What Have You Been Watching?


I watched the full film when i was 5 or 6 thats 30 odd yrs ago i tried to watch it 10 yrs ago got bored n turned it off


I’ve always been that person who hasn’t seen most of the stuff everyone else has seen as a kid (with my generation) so I haven’t seen Tron either. But I find it hard sometimes to watch stuff that is from the 80’s or back. I don’t know, I think it has something to do with how the pacing used to be. I’m aware I should get to watching more different genres and types of movies, though, since I’m a filmstudent and everything now :joy: Fortunately it’s not a lot about the academics and more about producing and making it.


Pffft. Don’t worry. I can relate to that. I was one of those kids who have their five or so favourite movies that they’d watch over and over and over again instead of giving new stuff a shot. I’m only just finally starting to catch up now. :sweat_smile:

But, yeah, yeah! I hear ya on the pacing thing. When you’re used to modern films and TV, it can be pretty tricky getting into the right mindset to focus on older stuff, especially the dialogue-heavy variety. My advice? Make a list, grab a buddy, and force them to join you in a fun-filled night of retro movie-marathoning. :joy:

(Extra special marathon tip for you all: Soylent Green directly after Robocop 2? No go. You’ll be craving violence and have lost your ability to focus on any sentence longer than “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”, thus making the second film almost impossible to enjoy. :disappointed_relieved:)


Haha thank you :joy: I was the same. Or, well, I AM the same. I still prefer rewatching my favorites over taking in something new when it comes to movies.

The trouble is that I’ve hardly seen anything that’s considered important by my generation… from the 90’s/2000’s classics either and of course everyone I know already have and are like “what?! what did you watch as a child then?”. I recently saw the old Star Wars movies for the first time with friends, and also Alien 1 & 2… so you’ll probably see my situation right there lmao. It’s just so hard to get to sitting down and casually watching something that the entire world considers top notch art, too.

It’s not like I can just sit down on a normal tuesday and casually watch Lord of the Rings for the first time. (yeah, haven’t seen those either). It’s not like I don’t know classics I should have seen by now, it’s just that I never did see them but it feels like I have, you know? Everyone knows what Star Wars is, even I, so it just never came to my attention that “wow I actually haven’t seen this, I’ll watch it today(?!)”. I wish it happened that easily :weary:

Wow what a rant… I’m sorry hahaha :joy:


Apparently I need to make you guys a list of movies.

And @elkah who said you can’t just sit down for Lord of the Rings, I do it often.

Please tell me you guys have at least seen The Goonies? But in all seriousness, I’m making a list.


I… have… seen The Goonies

It certainly, uh… is a film… that I saw… :sweat:

… No further comment on that… :disappointed_relieved:

But please! By all means! Make a list! We can put little ticks next to all the stuff we’ve seen and feel like we’ve accomplished something! … Orrrrr realise we’re just as lacking in the essential viewing department as initially thought! :grin::thumbsup:


Yeah I understand some do but since I haven’t seen it before, I mean. It’s not Lord of the Rings in particular, but any film of that legend level. It seems like it’s too important of a first time watch just to do it on just any day, if you know what I mean?

And, no… I don’t think I’ve seen the Goonies. I know of it, though. :joy: I am all for a list, too :joy:


Know what you mean, @elkah I’m like that with Star Wars, and Firefly. Two things I know I would probably love, but never got around to watching cause it feels too big a thing to just randomly decide to watch someday. Only reason I watch LOTR back in the day was cause a friend at school invited me to hang out at hers and watch it when I told her I hadn’t seen it, and it seemed a nice opportunity to make a friend.

Now, this is my kind of topic. I looove tv-shows. A lot. And despite having been studying for exams, I’ve somehow managed to do a lot of bingewatching. Probably cause lying in bed with my laptop is the only thing I’ve had the energy to do in between studying, besides eating and sleeping.

So a few weeks ago I finally finished (as in started and caught up with before the new season) Game of Thrones. Which I absolutely LOVE. As dark and grim as it is. I’ve been reading the books to (only have one left of those published) but I kinda liked the show more if I’m honest. Which is not something I ever do, I always prefer the books. it’s just that Martin has a tendency to go on and on in the chapters of characters I’m not that interested in, and short chapters with the characters I really care about. I mean, there’s only so much description of Jon Snow brooding I can take. Or Catelyn Stark worrying about Robb brooding, while they mainly ride around on horses. Or the Greyjoys doing anything. I mean, I know you’re worldbuilding, buddy, but everytime I turn to the next chapter on my kindle to see JON as the headline and the little thing in the corner telling me it’s a 23 minute long chapter, when the Arya chapter was like 7 minutes, that’s the kind of thing that’s gonna make me put it down and take a 3-month break. Sorry, got carried away ranting a bit there :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm, I just finished 13 Reasons Why earlier today. I wasn’t going to watch it, but when even my brother told me I should (he rarely watches teen shows), I thought I’d give it a try, especially since I’d read the book a few years ago. And I kinda loved it. I can see why people worry about it’s effect though, but I think it portrayed a lot of issues in a really good way to. I’ve been watching Riverdale to. Which was a bit more disappointing in the end. I just couldn’t really get invested in any of the characters, and the solution/murderer was way too predictable. I kept waiting for the twist. Also been watching a few eps of Designated Survivor, which is a really interesting basis for a show and I loved the first few eps, but by about the 6th I needed a break cause it got a bit meh (which is when I started watching 13 Reasons Why instead). I’m still gonna continue it though probably, but not sure when.

I also watch Pretty Little Liars every week if I can. Mainly cause it’s ending and I’ve stuck with it this long, so might as well see it out. I feel like it’s a show that suits being bingewatched more though, so the plot holes are less obvious, but tumblr is full of spoilers so waiting isn’t an option haha. This is already really long so I’m just gonna stop here…


I’m sorry I had to stop reading, you’ve never seen Firefly?

I guess it’s really really hard to avoid not knowing about Firefly when you went to the same school as one of the actors. So yeah Firefly is one of my favorites. I talk about it more then TT just because it’s easier to admit.


I knowwww. I think it’s the fear of being disappointed, cause pretty much EVERYONE I know who has seen it, absolutely loves it above everything, and I feel like expectations have been built up so high now. I am planning to watch it though.


I get that. I mean personally I love it. But I can also see how not everyone would like it. It’s a sci-fi western that understands how crazy that sounds.
But there are also some killer females, if you liked Buffy your like Firefly.


Ooh, Firefly! I’ve been meaning to get around to a long overdue rewatch of that! I’ll make the arrangements for it right now! Thanks for the reminder! :joy:

Hmmm… You know, while we’re here and discussing cool early 2000s sci-fi shows with strong lady leads that start with the letter F which I’ve been meaning to rewatch… Farscape, guys! Farscape! :alien::sparkles:

Honestly, this is a show that almost pisses me off with how many of my favourite tropes and themes it manages to incorporate. That’s right – I am angry over how much I love this show and I’m even angrier over how few people I know have actually seen this show! It’s a travesty!

Highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys quirky comic relief, but also dark themes, aliens, Australian accents, aliens with Australian accents, sci-fi pop culture references, the forging of unlikely friendships between a ragtag bunch of fugitives forced to work together due to circumstances beyond their control:sob::two_hearts:

Uh… Where was I? Oh yeah! Also, really, really nice alien make up aesthetic! I mean just look at these beauties… :heart_eyes:

Flawless. :relieved:

Do we have any Farscape fans about? Anyone? Is anyone out there? :hushed:


Where to start lol

Me and my fiancé are both into the same shows and our house is very much sci-fi nerdy lol

We watch ; 100, game of thrones, the walking dead, once upon a time, vampire diaries, the originals, flash, Arrow, supergirl, legends of tomorrow, American gods, Lucifer, Gotham, IZombie, into the badlands, shadowhunters, the big bang theory, the tribe, Stargate, star wars, star trek, bones and doctor who.

We are massive whovians in our house to the point even the living room has Dr who related items on the walls.

I’m also a huge Buffy, Angel and charmed fan there’s far to many to name of the top of my head tbh


Star Trek?! Did someone say Star Trek? I heard Star Trek! Star Trek! Yes! Over here! Me, me, me! :vulcan::grinning:

… May I know your favourite Star Trek series? :grin:


@Ram those photos do look interesting. Maybe I need to put Farscape on my never-ending list to. :slight_smile:

Another thing I forgot to mention, is that I am basically always watching football (the European kind, not American). And I forgot to mention crime shows! I love crime shows. I’m not caught up on Criminal Minds, but that’s one of my faves, it’s just taking them absolutely ages to start airing the newest season here and I can’t watch it without subtitles cause so much goes over my head when I do. But also Broadchurch! I’m so sad that it’s over. And I’ve watched Midsomer Murders for over half my life I think. As well as Poirot and Miss Marple. The last three I normally watch with my parents when I’m at theirs.


@JacksAnnie Ahh, I understand what you’re saying so well lmao. I also watched (and read) 13 Reasons Why and I loved that they presented it the way they did. I feel the same as you and I do also get why people get nervous and react to it harshly but that’s why we need more like it. There is some kind of stigma around speaking of these sensitive things and it’s important that people know that it’s a subject that needs to be spoken of. That it’s not something to be AFRAID of speaking about and letting others know when they feel in danger. In contrary to you, tho, I was (am) definitely more attached to the characters of Riverdale. I don’t know, I was continuosly a bit annoyed that they dragged that one night in the books from 13RW into 13 episodes, despite knowing that was probably the easiest way for them to portray it :joy:

@Lex I’ve never seen Firefly either, I think it’s because I didn’t grow up with it around me. It’s pretty high on my list of things I should watch though and I partly stay away from it because I know how many people are upset about it only having one season and that it was cancelled, so considering how I’m already obsessed with another cancelled show (hint hint) I feel like it would only be like climbing into a bear-trap willingly lmao :joy:

@Ram I’ve actually never heard of Farscape. Now you’re giving me ideas :persevere: I might look into it and we’ll see what happens this summer. :smirk:


@Ram it’s more my fiancé than me but I like the originals over the newer ones. I’m more whovian than trekkie


OK guys, anyone a fan of the POTC movies? I saw the new one in cinema yesterday and I cried buckets of happy tears. I won’t spoil anything but I was plenty pleased with the feel of the movie. It did lack some things plot-wise, Jack-Sparrow-wise and such (they had some really weird one-liners thrown all over the place and Jack was acting a bit off) but I’m just happy for everything that we did get. And it was A LOT :sob::two_hearts: Now my heart is all over the place.


@JacksAnnie - Ah, yesss! I love Broadchurch! My housemate just recently got into it with season three and wanted to see the first two seasons so I got to rewatch them with her. So strange to watch the early stuff when you already know who the culprit is… Like… It’s so well done? It seems obvious when you know who to watch. :astonished:

Also, good old Midsomer Murders. :ok_hand: Good stuff. Hmm… Troy, Scott or Jones? Psssh… Is Jones even still there as Barnaby’s DS? I haven’t watched new episodes in a lonnnnng time. :sweat_smile:

@elkah - I haven’t watched those films in years! I do remember liking them a lot when I solo marathoned the ones that were out at the time, though. Perhaps it’s time I gave them another look and caught up with the franchise! :skull_crossbones::thumbsup:


I’ll be the first to admit POTC dropped off in a big way, can’t remember which one exactly, but I gave up. It might have been the third.

That being said I love this first one and I’m also way too excited about this new one.

Also when I’m supposed to be all official and this happens at my karaoke party… I jumped up and ended up skipping after the photo. My friends teased me.