had knowledge about the super computer in Eagle Mountain. In the series he gets that hxbernation chamber from there… The deeper reason behind is still a little riddle. Was it a national thing? A bigger international plan? Why were some youths educated on it and others left to survive if scraps? :thinking:

I take it always that they spied the city out long time before. In their pc they used a photo of Bray in his end of s2 style! Not a photo of a maybe beaten up prisoner. I take it they knew who the leaders were and that was why most of them were taken. Only not leaders returned from being taken before. I take it that Ram is… Well a genius. Who leads people into battles? Leaders. With those leaders gone the city was headless. It would have been damn interesting if they wouldn’t have found Bray. If him and Amber had went through the birth and confused for the planes and whatever would search the ECOS to have a save place at first to find out what’s going on. It is a shame that Dwayne wanted to leave. That story line would have been so pretty cool. Bray and Amber outside with the ECOS… Rebels again.

The Technos needed the people to work for energy and so on. People were pretty stupid. If they would have stood together and told Ram “Do your Shit alone man!” he eould have looked extremely foolish. By killing all he wouldn’t have won anything and without their help he wouldn’t have enough energy for his paradise… But there was no leader uniting them.

But all in all s4 is my last favourite. It just felt wrong and seeing Bray gone broke my girlish dream of one happy relationship and family :joy:

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Haha I haven’t read the books yet but I will later this year. I’m going to start working on a new review tomorrow called “The Case of Danni” it’s pretty just talking about her as a character and how she was wasted positional. And from the fact it’s not the character’s fault why she’s so bad but the writers and show runners.

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Well actually… No human has a real fault like he or she is… Our life and experiences make us to the persons we are.

Like I said often already… I liked her first time I saw s2… She was a reason why Bray got himself out of mour ING and I think the scene where he asks her to go to the party with him shows exactly that he isn’t a womanizer at all, but rather nearly shy when he likes someone. Sadly they didn’t make her a strong character who challenged him, but a whinig girl who always made him feel guilty even when he hadn’t done anything. She never really supported him but rather made him doubt himself even more. But I first saw that when I was older.

But the thing with her father… It always annoys me how Ellie and others act on her… It is not her fault what her father “did” (and after all it is not like he was planning to let loose a virus that would kill all people) We can’t taken into account for our parents mistakes.

And… Well… Can we “accuse” makers and writers for that? Life is full of many varieties of characters and only for we have ideas how the character could have been written does not mean that the way he or she was written is wrong. Not everyone even likes the same story lines or characters.

For example :where I think Jay is just some unfaithful player with girls affections, others love him. :joy:

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Danni’s Character was definitely done distasteful. You can definitely blame the writers and show runners for that. And jay is eh. Some episodes I think he’s really interesting other episodes I question why he’s even on the show lol.

And sense you don’t have good hearing when I finish my reviews I’ll just send you the scripts for them.

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But then we would have to give the writers faults for LEX being some raptist and macho… For Ebony being a cruel bitch sometimes and so on… There are enough people still who like Danni. So I guess that’s again more a question of “taste” :thinking:

Jay is the hardest one to write about for me… For I dislike him do much, but wsnt to be fair with every character :joy:

Thanks I would appreciate that a lot :heart:

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You can’t blame them for Lex. If anything that was a positive for character development. How Lex was in season 1 is different from season 3. He matured but was still a jerk in his own way, but he mellowed our a lot. And they did an amazing job with Ebony from season 1-3. Her character development was great.

It’s the fact they can be blamed for Danni, when they just wrote around the script and changed amber’s name to Danni and did no development for her charcther.

Plus we can blame them for season 4 and 5, Becsuse the writing in those seasons were awful. Lex somehow reverted back to season 2 and Ebony took a huge back seat and made her dumb for whatever reason. Same with Amber.

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That Amber went a little off in s 4 and 5…well I blamed THAT on the lost of Bray… Losing the big love of your life… Can make you really… Well… I have been there so I know about it. Same goes for LEX… He lost Tai-San and went “bad”, got a bit better with Siva… Lost her and got asshole again… :eyes: Ebony kind of lost it when Jay “left” her and went for Amber… How should she react to that? With applause? Sure not. I still sometimes dream Bray came back and gave Jay some good smash up :joy::joy::joy:

I really don’t understand even why they had to bring in a character to hold Amber’s place…
Is that even proofed knowledge or is that a rumour fans made up?

Later on I always thought Bray could have stayed alone easily… But also when they found Amber with the ECOS thought he too easily seemed zo forgive her for believing a lie about him leaving his child behind.

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