What Have You Been Watching?

What’s up, guys? I’ve been slowly making my way through classic Star Trek since the start of the year. It might come as a surprise to some of you, but this is actually a voyage I hadn’t gone on before – I’ve seen all three of the 80s/90s era Treks (The Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space Nine) and a good portion of Enterprise, but never felt like the moment was right for me to tackle the original series… until now

What’s most surreal about watching this series after all this time is that it’s obviously one of, if not the most iconic of science fiction shows and a huge influence on a lot of media in the same genre that came after it. I’ll sit watching it like “Ohhh… That’s what that was a reference to!”… It’s like everything’s… finally falling into place:relieved::ok_hand:

Honestly? I’m actually really, really glad I held off until this year to give it a proper shot because I’m certain my younger self wouldn’t have appreciated it half as much. It’s not without its flaws, of course, but, hey, It’s pretty goddamn progressive for a show from the 60s! More so than some of the garbage the decades that followed spat out. :rolling_eyes:

Fantastic and timeless characters, fascinating (albeit often predictable after years and years of trope-ification) plots and, oooooh, that 60s aesthetic… I’m all here for it, mates. Definitely recommend giving it a go if you’ve enjoyed any other Treks or are just curious. It’s all remastered and up on Netflix, dudes!

Colourful and fun, I give classic Star Trek five stars out of trek! :star::star::star::star::star:

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I am currently watching The Tribe on amazon. I am on the end of S4. Also on amazon with my friend we are watching Revenge, and are halfway through S2.

Over on Netflix I am struggling with S3 of Riverdale. And have just started S2 of Star Trek Discovery.

And lastly on NowTV I am watching The Handmaids Tale S2 alone, whilst Riviera S2 is being enjoyed with my friend.

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@Jack Oooh, yesssss! I gotta get onto Discovery once I’m through classic! How far into season two are you? I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s much better than season one, mostly thanks to certain character introductions… :vulcan_salute::smirk:

… While we’re on the subject of Star Trek, though – Anyone else here watch The Orville? I’m not a fan of… well… any of Seth MacFarlane’s other works… But something about the sci-fi comedy genre tends to appeal to me and I was very, very pleasantly surprised by this series! Not at all what I was expecting! It’s heart-warming, wholesome, hilarious and fantastic! :star_struck:

Packed full of guest stars from the various Star Trek series and, actually, common consensus is that The Orville is more Trekkie than Star Trek: Discovery! I’ve obviously already admitted to not having touched Discovery just yet so I can’t fairly make the comparison myself… but I will say that The Orville definitely has the feel of a Star Trek show… :relieved::ok_hand:


Just look at that beautiful cast! We got an android, baby! An android! If you were wondering when fun, colourful sci-fi was going to come back from the edgy, grey and brown, dystopian sci-fi war, look no further than The Orville! :v::grin:

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yesssss the new season is starting here and i can’t wait for it

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S2 ep 2 is where I am with Star Trek Discovery. I have friends say how amazing the 2nd season is.

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