What Have You Been Watching?

I really missed announcing to everyone that I was watching a show so here I am rebooting this good old topic. :joy:

Have you just started getting into a new show? Did you see a really neat movie recently? Or maybe you just re-watched an old favourite and want to recommend it to the world! Whichever it is, this is the topic for you! Pull up the reply box and tell everyone: What have you been watching?

Oh, me? Well, lately, I’ve been watching a bit of House MD with Hugh Laurie! (By which I mean, he’s in it – Not that he’s been watching it with me)

I used to watch this show with my mum back when it still aired on TV but I’ve never had a chance to watch it from start to finish… until now!

Enjoying it so far and surprised to find myself really appreciating characters I didn’t particularly think much of when I watched it before! Good stuff. :+1:

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atm i’m watching the 100th, like some more of us lol

besides that i have start to rewatch some old series from childhood ( thanks to streaming and an ex which is a pc freak) . like " black stallion" or “Janosch” ( do you guys know Janosch? it’s a german production) … i also decided to start a rewatch on " mcleods daugthers"…

so many shows… to less time :frowning:

Me during the day I am rewatching the tribe, I am on series 3, so far and at night I am either watching Tenko (dvd) or MAS*H… (My daughter is a fan) and then family guy or american dad

MASH is pretty cool, start watching it years ago, because grandpa liked it too :slight_smile:

I am a massive Alan Alda fan… I want to wrap him on bubble wrap and keep him safe lol

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How do you have time to watch TV? Whaaaa?

Lol, I used to watch so much: Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, Shameless, Girl Meets World, The 100…

And then I think my job discovered my life is watching TV and roleplaying because suddenly I have all these horridly long shifts M-F and the weekends belong to sleep.

So um yeah only been keeping up with Scandal because my sister DVRs it and we watch together in the hours before or after I get off work…


I’ve been watching 12 Monkeys, like obsessively… Two seasons in about 3 days… Season 3 airs over my birthday weekend (all 12 episodes in three days!) so i’m going to record them and then obsessively watch them on the bank holiday. Also Shadowhunters returns on 6 June, can’t wait for that!

Then theres The 100, PLL, The Last Kingdom, Supernatural, The Originals, etc… Basically I work, go to the gym and watch TV. Oh and i rp… I really need a life :’)

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I don’t watch tv its more listen to it, I have a portable dvd player so listen to it

Yess!!! I’m so happy about this thread, yaaass! Best initiative! Of course I love The Tribe :two_hearts: Another of my all time favorite shows, speaking of those finished airing, is Heroes :slight_smile:

I recently watched Riverdale and I’m obsessed with it! I’m so sad there’s going to be a lot of waiting now for season 2 now :frowning:

I’m also following Shadowhunters but it’s on break currently. I’m not the biggest fan of the way the show is made and everything but I love the Malec ship and I’m a huge fan of the books so I just feel like I gotta keep up because of those reasons.

Ahhh, I also love Doctor Who, Supernatural, X-Files, New Girl and Modern Family but I’m currently behind on all those shows because my main focus, always, is keeping up with k-dramas and they literally air new ones all the time (always 2 episodes/week as well). If anyone is interested more specifically on kdramas I’m currently following one called Chicago Typewriter and Suspicious Partner :slight_smile: Kdramas are a bit special if you’re not used to them but as a fan of years it’s part of my daily routine by now, lmao. :two_hearts:

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Oh wow that’s interesting, how come? :smiley:

I have 2 adhd special needs children… there is only so much Barbie and Disney films you can watch on repeat haha…

I have my dvds and colouring set up in the kitchen, I sit here pretty much everyday (well when I am not cleaning) this is my space front room is theirs, obviously we do things together but can not watch same films over and over and over lol

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Ahh, of course I understand. I was more interested about why you listen and not watch but then now I get how you mean :slight_smile: Oh my god, so many pretty pencils :heart:

Currently Salem sort of. I find myself liking it and also not.

Really haven’t had luck in the TV depeartment since I’m caught up on most of my shows.

Antonia is in Salem though for a little bit.

Ive got fineline, normal, and glitter pens all my glitter pens

Arrow, Flash, Legends, some Supergirl but I don’t care if I miss it. I’m fairly obsessed with The West Wing, as I’m on my twelfth rewatch of it. Trying to watch Twin Peaks and Prison Break, but it’s so hard for me to get into them. I’ve been trying to rewatch Tribe, but I have several mental blocks to watching it now, not the least of which is a wife that hates the show because of an idiot mistake I made years ago I’m shocked hasn’t spread through the whole fandom.

Mmhm… I love Twin Peaks but do I have to agree it’s a tricky one to get into… I’ve been trying to rewatch it lately in anticipation of The Return (in only four days?! :astonished:) but it’s been really hard getting myself to actually sit down to an episode.

Do I dare let my curiosity get the better of me and ask about that “idiot mistake”?

You don’t want to know, and I don’t want to talk about it, so it’s probably best for us both if you don’t. Lol.

@Wolvespire – Pffft. Gotcha. Fair enough. :relieved:

Folks… I’ve just watched Tron. Like, the original 1982 film, Tron. I hadn’t seen Tron before and now I’ve just seen Tron. See, I really liked Tron: Legacy when I saw it in cinemas a while back, so I thought, hey, might as well give the original a look at!

Oh. My. God. You guys… :astonished::sparkles:

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me to watch this before?! Why didn’t anybody tell me?! I mean, uh… Hello?! Please, please, please, somebody else tell me they’ve seen Tron too and know exactly what I’m on about right now. :dizzy_face:

I’ve just assumed everyone has seen Tron.

Oh, but you mustn’t assume, Hil! There are so many lost and pop-culturally uneducated among us who need your guidance! I mean, just look at me! I hadn’t even seen Tron! A prime example! If not for Legacy, I could have gone my entire life without watching it! :scream: