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@Zwenja World We Live in now has now been tagged. The others are considered Secret Santa and should be tagged as such.

@Lex thnx… I am on different social platforms (most for my work with cystic fibrosis awareness campaigns) and sometimes it gets a liiiiiiiltteleee stressful to manage it all. I should maybe step back from some… But I am just to passionate about writing, Makin my own art and campaign for cystic fibrosis… My day should have more hours

Uh… And urm… Maybe I am stupid again… How do I set a tag here? (I was already confused back some days when I suddenly saw the lounge… My messenger here showed me only two days later what it meant and how I got there😅) I have seemingly to many apps with chats running on my poor smartphone…

Drop down menu on the right when you go to make a new topic.

Ah… I am making notes… For of course story posting ect is only from my laptop… While I do correction if I notice mistakes from my smartphone. Thank you for the patience and explaining

No worries, and if there’s ever anything you wish to tag but have issues doing so, or if you think something else should probably be tagged, just send anyone on the team a pm and we can edit it for you :slightly_smiling_face:
(that’s @Amber @Lex @Flamekeeper and me)

Hello, i been looking around for Zwenja’s Stories. I was reading them but i realize now that they’ve been moved to the 18+ section, and i am 25 but i can’t find that section. Can someone please help me out?

@Trudy or @Amber will have to fix that. It’s a thing in the coding.

Oh hi @Beth

I was already wondering! If you wsnt to, you can pm me your email address and then you get the corrected version of THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW. It are 911 pages! Can you believe that?

All of me is just on the 4th chapter. So don’t worry… The girls had to decode me too. I first couldn’t see my own stories anymore :joy::sweat_smile:

Meanwhile you can entertain yourself by looking in the art section. I have done a thread there were I post draws of the outfits!

@Trudy… There will probably someone shout out to you for being put into the 18+ section… Just do you know😊

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Already fixed it for Beth :slight_smile:

@Trudy thnx… But actually there was someoneelse who contacted me over Facebook for she had joined but couldn’t find my stories for the life of her :sweat_smile: I told her she should post in the help section and “alarm” you… I guess she will do the soon she reads it

If they just post a hello message in the cafe, I’ll know :slight_smile:

The cafe is for regular members only. For new arrivals, we have the

But as already said, if you are an adult, please pm @staff and we will fix any issues :slight_smile:

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Hasn’t replied to it till now, guess she hasn’t read it yet. If in doubt she will surely contact me again and I can lead her to one of you then :slightly_smiling_face:

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Clearly I’m not awake enough to remember that :joy:

@Trudy and @Amber our new member @Mistletoe needs assistance to be able to read the 18+ fanfics :blush:

Zwenja thx.
@amber and @Trudy it would be great if you could get me the access to read them :wink:


Should be fixed now @Mistletoe :slight_smile:

Yay thanks a lot @Trudy