What Have You Been Watching?


Anyone watched Jane the Virgin? I started watching it this summer, and I’m a bit unsure whether to stick with it. It’s very different from shows I normally watch and I absolutely loved the first few episodes, but I’m at around ep 12 now (of season 1) and it’s starting to feel a bit repetitive already. I’m just wondering how others feel about it later on? Is it just the normal slump most shows with 20+ episodes get in the middle of a season before it picks up again? I have so many shows I wanna watch and I feel like all I’ve been watching since Christmas (apart from new eps of Criminal Minds every week) are old CSI and Friends episodes, cause this past semester was hell and I never felt I had the time to get into anything new.


I love Jane the Virgin. Wasn’t a show I would have normally watched either but had nothing else to watch at the time. I’m behind on the current season but it’s good for drama that’s for sure.


It will pick up again, hang in there!


@Maggie @Flamekeeper thanks! I trust you guys, so I’ll keep giving it a chance :wink:


Ok, Jane The Virgin update…It got interesting around the end of s1 and I was officially hooked. A few episodes into s2 I’m back to feeling like it’s all a bit repetitive and I mean…I’m not a big fan of love triangles and that’s basically all s2 has been so far. It’s still funny and dramatic though and definitely not hating it, just not…loving it either. So we’ll see how this goes on further…I’m probably gonna be looking for another show to watch though, cause I’m in such a tv-show slump I need to look for something I can properly get into. Maybe it’s time to finally start Stranger Things.


@JacksAnnie well it’s definitely like a soap opera so I suppose you’d have to be into those kinds of things to really enjoy it. I still haven’t finished the newest season but I plan to when/if it’s on netflix.


I was sick so I started watching “Fairy Tail” (an anime). The dubs are hilarious and it’s actually kept my attention. One episode turned into two and now I’m on Ep 30…oops :joy:


Fairy tale is really nice, i have started this last year and i think i have been stopped somewhere in season 3. but i will try to start over again, after the move and my italy trip

there are also movies, at least 1 if i remember right


I started a rewatch of Grey’s Anatomy. Got far into season 7 and realized I hadn’t even finished season 14. Season 15 premieres tonight so here I am watching the last few episodes of 14. Good times :joy:


I’m in ReWatch Mode.
Rewatching Vikings…currently up to season 3.
Rewatching True Blood…I’m in season 3
And rewatched part of Call the Midwife so I could binge the newest season on my days off.

So good.
Call the midwife, I cry like every episode…:rofl:


I am in season 2 from Gargoyles at the moment. Childhood memories


@Ash I still gotta do my Viking’s rewatch. I started a True Blood rewatch a few months back as well, only got halfway through season 1 though. Shall pick that back up again after Grey’s.


The Musketeers


Thanks for reminding me to rewatch True Blood mmm ASkars :drooling_face:


I finally got to watch s4 (I think?) of Brooklyn Nine Nine. So just the one season behind now. Wish Netflix here would hurry up. Love that show though. :heart:

Other than that I feel like the only thing I’ve been watching is football and rewatching random seasons of CSI (because apparently showing them in order is too much to ask). Although I did very excitingly discover that I had never seen the first 2-3 episodes of s12, despite s12 having been shown on tv here like five times or something now.