What Have You Been Watching?


@Ram Yeah, the first 3 are definitely the best, obviously, and with the 1st movie always going to be the ruling champion but I still like the new ones as well. Obviously I’m still pretty hyped about this latest one :two_hearts: They’re one of my childhood favorites and they’ll always be close to my heart.

@Lex I agree with you but I know I’ll always keep watching. I guess it’s an unconditional love I harbor lmao. I actually really liked the third one. Perhaps because I think it was the first one I was able to watch in the cinemas when it came out. The fourth one obviously couldn’t keep up but this new one is better than the fourth at least :slight_smile: I love your priorities at that party tbh. :joy: 10/10 would do the same.


I haven’t rewatched the first two yet. I should do that. Still think s1 of Broadchurch is the most painful reveal I’ve ever seen. And s2 only made it more painful, seeing the repercussions for everyone. I’ll always have a soft spot for any crime/mystery storyline that gets to the reveal and give me that moment of complete shock when you realise who it is, but at the same time makes perfect sense when you think back, and s1 really did that.

Oh, Jones is definitely my fave. Troy gets a bonus for being the original one, but I just like the dynamic better with Jones. There is a new one. And even a new Barnaby (Jones overlapped for a bit though). The old Barnaby’s cousin, who took over his job when old Barnaby retired and went off somewhere with Joyce. I like new Barnaby and his wife though. But it’s not the same.

@elkah Yeah, exactly. I’ve heard some criticism that it it romanticises/glorifies suicide, but I didn’t see that at all. I thought it showed a lot of the consequences of what and who is left behind.
I didn’t really have anything against any of the Riverdale characters, but they didn’t really get me invested either. Who knows, might change if there’s a s2. That happened to me with Scream at least (the tv-show, not the movies). Wasn’t all that invested in s1, suddenly loved them all like my children in s2 haha!


Uhuh, yeah. There is going to be a season 2 of Riverdale, they’re doing promotional shoots right now :heart_eyes:

Exactly, what you’re saying is what I felt as well about 13RW. What pisses me off is that 13 Reasons Why is also getting a season 2. That’s where they’re doing it wrong, in my opinion. It’s not supposed to go on after this. Must they make everything about money? Sigh. I get that they planted hints about a second season at the end but the fact that they can never leave anything open on purpose or let things be like they are when it’s more than alright to… It angers me to the bone.


Fingers crossed it’s a good one. Cause I wanna love it, I just haven’t managed to really get invested in the characters yet. But I really like the style and the setting and everything.

Yeah, I heard that. And I’m still trying to get my head around that and how they’re supposed to do it. I mean, the story is entirely based on Hannah’s tapes. They’re done with them. And how will they make a s2 that still fits the title of the show? The only thing I can think is someone making a list of 13 reasons why you should live or something like that (maybe Alex, or for Alex). Otherwise I have no idea. And I desperately hope they do not continue on after that. I can maybe see a way for a s2 to work, but there’s no way they can stretch it out to a s3.


Yeah, people are kind of saying it’ll be something about what’s left behind when somebody dies or either way that it’ll be more about the aftermath. There is also that hint in the end (SPOILER ALERT ANYONE WHO HASN’T SEEN IT) where Tyler handles a bunch of guns and it looks like he’s got some kind of hit-list. I don’t know what to believe, honestly. If it was like you were saying I’m thinking that would be some kind of a reason at least, but I fear they’re just going to keep trying for suspense and some more dark intricate story coming out of this. I just think they should have ended it at one season because like you said it’s entirely based on Hannah and that’s what it should be about.


I had almost forgotten that scene in everything else that was happening haha. I really hope the plot isn’t gonna be some kind of school shooting thing, with 13 Reasons Why he did it or something like that. Cause honestly, I have no sympathy for the guy. He’s a stalker for crying out loud. I suppose it would make sense for him to escalate but I’m not really interested in his story at all.


I know right? Also, in my opinion, even with that scene at the end it does NOT warrant a second season. None of it warrants a second season to me. It would have been a great open ending. I don’t understand why people keep begging for more when it would be perfectly fine like this. This is what brings a good show to ruins in the end. Hopefully after this second season they’ll know they place and stop. AND hopefully they will have had a good flipping reason for making it in the first place.


Yeah, I really hope so. I’m gonna wait and see, but unless there’s a really good story they’ve managed to find, I don’t think I’ll bother watching. There are a lot of books that could make a good base for a tv-show to explore beyond what’s in the book, but 13 Reasons Why is a story based around a specific concept that’s very limited. You go beyond that and the concept falls apart, which, in this case at least, means the story very easily falls apart to. They have to have come up with a really good idea to keep the structure of the show going the same way as s1.


Yeah, indeed :slight_frown: I feel the same as you about watching it.


I’m late to the party, but I’ve been enjoying Sense8. Really enjoying it. To the point where I’m sad it’s cancelled and I really hope a lot of this story gets resolved because I can’t take another cancelled show with loose ends.


@Lex - Ah, Sense8! There’s one that I’ve been meaning to get to as well! See GIFs and stuff about it on my Tumblr dash a lot and it’s definitely got me intrigued! Maybe some day… :relieved:

Cos, y’know, I can’t possibly watch it now. Far too busy skipping through The Tribe season 4 for the hundredth time.

On another note! What have I been watching? Well, I recently, after weeks of gentle persuasion from a friend, got completely caught up with Steven Universe!

I actually had a horrible moment of self-realisation when I found my new favourite character in one of the recent introductions, Aquamarine, and had to face up to the fact that I do indeed have a favourite character type… :sweat_smile:

Anyway, highly recommend this cartoon to anyone who hasn’t watched it! Really easy viewing and a good mood booster! Plus it’s got musical numbers and who doesn’t love a few of those, right?

Just don’t anywhere go near the majority of the fandom, I’m tellin’ ya:grimacing:


Ohh! I’ve heard that Steven Universe is pretty good. Sensed it from how the fandom is everywhere on the internet, too. :sweat_smile:

I wish I had time to watch it, though. I already have so many things I’ve sworn to watch and some to catch up on that I still haven’t gotten around to. :sleepy:


here I am, unable to watch Tron cause it was never released here and hard to get hold of… if someone finds it, tell me where!! I NEED TO SEE IT
(I mean… I didn’t even get to watch Zenon till I randomly came across it a few years ago)

I watch so much stuff it’s hard to make a list… but right now, Outlander, cause I love me some men in kilts…


:zap::muscle: Young Hercules :muscle::zap:

I put titles on my posts here now because I am an obnoxious ass.

Lately, I’ve been dipping into the lesser known Hercules: The Legendary Journeys spin-off series (the other one, of course, being Xena: Warrior Princess :two_hearts:), Young Hercules starring Young Ryan Gosling as a much more likable Hercules than that bigoted piece of human trash Kevin Sorbo! :grin:

I grew up watching Herc and Xena but I never got to watch this series at the time so it’s actually a very strange experience to be seeing new material set in the same old universe I know and love. :sparkling_heart:

As the title would suggest, this is a prequel series set during Herc’s teenage years, getting up to mischief and coming to terms with his demigod status. Because of this, almost all of the original HtLJ cast is replaced by younger actors.

I say almost because the Olympian Gods are unaffected and, as a result, the recasting doesn’t faze me in the slightest since I am entirely here for theeeeese twooooo…

Discord and Strife, my favourite pasty-faced wannabe-war-gods. :relieved::two_hearts:

Let me just hold them in my arms and pretend they’re not both going to be killed off in violent ways:upside_down:

Anyway, to conclude, Young Hercules is a show I’d recommend to anyone who enjoyed Hercules: The Legendary Journeys but thinks it could’ve been better with less of Kevin Sorbo’s yucky face and bad vibes. :grin::thumbsup:

– Oh, and Young Ryan Gosling has a horrible fake tan throughout the entire show. It’s hilarious. :laughing:


Ive just finished watching Riverdale and Criminal minds season 5 xD


Still re-watching "Sabrina, the teenage witch "


Currently watching Orange is the New black and trying to watch Star Trek Next Generation but the first season is so hard to get through


Did Anyone watch The OA?
Because I freaking loved it!


No? Is this a new show? mumbles something about a thousand tv shows she’s behind on Do I need to add it to my list? Is it jaw dropping, seat clinching, heart pounding, and worthy of a binge?


It’s so binge worthy, and hits you right in the feels!
Its magic, I watched the season twice back to back.
Hoping for a season 2, but it ended in a place where they need not if they don’t want to.